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Inter Video’s In-house rental software, designed and tuned over many years of experience in the production equipment rental business. This is an exceptionally high output daylight balanced HMI fixture, frequently used to extend or replicate daylight.
Equipped with an FPV (First Person View) camera, the Freefly Systems Tero is a RC ( radio-controlled) car that can very efficiently transport a Virtual Reality Rig across a relatively smooth surface, It is also a capable chase car for getting beautiful low angle MoVI shots. Professional Stunt Training Center (Los Angeles) and United Stuntmens Association (Seattle).
San Francisco offers an excellent opportunity to compare footage shot on new cameras with footage shot at the same locations in past years.

It allows a Movi or Ronin operator to shift the weight of their rig from their arms and shoulders to their hips and legs. With Freefly's Toad In the Hole quick release system, mounting your MoVI to the Tero is a snap.
Enormously talented international artists have been invited to participate in this prestigious contest.
In the past these tests have required at least 2 crew membersĀ  to move the required equipment. The rig also helps the user stabilize the vertical axis and has adjustable tension to do so.

The Tero tops out above 30 MPH, making it an option for shooting everything from people walking to a beautiful luxury automobile.

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