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Zotac is already well known for its Zbox line of home theatre PCs and now Zotac has decided to update Zbox line with some new models. Sony has unveiled their new Blu-ray player (BDP-S360) and three new BRAVIA theatre systems: new HT-SS360, HT-SF360 and HT-FS3 surround sound systems which provide high definition sound quality to create superlative home theatre experiences. The Sony BDP-S360 is an upgrade to the previous BDP-S350 model and comes equipped with Sony’s Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology, which means it can convert standard definition signals, customers can use their existing DVD movie libraries, to 1080p providing a near high definition picture. And now we have Samsung, the latest to throw its hat into the portable media player ring with the release of the Galaxy Player 3.6. But does the Galaxy Player 3.6 pack enough features and performance to capture the hearts (and wallets) of customers, especially when the smartphone is fast becoming the only portable media device we really need? Unlike Apple’s hardware, however, the Samsung media player feels lightweight in the hand, and even a bit cheap and chintzy. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies destines a son bon fonctionnement.
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Toujours prets pour l'action les Angry Birds, ils nous le prouvent encore une fois avec ce T-Shirt Player ! Et vous quel oiseau preferez-vous : le rouge, les 3 oiseaux bleus (Jay, Jake et Jim), le jaune qui peut accelerer, le noir et son effet bombe, le blanc qui explose ou le vert et sa capacite boomerang ? The 4" and 5" screen models of Galaxy Player, weighing just 5 and 7 ounces respectively, deliver powerful features for entertainment, communication and information on the go. Galaxy Players comes with Qik applications for VoIP calls over a WiFi connection; Skype will also be pre-loaded on the 4" model. Video-conferencing is a joy through the front-facing camera on the devices and the large 4" and 5" screens provide for a crystal-clear view of the other side of the conversation. Social networking comes alive on the Galaxy Player models – users can download popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and many others to take full advantage of the generous 4" and 5" screen real estate.
Galaxy Player's large 4" or 5" screens are perfect for reading e-books on the go, while the built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to browse and download new books from almost anywhere. Stereo speakers, with Virtual 5.1 surround sound and Samsung's SoundAlive post-processing technology, makes the Galaxy Player a portable boombox to enliven any occasion. In addition, both Galaxy Players support numerous multimedia formats natively, eliminating the need to transcode files. Drag 'N Play support means files can be simply dragged from a PC right onto the player – no need for installing special software of any kind on the PC. Gamers are sure to embrace the Galaxy Player – the vibrant and expansive 5" and 4" screens, stereo sound, access to thousands of games via the Android Marketplace, and extreme portability all add up to a package that is simply perfect for both hardcore and casual games.
The two Galaxy Player devices are the only Mobile Internet Devices with Google certification – so they can access over 100,000 Android applications via Google's Android Market.
The Olin Netac 2GB MP4 Player has a built-in FM transmitter to go along with the receiver which you can hook up to your car audio system or other radio devices. Coming back home, there is still no news about which of our major carriers will secure the 3G iPhone. Listen, watch and play all day with 24 hours of battery life and room for up to 2000 songs1.

