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The reason is, they are fun to do, and it gives me more channels to connect with prospects. Knowledge to use editing software, including resolution sizes, video and audio compression, and much more. Professional actors can’t do it in one take and their lines are one, maybe two sentences. If you are going to create videos for your business, you need a minimum level of gear to make it decent. Natural light is ideal for photography because you get warmth and shadow you wouldn’t expect. You want to have an even tone in your videos so you can edit them and not have lighting changes. I’ve used an inexpensive lavalier mic connected to an iPhone with a special cord as I shot video.
So I bought a professional wireless mic set with a lavelier mic and a shotgun mic and bought a high-end sound recording app for the iPhone that I could plug my high-end mics into. I set up the sound recorder the exact same way to make the over dub as I did previously when I recorded it originally, and it sounds completely different. Plus, depending upon the type of mic you have, the other person might have to hold the mic just out of the frame of the camera using a pole called a boom pole.
When you ad the necessity to have lighting equipment to make your videos, a decent camera with a tripod, a pleasing background, and editing software – you are a small video production company.
That’s why those people who tell you to grab your iPhone and start filming are kinda lying.
As I said, you can’t make decent videos with crap, or limited gear – unless you want them to look like you made them with your webcam and be hard to hear. So, even though I don’t have high-end equipment, because my $5,000 video camera that was barely used just decided to quit working, here is the gear I use to make videos.
I can plug my microphones into the DR-05, record in stereo, and my wife can audit the recording live with headphones.

I’ve found that if I have a general idea of what I’m trying to say, I can wing it, off the cuff, and then edit that 20 – 30 minutes down to a 3 – 4 minute video. I’m sure I’ll get better at speaking off the cuff, but I can never foresee a time where I will be able to speak perfectly in one take.
The reason understanding how to use the video software and exporting the movie is so important is, if you choose incorrectly, you can ruin the video and audio quality. No matter what your setup is and how you create your videos, it’s going to require several hours of testing on your part to get it right. If you have a basic set-up, you can create professional videos, but you can’t do it “on the cheap.” You will pull your hair out and be stressed and it’s really not pleasant – believe me. Michael’s mission is helping small business owners understand, and organize their marketing so they can make money and grow.
Mindwhirl helps business owners plan and implement effective, profitable marketing campaigns and sales programs. It’s not my main marketing focus, but it gives me the opportunity to be found through my blog content on Google, my video content on YouTube, and I have the content to promote through social channels. This is going to give you a better idea of what not to do than any of the training I have attended.
My AC just can’t cope with the swealtering Atlanta heat, so I have to move my office around my house as the seasons change.
Just like the sun’s natural light changes, something happens with microphones too, because everything was the same and the sound was completely different. Just to get a decent sound quality that you can rely on, you need specialized equipment and another person.
I know you can do it with an iPad, I’ve heard of it being done, but it was because their main camera crashed and there was still a cameraperson, a sound person, a lighting crew, a director, gaffers and more to help pull it off. It has a Carl Zeiss lens, it’s inexpensive and the video quality is as good as my $5,000 camera with much less work. I use Premier to edit videos, but I also use Photoshop, Sound Booth, and sometimes After Effects.

Here’s another tip: Just remember to take notes when you find something that works, because you will think you can remember, but you won’t.
I went from the upstairs office to the main level office but didn’t want to take time to set up the lights. My camera automatically adjusts the white balance, but the difference is especially noticeable when you are making jump cuts when editing the video.
You also couldn’t audit the sound it was recording, so it was a guessing game as to whether it worked or not as well. If you buy anything else, you will have problems with shaking, easily stripped plastic parts, and general crappiness. There are easier options, like Vegas Studio, or Apple’s iMovie, but they are still going to require learning how to edit the movie and export the movie in a format that YouTube will accept. So I thought I was in the clear to record this last video on my own without having to force my wife to sit and listen to me talk into the camera. Sure, it depends on the room or environment you are in and the quality of your microphone, but it’s better than anything else I have used, even with the same microphones. With a large room, in order to keep it from being too dark, unless that’s the look you are going for, you will need a lot more lights.
It might be fine for 15 minutes, then all the sudden, like an electrical storm, the microphone would start endlessly crackling. It won’t allow me to plug in a microphone for instance, but the ease of use and video quality makes it an easy choice.

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