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Sandwich Production: Build a better sandwich faster with our end-to-end automation solutions. Grote’s complete range of sandwich line production automation equipment includes everything from bread denesters and collators to buttering systems, cutters, depositors and assembly conveyors. Highlights of MSHA data including number of accidents and hours worked by employees for safety and efficiency analysis.
Detailed capital structure reports provide a complete view of a company's long term obligations, capital costs and credit ratings.
Our customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a simple summary of coal mines owned to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools. SNL's propriety transportation costs permit analysis and benchmarking of coal mine to plant deliveries. Integrate SNL Energy's commodities data into your own Excel models with auto-refresh capabilities to stay current.
Instantly view pricing data for coal, natural gas, electricity, heating oil, crude oil, and emissions. SNL Coal Report provides a weekly summary that focuses on the news that matters most to the coal industry. How to PlayClick the green button to start and enter the correct answers belowStudio and production company logos are shown at the beginning of movies.
We are your single source for material handling, MRO, carbide inserts and holders, high-speed steel and carbide drills, taps, endmills, coolant, saw blades, grinding wheels and workholding solutions. Precision tooling technology has improved the quality of modern life in a countless number of ways.
A clamping screw pushes the shank of the tool through a narrowed opening forcing elastic deformation of the steel holder and face contact.

The ClickIN Toolholder Quick Change System concept utilizes contact of both the taper and the tool face for maximum rigidity. FlexFit is a unique adapter system to expand the application range of ISCAR endmills and the HeliBall Line. This is an economical system in that one head can be used with a combination of shank options.
ISCAR presents ITS-Bore, a modular, precision toolholder system for boring, milling, drilling and tapping. Flexibility and simplicity, making it suitable for machine tools, machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems. A unique cylindrical-conical coupling and radial-expanding pin for maximum rigidity and concentricity in boring, milling and drilling applications. ShortIN short holders for ER32 spring & shrink collets for maximum rigidity and better cutting conditions.
The ShrinkIN Thermal Shrink ER Collet Chucking System is an enhancement to the existing popular ER system. We can design and manufacture entire sandwich production lines, from bread placement to final cut, or we can supply individual components uniquely suited to your application and process.
Users can also pull data directly from SNL databases into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using SNL functions to examine to years of historical data and to create tailored reports. Almost every object that affects our lives has in some way been affected by ISCAR's revolutionary approach to design, technology and materials use. As the steel contracts around the tool, contact is made around slightly more than a full 180°. This system may be used to connect a ShrinkIN toolholder with a mounted tool, to a large taper shank holder for mounting in the machine.

This system is especially useful in the mold and die industries as well as those applications that require machining in deep cavities. In order to provide this extremely rigid, high-precision system, ISCAR uses the most advanced production equipment available in the world today.
They offer the shortest overhang with high gripping force, reduced vibration and better runout and repeatability. The ShrinkIN Collets utilize the Thermal Shrink phenomena for rigid clamping of solid carbide cutters.
Without them, fmx would not have been able to achieve the success and recognition it does today. ISCAR's New Line of cutting tools such as SELF-GRIP, CUT-GRIP, DO-GRIP and HELIGRIP are providing superior precision metal removal techniques and cost-time efficiencies in production facilities around the world. Advantages of the system include high precision runout and high rigidity for high speed machining, quick cutting tool change as the taper shank and holder connect in a quick half turn, no thermal shock for holder taper, flexibility in diameter and length, eliminates the use of extension chuck, and no spare parts needed. These innovations have made ISCAR the world leader in tool and insert design and one of the largest precision tool suppliers in the world. ClickIN blanks are available for custom made tools and collets, and shrink clamping for solid carbide tools. The ShrinkIN Collets with their slim design and different projectin lengths allow the user to reach into deeper shaped cavities and perform narrow milling applications. ISCAR offers a complete system for ShrinkIN ER Collets, including a uniquely designed heating unit with a protable control for easy and practical use at the machining center or in the tool room.

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