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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The 2011 Survey of Online Learning by the Babson Survey Research Group shows that more than six million students take at least one course online. Close to one-third of students in higher education are taking at least one online course. Even more striking than the sheer number of students in online education is its rate of growth. Students all over the world are taking online degree programs in an array of fields including business, information technology, engineering, healthcare, criminal justice, political science, and more. If you’re thinking about getting an online degree to enter a new career or to advance at your workplace, which online degree program should you choose? 2010 beginning median salary: $43,879 (National Association of Colleges and Employers [NACE]).
A bachelor’s degree in business administration prepares graduates for a variety of responsible management positions, domestically and internationally, in an array of industries. Typically, students have the opportunity to select a concentration in a field such as human resources, finance, management, information systems, marketing, operations, or supply chain management. A bachelor’s degree in business administration prepares students for a variety of careers in business and industry, including finance, banking, product development, human resources, manufacturing, and business analysis. According to the 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey and the Graduate Management Admissions Council’s 2012 Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 62% of recent MBA graduates have job offers upon graduation. An MBA degree often provides career advancement opportunities, a more rewarding career, and a larger salary. MBA specialties include computer and information security, health administration, marketing, applied computer sciences, information systems management, engineering and technology management, environmental management, and international business. A master’s degree in finance gives graduates a competitive edge in areas such as investment management, corporate finance, commercial and retail banking, and financial management of companies and nonprofits, as well as analysis and brokerage. They work for banks, mutual funds, pension funds, securities firms and other types of businesses. The program prepares graduates for management positions in companies in the rapidly growing hospitality industry, such as hotel management, restaurant and food service management, conventions and meeting management, tourism management, and other areas. Hospitality Managers work in a variety of sectors, including amusement parks, associations, colleges and universities, country clubs, cruise lines, convention centers, conference centers, hotels, motels, resorts, and more.
Click here for free information aboutOnline Associate’s Degree in Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism! Companies place a strong emphasis on human capital development, as well as the leadership initiatives developed by human resources professionals to deliver, develop, and retain employees. Most human resources specialist positions require a bachelor’s degree in human resources, in business, or in a related field.
In small companies, Human Resources Managers are involved with hiring, position assignments, training, resource allocation, compensation, benefits, and health and safety issues, as well as following laws and regulations affecting employees and the workplace. An MBA program with a concentration in human resources combines expertise in human resources with the knowledge necessary to be a strategic business partner.
A bachelor’s degree program in marketing thoroughly evaluates subjects such as consumer behavior, promotion strategies, the principles of effective selling, and helping companies make decisions on product development and pricing. Students in an MBA program with a concentration in marketing learn to effectively build brand power by studying the theories, concepts, principles, and terminology of brand equity and brand management. There’s a demand for computer security professionals in private industry and government agencies. Computer security professionals protect the security, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data and delivery systems, whether the data are in storage, processing, or transit. Similar career names include information systems management, computer information systems, and systems analysis and integration. Graduates use the business and technology skills they’ve gained to manage data systems and meet business challenges.
Companies have a vital need for people with a strong understanding of computers and business.
Some employers seek Information Systems Managers with a master’s degree, such as an MBA. Master of science degree programs in information systems cover information technology, business systems, and project management. A bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering provides job opportunities in an array of information technology fields in private and public sectors, including financial institutions, technology companies, medical device companies, and more. Similar career names include computer graphic design, digital media production, and computer animation. Due to the popularity of the Internet, Graphic Designers are needed to create images and designs for websites, portable devices, video entertainment media, and electronic publications. Graphic Designers communicate ideas and messages visually, integrating a range of media such as digital imaging, illustration, and photography.
People with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design have employment opportunities in package design, advertising, product development, Web design, digital production, illustration and other areas.
Click here for free information aboutOnline Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design & Development!
Web Developers work with various elements to create an intriguing, functional, user-friendly design.
Bachelor’s degree programs in web development provide skills in multimedia design, computer graphics, interactive video, and animation. Health Administrators usually need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter the occupation. Students gain the knowledge and skills to effectively function as a supervisor or manager in the healthcare field. Healthcare facilities need Health Administrators to help ensure their productivity and efficiency.
