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Tumblr is fast becoming the micro blogging platform of choice across all sections of Internet users. Hellotxt lets you post text, audio, video and photo updates to Tumblr and lot of other web services simultaneously. Psolenoid is an easy-to-use app to link your Tumblr posts to related posts from other blogs. Postling is a full featured web app that allows you to publish across multiple platforms in a single click. Select Tumblr from the list of social networks and enter the login credentials to authorize AlertThingy to access your tumblog.
One dynamite feature is the addition of notes on commenters, for example you can add notes as to which commenter is complimenting you and which one is posting negative comments all the time.
Tumblr PostTumblr Post is a great Firefox add on that lets you post quotes, photos, videos and audio with a single drag and drop to your Tumblr icon on the statusbar. Be sure to subscribe to our feed and follow us on Twitter for more great web app reviews, how-tos, roundups and giveaways! I am just wondering if there is anyone that knows about an app for android that will allow you to view all submissions from those you follow on Tumblr. There’s also a great little Dashboard widget for Macs called Tumblenote for posting to Tumblr.
I must be really lost here, but I could not find anything that could do what I want, maybe I didnt search enough?
I have a queue on Tumblr which is posting every X hours, and I have set different hashtags on those to-be-posts. Ihre Aufgaben :Zu dem Produktportfolio der Produktgruppe Expandierter Graphit gehoren u. Unser Versprechen :Unsere zukunftsorientierte Produktpalette eroffnet Ihnen vielfaltige Entwicklungsperspektiven und Chancen, Verantwortung zu ubernehmen.

The Tumblr app in itself is well rounded with a gorgeous user interface and nice set of features.
In this round up, let us take a quick look on the apps that help us to enhance the Tumblr experience. The tumbltape playlist gets updated automatically as and when you add new songs in your blog. Updates from Hellotxt can be done via web, email, SMS, IM, WAP browser or third-party applications. It enables reciprocal link exchange between the Tumblr post and a relevant post from a different blog, bringing in a new set of readers to your tumblog. Using tarpipe, you can post your tumblog simultaneously to 22 other social networks & blogging platforms.
Since tumblr restricts music uploads to one mp3 file a day, you can to create playlists and publish in your tumblog. You can post to the tumblog and other web services at the same time using email, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, or third-party applications.
The site is extremely minimalistic, but is very useful by providing stats on the number of posts, frequency and type of posts, time since last post etc. With this plugin, there is absolutely no need to save a photo or video you liked to the desktop and then upload to Tumblr.
If we have left out any of the popular Tumblr apps, do let us know in the comments section. I know I can go to each blog by going to the separate URLs but one app that live updates with content from all those you follow would help a great deal. There is also a nice feature that allows you to exclude certain tags so they won’t be searched.
Die SGL Group ist ein weltweit fuhrender Hersteller von Produkten und Materialien aus Carbon.

Being the spoiled brats of the internet age we are, the quest for accessing and managing Tumblr from various platforms is always out there. This is useful if you’ve used tags in your navigation (a bit like categories) And it only requires a small amount of code to copy and paste! Das umfassende Produktportfolio reicht von Carbon- und Graphitprodukten uber Carbonfasern bis hin zu Verbundwerkstoffen.
Fur Sie bedeutet dies unter anderem eine leistungsgerechte Vergutung, attraktive Sozialleistungen und die Beteiligung am Unternehmenserfolg. Unsere Business Unit "Graphite Specialities" bietet vielfaltige, ma?geschneiderte Produkte aus speziellen Graphit-Materialien fur viele verschiedene Anwendungsgebiete wie beispielsweise die Halbleiter-, LED- oder Solarindustrie. In dieser anspruchsvollen Marktumgebung beraten Sie unsere Kunden, erarbeiten gemeinsam mit ihnen zuverlassige Losungen und diskutieren neue Herausforderungen. Daraus generieren Sie in enger Zusammenarbeit mit internen Ansprechpartnern neue zukunftsfahige Produkte. Der Schwerpunkt Ihrer Tatigkeit liegt in der Pflege und Weiterentwicklung von langfristigen Kundenbeziehungen, sowie in der Gewinnung von neuen Kunden.
Die Schulung unserer Kunden in Bezug auf die Produktpalette, Anwendungs- und Industrie-Know-how ist fester Bestandteil Ihrer Aufgabe.
Sie unterstutzen die Produktgruppe in der Analyse von Markten, der Ausarbeitung von Verkaufsstrategien und bei der Umsatz- und strategischen Produktplanung.

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