Belkin have just announced the Belkin Rockstar which is a gadget that allows you to connect up 5 friends to your audio device. I believe that the Sansa View is going to be one of 2008’s hottest MP3 players and with all cool gadgets you need a funky way of charging it! The matchbox-sized Sansa Clip, introduced in August in capacities of 1GB and 2GB, is the perfect companion for jogging, working out or just hanging out. Music services: support for many music download and subscription services, including Rhapsody To GoA®, Napster, eMusic and others. The featherweight Sansa Clip, weighing only 0.9 ounces, comes with a clip that makes it easy to attach the device to clothing, a backpack or purse. The SanDisk Sansa Clip is an incredible value MP3 player that’s set to edge out the competition with a user-friendly interface, gym-worthy design, and great sound quality.
The Mac version is still only promised to be coming soon, but Amazon has today delivered a fairly big update to its Cloud Player for PC application. Enter your email address below (no spam, we promise!):We never disclose our readers' information without prior consent. Like the BRAVIA WE5, the Z5500 also has a number of eco-aware features as well as an ethernet port for adding applicast RSS feeds and downloading widgets.
This present a potential problem: If Samsung upgrades this Player to Ice Cream Sandwich at some point, those physical keys will remain as useless, vestigial keepsakes. Android devices allow drag-and-drop transfers, and that alone might compel users (even Apple diehards) to try out the Samsung as a dedicated media player. When I’m out and about, I want to carry as few devices as possible, so listening to music directly off my phone makes most sense.
To this end, I can see iPhone users particularly interested in the device — it provides a window into the world of Android without high entry fees. Sure you do, it basically strips out the 3G and calling functionality of a Galaxy S phone and leaves you with a Android 2.2 media player or shrunken tablet. A microphone and speaker in the device provides a comfortable and natural communications experience. The LCD WVGA display on the 5" model makes watching movies or TV shows a superb experience, while the Super Clear WVGA LCD screen on the 4" model provides bright, clear access to online videos. We currently got the 1.5-inch full color OLED display and the 2-inch TFT display versions in stock. The rumours were started by a Gartner analyst, but now Gartner are playing down his reports. I remember in highschool how my friends used to fight over who would be listening to the walkman as we travelled to and fro – if only I could take this back in a time machine – I would be the coolest nerd in school! The new 4GB version, due in February with a manufacturera€™s suggested retail price of US$79.99, can store 1,000 songs2, runs for 15 hours on its rechargeable battery3 and comes in a stylish silver color with a mirror finish on the front. The new 32GB version, due in February with an MSRP of US$349.99, can hold a stunning 48 two-hour movies4 or 8,000 songs2. The clip is detachable, so the device can become even smaller when the clip isna€™t needed. Apparently the glittering lights of gamble-me-dry city makes this hot little gadget even more attractive.

It now boasts an integrated MP3 store, which will let you browse and purchase music without having to visit Amazon's website.
The new models from Zotac are HD-ID33 and the HD-ID34 and the most important thing about these new HTPCs is the support for Blu-ray discs, which is definitely welcome.
The Z5500 also includes the energy saving switch that was unveiled with the WE5 model, check out the full press release after the jump. First impressions were great, it’s much bigger than we had expected and we were very excited to review it. I’m not ready to carry a dedicated media player, and I suspect others have the exact same trepidation. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Well, it looks like both the 4-inch Galaxy Player 4 and the 5-inch Galaxy Player 5 will be headed to the US this spring. The large 4" or 5" screen on the two new models offer an ideal to enjoy games, music, videos, social media and e-books, yet still easily fit in a pants pocket. True or false, it’s certainly building the anticipation for the next generation of iPhone!
Not only does it give your Sandisk Sansa its very own place on your desk but it also comes in-built with a line-out port that provides an easy way to listen to your music while you’re stuck in your chair. The new capacities were announced during a press conference at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, where SanDisk is demonstrating products at Booth 30768, South Hall 3, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Sansa Clip stands above the leading wearable music player because of its bright OLED color screen a€“ allowing users to select the music they hear, not just wait for songs to come around at random.
The rechargeable, long-lasting lithium ion battery provides 35 hours of audio or 7 hours of video playback5. Naturally, all purchases made through the app will then be accessible from any other capable device, and you'll see Amazon's usual recommendations for new music based on your purchases.
Indeed, anyone familiar with the fluidity of the latest iOS phones or even the stock Ice Cream Sandwich build on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone will notice a difference. While you can go up to 64GB with iPods, you’ve got to pay hundreds more for that extra storage.
Samsung's demoing the players here at its NYC Spring Product Showcase today, although it isn't talking exact timing or pricing. Jam to FM radio with 40 preset stations, play with the built-in voice recorder, and share your photos wherever you go. This of course also means that you can use the original AC charger elsewhere, whether it be at your other desk or for out on the road. We've got the full specs after the break and we'll be trying to dig up more details here -- stay tuned.

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