The programs focus on the financing, organizing, marketing, and management of healthcare institutions and the delivery of personal health services. Health Information Technicians organize and manage health information data by ensuring its accuracy, quality, security, and accessibility.
Many entry-level positions only require an associate’s degree and professional certification.
Click here for free information aboutOnline Associate’s in Health Information Technology!
2012 median salary range for Health Information Management Specialists: $39,631 to $88,117. Health Information Management professionals gather and analyze patients’ records, use computers and specialized equipment to maintain indexes, prepare reports, update forms, and assign patients to appropriate diagnostic groups.
Students in these program learn to apply the principles of computer and information science to organizing, analyzing, managing, and using information in healthcare.
Those with a master’s degree in medical informatics often take a job as Health Information Managers. They work for federal government agencies, hospitals, public health agencies, nonprofit medical and health associations, physicians, insurance companies, and physician group practices.

Students are prepared to deal with a broad range of administration and management responsibilities. Graduates are qualified for positions such as healthcare facility administrator, health services manager, administrator, healthcare manager, health information manager, and clinical manager. Graduates of the programs are qualified for positions such as Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Researcher, Administrator, and Executive at all levels of an organization.
Paralegals employed by corporations are involved with shareholder agreements, benefit plans, and stock options. This is our new contractor marketing program geared specifically to contractors as the name implies. Porsche prasentiert zum Jahresbeginn 2016 auf der North American International Auto Show in Detroit (Naias, Publikumstage 11. Neuerdings verfugen die Motoren zudem uber die so genannte Dynamic Boost-Funktion fur ein besseres Ansprechverhalten.
Das neue GT-Sportlenkrad mit 360 Millimeter Durchmesser, dessen Design aus dem 918 Spyder stammt, verfugt serienma?ig uber den so genannten Mode-Schalter. Das Porsche Stability Management (PSM) der 911 Turbo-Modelle verfugt nun uber einen neuen PSM Sport-Modus: Uber einen kurzen Druck auf die PSM-Taste in der Mittelkonsole wird das System in einen besonders sportlichen Modus versetzt und zwar unabhangig vom gewahlten Fahrprogramm. Das Fahrwerk der neuen 911 Turbo-Modelle mit serienma?igem PASM bietet eine noch gro?ere Spreizung zwischen Performance und Komfort. Das neu geformte Bugteil mit seitlichen Air-blades und den schmalen LED-Bugleuchten mit Doppelsteg lasst in Kombination mit der zusatzlichen Lamelle im mittleren Lufteinlass die Front breiter wirken. Auf den ersten Blick fallen die aus der 911 Carrera-Reihe bekannten dreidimensionalen Heckleuchten mit Vierpunkt-Bremslicht und Aura-Beleuchtung auf.
Mit dem Generationswechsel zieht serienma?ig auch das neu entwickelte Infotainment-System PCM mit Online-Navigation in das Cockpit der 911 Turbo-Modelle ein.
Der neue Porsche 911 Turbo kommt in Deutschland ab Ende Januar 2016 zu folgenden Preisen einschlie?lich Mehrwertsteuer und landerspezifischer Ausstattung auf den Markt: 911 Turbo 174 669 Euro, 911 Turbo Cabriolet 187 759 Euro, 911 Turbo S 202 872 Euro und 911 Turbo S Cabriolet 215 962 Euro.
We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. Bachelor’s degree programs in business administration provide a broad-based business education. Online MBA programs typically include core courses in subjects such as economics, finance, information systems, accounting, marketing, and management. Those with experience have an opportunity to become a Portfolio Manager and supervise a team of analysts. Successful financial analysts often become senior financial analysts or associates after three to four years.
Students gain the skills and expertise required to excel in a management, operations, or marketing position in the hospitality industry.
Many Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner positions require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or a related degree.
A bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources management makes it much easier to enter the profession. Students also learn about new product development, target market identification, media choice, and message strategy, as well as the quantitative and qualitative marketing research methodologies. An MBA program with a concentration in marketing thoroughly reviews theories about consumer buying behavior and market research.
Project Managers plan, budget, and coordinate the efforts of everyone involved with the project.
The programs teach students to plan, measure, monitor, and adapt from the beginning to the end of a project. Graduates are qualified for management positions, such as Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and Access Control Manager.
