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Album and Slideshow CreatorsCreate professional slideshows and albums with these free downloads offered by the editing staff who also post reviews and updates to software on a constant basis.
Freeware Album and Slideshow CreatorsCheck out some of the freeware downloads available in the slideshow creator category. If you want make 3d text, logo and button, design 3d movie title animation in Mac OS, This is your best choice.
Powerpoint program?yla uyumlu olarak cal?san Focusky Presentation Maker, kullan?m? cok daha kolay ve basar?l? bir sunum haz?rlama yaz?l?m?d?r. YASAL UYARI: 5651 say?l? yasaya gore blogumuzdaki basl?klardan dogabilecek her turlu sorumluluk yazan kullan?c?lara aittir.
LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. Gi?i thi?u m?t cach ?n tu?ng nh?t va thu v? nh?t d? sang t?o s? k?t h?p van b?n , hinh ?nh , hinh d?ng, video YouTube tr?c tuy?n , video clip va Flash vao vi?c phong to s? trinh bay c?a b?n. Cac d?i tu?ng d? trinh bay du?c s?p x?p theo trinh t? du?c tuy ch?nh, b?n co th? t? do them cac nut cho m?i d?i tu?ng va lien k?t chung vao m?t con du?ng kham pha, sau do khan gi? co th? theo bu?c suy nghi c?a b?n d? hi?u nh?ng gi b?n mu?n bay t?. Thay vi b? gi?i h?n trong khu v?c ch?nh s?a h?u h?n , ph?n m?m trinh bay sang t?o Focusky bi?n trinh bay c?a b?n thanh m?t b?c tranh di?n t? m? r?ng khi b?n du?c phep chen m?t lo?t cac d?i tu?ng d? th? hi?n y tu?ng c?a b?n.

Focusky la m?t ph?n m?m ti?n ich thu v? va tr?c quan nh?m m?c dich cung c?p cho b?n m?t cach khac d? t?o cac bai thuy?t trinh chuyen nghi?p, cho h?c t?p ho?c cho m?c dich lam vi?c.
Ngo?i tr? van b?n va cac lien k?t, hinh ?nh da phuong ti?n bao g?m, video YouTube tr?c tuy?n, video Vimeo , video swf va flv co s?n trong ph?n m?m d? th? hi?n y tu?ng c?a b?n.
T? ch?c cac y tu?ng tuy?t v?i c?a b?n trong m?t khung ?nh s? mi?n phi r?ng rai thay vi b? gi?i h?n trong m?t khu v?c co th? ch?nh s?a b? gi?i h?n h?n.
Focusky cho phep b?n xu?t cac bai thuy?t trinh sang t?o trong ho?c EXE ho?c d?nh d?ng HTML d? hi?n th? offline ho?c online. Gi?i thi?u v? cach ?n tu?ng nh?t va thu v? nh?t d? sang t?o k?t h?p PowerPoint, van b?n, hinh ?nh, hinh d?ng, video YouTube tr?c tuy?n, video clip va Flash vao bai trinh bay du?c phong to c?a b?n.
Focusky cung c?p m?t t?p h?p phong phu cac m?u xinh d?p va ch? d? v?i khung du?c thi?t k? tru?c do co th? du?c s? d?ng d? xay d?ng phong cach khac nhau c?a cac bai thuy?t trinh cho m?c dich khac nhau. You can make the presentation of your photo album then burn it on a CD or DVD or send it by email to your friends. Focusky Presentation Maker program? ile kendi slayt resim sovlar?n?z? olusturabilir, sunumlar?n?z? haz?rlayabilirsiniz. Va d? hi?n th? trinh bay da phuong ti?n m?t cach linh d?ng va h?p d?n hon v?i hi?u ?ng zoom va slide.

Cung c?p cho b?n m?t n?n t?ng m? d? k?t h?p van b?n , sieu lien k?t , hinh d?ng va da phuong ti?n thanh m?t bai thuy?t trinh , nhu YouTube video, Vimeo video, local Flash(*.swf) Va video flv cung du?c h? tr? . Va d? hi?n th? cac bai thuy?t trinh da phuong ti?n m?t cach sinh d?ng va h?p d?n hon v?i zoom va slidehi?u qu?. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.
M?t bai thuy?t trinh ho?t hinh h?p d?n di ra m?t cach d? dang va nhanh chong v?i cac m?u Focusky va ch? d?. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered.
Eger, bu Internet Sitesi egitim veya eglence amaclar? d?s?nda kullan?l?rsa, hareketlerinizin veya dogabilecek yasal baska herhangi bir seyin sonucundan sorumlu tutulamay?z.

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