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If you happen to see my daughter hanging around and you ask her what she wants for Christmas she will yell Play-doh!!
Calming and Soothing – If your child is being disruptive and bored Play-doh sets can be a big help. Literacy Development – One of my daughters favorite play-doh activities is to take her cookie cutter letters and make her name.
So now that we have discussed just how many ways your child can learn from Play-doh we will move onto her favorite Play-doh sets that are out there this year.
Get ready to unleash your creative juices with this whopping set of Play-Doh compound and more than 30 creativity-inspiring accessories! Shape, flip and frost delicious-looking Play-Doh creations with the Flip ‘N Frost Cookies set. With all those new colors, your child can then mold, stamp and create fun designs out of the PLAY-DOH compound, or use it to match objects on the playmat. With this creative playset, your child has four ways to play and learn: color recognition, color mixing, molding and open-ended play! Now you can decorate realistic-looking treats like never before, using PLAY-DOH PLUS Compound!

Bugun (13 Ekim 2013) saat 17:00'den once AYNI GUN KARGO etiketli urunleri siparis verin, siparisiniz bayramdan once size ulass?n! There are plenty of items that you can find laying around the house that your child can use to be just a little more creative. She has a ball when I sit next to her and make letters for her to identify and we even keep a snack of pretzels near by for when she guesses correctly.She can be entertained for hours with this kids activity. The beautiful Sofia character wears a gown and holds a teapot extruder you can use to make pretend tea with the Play-Doh modeling compound! Elmo calls out color names, describes colors and encourFor Ages your child to mix different combinations of PLAY-DOH* compound to create all new colors! With the FROSTING FUN BAKERY playset, you can create amazing-looking PLAY-DOH cakes and cupcakes with realistic-looking frosting-like details! This comes with 4 different colors of play-doh, 2 figurines, 2 Cookie cutters, Snow dome, and Sphen’s antlers.
Create her friends and make some Play-Doh treats, then set out the saucer and teacups for the most elegant party ever. Use the cookie molds to make pretend cookies, then make pretend frosting and sprinkles to decorate your creations.

The Meal Makin’ Kitchen has all the tools you need to make, slice and serve your own cooking creations. Arrange them on a plate to show off to your friends, then mash everything up and start all over.
This seems to be the Cadillac of Play-doh sets and looks like it would keep her busy for hours.
It’s a whole new way to decorate!Realistic-looking PLAY-DOH treats!With the FROSTING FUN BAKERY playset and PLAY-DOH PLUS compound, you can create amazing-looking PLAY-DOH cakes and cupcakes with realistic-looking frosting detail!
I also have a fantastic recipe for DIY Kook-aid Play-dough and a great recipe and craft for Patriotic Play-doh. With classic PLAY-DOH compound, you can make a pretend cake layer at the Cake Stamping Station. With PLAY-DOH PLUS compound, you can add pretend frosting and add all sorts of decorations and details to your creations!

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