They have the challenging task of preventing hackers from entering computer systems and networks.
The programs cover information technology tools such as operating systems, computer hardware, programming, networking, and database management systems. Information systems managers keep business operations running smoothly by managing networks, databases, and websites, and by training employees to use the latest innovations. The programs are designed for students seeking management positions requiring advanced technical skills with computer systems. The degree enables graduates to work as part of a team in a vast number of areas, including software development, systems design and analysis, data mining, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, game design, animation, finance, robotics, digital forensics, and more. Many of the online bachelor’s degree programs in computer science cover programming, network communications, systems security, advanced server administration, storage area networks, and social media. Most graphic designers work in publishing, specialized design services, public relations or advertising services.
Students in online graphics design programs learn about color and composition, typography and design. There is excellent demand for qualified healthcare administrators who can improve the efficiency and quality of care.
The programs cover technological innovations, as well as the complex regulatory environment of the healthcare delivery system.
Graduates are qualified for management careers in health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.
Most jobs are provided by healthcare organizations; however, some Health Information Technicians work for insurance companies or government agencies. Health Information Management Specialists combines research, statistics, and design in a health and human service context.
The program provides professionals the analytical skills and business acumen required to improve healthcare delivery systems and lower costs through information technology. Medical informatics professionals are responsible for maintaining and securing all the patients’ records.
A lack of Nurse Educators is often cited as a contributing factor to the nursing shortage in many states. MSN degree programs in nursing education prepare students to take the National League for Nursing’s Nurse Educator Certification Exam. They’re prepared to oversee nurses at all levels in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings.
Nursing informatics professionals help reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of healthcare services and increase the access to healthcare.
Civil Engineers design and supervise the construction of highways, bridges, water and sewage systems, tunnels, and more.
Paralegals work in attorneys’ offices, corporations, courtrooms, government offices, bank trust departments, and other settings.
Also, the BLS reports that Paralegals’ work is less likely to be offshored when compared to other legal workers. The goals of the program ranges from a simple, professional off the rack website all the way to a custom website and an “All Out Online Marketing Blitz” that will help contractors generate their own leads that they DO NOT have to compete for rather than relying on services like, HomeAdvisor, Angies list and other similar services that send their leads to multiple contractors. Erreicht wird dieses Leistungsplus durch geanderte Einlasskanale im Zylinderkopf, neue Einspritzdusen und erhohten Kraftstoffdruck.

Dabei bleibt der Ladedruck beim Lastwechsel – also bei kurzem Losen des Gaspedals – erhalten. Er besteht aus einem schrittweise drehbaren Ring, mit dem die vier Programme Normal, Sport, Sport Plus und Individual angewahlt werden konnen. Der separat schaltbare PSM Sport-Modus verfugt uber eine deutlich starkere Verschiebung der Eingriffsschwelle des PSM als dies beim Vorganger im Sport Plus-Modus der Fall war, und ermoglicht damit – etwa auf der Rundstrecke – ein noch naheres Herantasten an den Grenzbereich.
Daruber hinaus bietet der 911 Turbo S eine fahrdynamische Komplettausstattung: Der Wankausgleich PDCC ist ebenso serienma?ig wie die Keramik-Bremsanlage PCCB.
Sowohl die Austrittsoffnungen fur die Abgasanlage im Heckteil als auch die Doppelendrohre selbst wurden im Design angepasst. Erkennbar am perfekt in die Mittelkonsole integrierten Multitouch-Monitor bietet es mit dem serienma?igen Connect Plus-Modul zahlreiche neue und erweiterte Connectivity-Funktionen. We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation.
The programs review all business areas, as well as behavioral factors common to all organizational structures.
Typically online MBA programs take two years to complete, but some programs can be completed in just one year. Some Financial Analysts evaluate the feasibility of a deal and create a plan of action based on financial analysis. Portfolio Managers choose the mix of investments for a company’s investment portfolio.
Students learn about corporate headhunting, business coaching, contract negotiation, employment law, employee training, benefits analysis, and other subjects. Large employers typically have specialists for specific areas, whereas in small companies a human resources professional may cover all areas of human resources. Marketing professionals play a vital role in helping businesses become more competitive and in increasing their profitability.
