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Make sure your work looks professionally done, whether you’re working on a proposal for your boss, making a photo slideshow for a special event or creating visuals for a worship service. Data Exchange - Tools to exchnage data files of major mindmapping software for team collaboration. The Mind Map Exchange solution allows you to share mind maps with others who have 3rd party mind map applications. The solution handles designs of any complexity, and the comprehensive library covers all key aspects of a transportation system.
As concept map consists from conception-blocks and links between them, you can use ConceptDraw library objects and add to a document as much objects as you need. The visual form of mind maps is helpful in all stages of quality management, from describing problem to describing and documenting a decision. Building Drawing simple office layout plans easily with ConceptDraw PRO. Use they to develop the floor plans, and blueprints for facilities management, move management, office supply inventories, assets inventories, office layout plan.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP is the most productive tool you can use to solve problems and generate yout great ideas.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the ability to import presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as enhancing its existing presentation capabilities. CAD (Computer-aided design) software is used for improvement the quality of design and the productivity of the designer, for creating the database for manufacturing.
The vector stencils library Sweden contains contours for ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software. One of the most popular and widely used interactive classroom software is now available for you to use on ANY interactive hardware - whiteboards, projectors, touch boards, TAPits, voting systems and more!RM Easiteach Next Generation is the latest whiteboard software from RM Education, designed to help you to create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons using your classroom hardware. Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Help the students learn about each state by painting a large scale (or small scale, your choice) of the United States.
Producing a Franchise to encourage global awareness, increased, informed decision making about health, peer relationships and education. The students will determine categories of franchises from which to work out media productions for weekly broadcasts on our school news show.
Renewed Vision's ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy - including worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or studio broadcasts.ProPresenter operators control presentations on one screen, while dynamically presenting to an audience on one or more additional outputs.
We are not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product specificationinaccuracies in our catalog or web site.

The evacuation plan preliminary designed in ConceptDraw PRO software will help employees or family members when natural disasters, fires, hazardous leaks and other disaster events happen. There are two different variants when exporting to PowerPoint  - one places editable text into the template of your choice, the other places the pieces of the map that you want to show into the slides. To further enhance your map design, there is the option to embed links, that can display station images or other relevant, important information. This library is contained in the Continent Maps solution from Maps area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. RM Easiteach enables users to create personalized lessons and resources from scratch and access a wide range of content that can be used or adapted to suit your own teaching.
This means there is no separate "edit mode" or "presentation mode", outputs are always live, and editing of one presentation can be done while another is being viewed.
Start drawing emergency blueprint from floor bounds, then put the inner walls and doors, and finally use arrows to show evacuation directions to fire exits.Cafe Floor Plan Example, How To Create Emergency Plans and Fire Evacuation, Fire Evacuation Plan Template, How To use House Electrical Plan Software, Building Drawing Software for Design Office Layout Plan, Fire Exit Plan.
Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, procedures and information exchange.Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning, Data Flow Diagram Symbols.
We have also included a set of samples in the solution, that show the possible real-world application — complex tube systems including the London Tube and New York City Subway show the level of detail possible when using the Metro Map Solution. Check out this short video showing some of RM Easiteach's features:Compatible with any interactive device and SMART - Load Easiteach on a PC or Mac computer and connect to your interactive whiteboard, touch boards, interactive projectors and voting devices. Building Plan Examples, How To Draw Building Plans, How to draw Metro Map style infographics? DFD Library, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) with ConceptDraw PRO, Flow chart Example.
Extraordinary Output QualityWhatever the story you are wanting to tell, ProPresenter 6 has the tools to help you tell it in the most engaging way possible. Warehouse Flowchart, Business diagrams & Org Charts with ConceptDraw PRO, Pyramid Diagram, Cross-Functional Flowchart, How To Create a Flow Chart in ConceptDraw, Material Requisition Flowchart. With a completely revamped video engine that is equally suitable for powering presentations in a room of 100 people or 100,000, the quality and professionalism of the output is unprecedented.High Quality Video OutputThe ability to create high-quality video is becoming increasingly easy, making the use of videos in productions more prevalent than ever. The ProPresenter video engine, re-engineered from the ground up in ProPresenter 6, makes simple video playback (which so often isn't so simple) the perfect tool to present your final edit. Video effects empower you to leverage Renewed Vision's video library to create limitless new looks for your pre-produced content.

ProPresenter was designed from the beginning to allow beginners to feel confident in running the software with only a few minutes of training, and Renewed Vision makes all of their training available free online via video tutorials you can access before you even purchase the software. Here are just some of the ways that ProPresenter makes it easy for you to create the presentations that tell your story.TemplatesIt's important that presentations have a consistent and uniform look. To this end, ProPresenter makes use of templates with which you can quickly create and transform your content to ensure everything looks right.Creation and EditingPowerful importing tools including a text reflow editor that allows you to edit slides as easily as editing text in a word processor. This is ideal for encouraging students to interact directly with the interactive whiteboard and is perfect for use during presentations.Text-to-speech capabilities - Type letters, words and sentences on to a page and listen to them being read back to you.
Build slides with a variety of elements, including: shapes, text, graphics, videos, live video inputs, and even HTML5 web pages. The text-to-speech functionality within RM Easiteach enables text on the page to be read by one of the voices installed in your operating system. This feature is available in a wide variety of languages.Handwriting and Shape Recognition - Write words or draw shapes freehand and the writing and shape recognition tools within RM Easiteach Next Generation will recognize your markings. In addition, ProPresenter 6 offers Syphon support, which allows you to share ProPresenter's output with other applications dynamically.
You can either write or draw images with your mouse on a computer screen, or use your interactive whiteboard pen, and the handwriting and shape recognition tool will transform your markings in typed copy or shaped objects with sharpened edges.Widget bank - Access a range of mini-applications that bring you a growing bank of added extras such as, calculator, clock, periodic table, protractor, picture reveal, dice, random item generator, navigator and more. There are currently over 40 widgets available in the bank with more to be added with each new release.Literacy and Language tools - There are a wide variety of language tools built-in to RM Easiteach that will help you to quickly and simply create activities for your whole class. These tools include a cloze tool (for creating missing words activities), remove punctuation tool (ideal for testing punctuation knowledge by removing all punctuation from a block of text and asking your class to put it back in the right place) and word wallet (for use alongside the cloze and remove punctuation tools).Numeracy tools - A wide range of numeracy tools available with RM Easiteach Next Generation assist you in creating simple but effective whole class activities for use in Maths lessons.
Multiple keyword searches let you find the content you desire, and new tools give you the ability to save your moderated entries. Resources include lesson plans, tutorials and videos.Click here to watch short videos about how these key features can add real value to your lessons.

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