The programs also cover the decision-making process involved in marketing goods in foreign markets.
Graduates of the programs have the knowledge to manage a company’s market research, marketing strategy, advertising, sales, pricing, promotions, and product development. Those with expertise in a specific field combined with strong academic credentials in management have opportunities in this increasingly important career field.
Graduates are prepared for positions such as Construction Manager, Director of Project Management, Vice President of Production, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Financial Manager, and Engineering Manager.
Graduates have the skills required to deal with the complex levels of networking vital to businesses.
The BLS reports people with knowledge of multiple programming languages and digital multimedia tools such as Flash and Photoshop will have the best opportunities. Students learn to concept, code, and publish their own standards-based content for a variety of formats such as the web, tablets, and smartphones. In some of the programs students can specialize in a specific type of facility, such as as a hospital, group medical practice, or a nursing care home.
Students typically take two to three years to complete an online master’s degree program in health administration. Many students in the program have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare or computer systems. They automate clinical care, train healthcare workers to use computer systems, and build new operational data systems, as well as collect and analyze data to improve patient care. Civil Engineers often work on complex projects involving numerous economic, technical, environmental, and social factors. With the different levels and options it is economical enough for any contractor to participate at a level they are comfortable with. Erreicht wird das dadurch, weil nur die Kraftstoffeinspritzung unterbrochen wird, wahrend die Drosselklappe offen bleibt.
Ebenfalls neu enthalten im Sport Chrono-Paket ist der Sport Response Button in der Mitte des Mode-Schalters. Zu den neuen Optionen fur alle 911 Turbo-Modelle zahlen der radarbasierte Spurwechselassistent und ein Liftsystem fur die Vorderachse, mit dem bei niedrigen Geschwindigkeiten die Bodenfreiheit unter der Frontspoilerlippe um 40 Millimeter vergro?ert werden kann. Beim 911 Turbo S zieren zum Beispiel nun sieben statt zehn Doppelspeichen die Felgen mit Zentralverschluss. Das Heckdeckelgitter wurde ebenfalls neu gestaltet und ist nun dreiteilig ausgefuhrt: rechts und links mit langs angeordneten Lamellen, in der Mitte mit einem separaten Deckel fur optimierte Luftansaugung des Motors. They’re responsible for the rapid and accurate dissemination of information to employees while maintaining security. They acquire the skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production. Medical informatics professionals use health information for knowledge management, decision support, strategic planning, and outcomes assessment. A substantial portion of their job includes drafting documents for litigation and writing reports. Porsche setzt dabei weiterhin als einziger Hersteller Turbolader mit variabler Turbinengeometrie in Verbindung mit Benzinmotoren ein. Inspiriert vom Rennsport werden damit per Knopfdruck Motor und Getriebe auf bestmogliches Ansprechverhalten eingestellt. Daruber hinaus kann uber einen langen Druck auf die PSM-Taste das PSM komplett deaktiviert werden. Neu sind auch die Raddimensionen fur den 911 Turbo: Mit 9 J x 20 vorn und 11,5 J x 20 hinten sind die neuen Rader um jeweils ein halbes Zoll breiter.
Some online bachelor’s degree programs in business administration can be completed in 36 months.
Im Sport- und Sport Plus-Modus ist diese Funktion deutlicher ausgepragt als im Normal-Modus. Damit beschleunigt das Fahrzeug fur bis zu 20 Sekunden optimal, beispielsweise fur einen Uberholvorgang. Daruber hinaus lassen sich nun auch Mobiltelefone und Smartphones uber WLAN, Bluetooth oder Kabel schneller, einfacher und umfassender integrieren. They cannot be duplicated or used in way other than with the expressed written permission from Company. Besides litigation, Paralegals work in patent and copyright law, as well as in real estate and corporate law. Eine Anzeige im Kombiinstrument in Form eines ablaufenden Timers informiert den Fahrer uber den Zeitablauf. Das Bose-Soundsystem ist wie bei den Vorgangermodellen serienma?ig, auf Wunsch ist eine Burmester-Anlage lieferbar. Die Sport Response-Funktion kann beliebig oft und aus jedem Fahrprogramm aufgerufen werden.

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