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Keep up to date with the news you're not supposed to know via RINF on Facebook, on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for our videos. In only 30 seconds, with a single photograph and a new software program, you could see what you will look like up to age 80.
The software, developed by computer and engineering researchers at the University of Washington, changes the structure of the face and it is the first program to be able to take a photo of a 3-year-old child and age it through adulthood, according to computer scientist Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman. The program accurately ages faces by comparing an original photo to a variety of faces found online— there are faces of both men and women from birth to age 80, which are separated by age and gender. Aging children’s faces can be difficult because kids often make odd facial expressions and strike goofy poses.
Using one photo of a 3-year-old, the software automatically renders images of his face at multiple ages (keeping the milk mustache).
The age-progressing tool could help provide more accurate images of missing people, with law enforcement agencies already expressing interest in the software, he says. The researchers created 82 automated images of people who had corresponding real photographs of themselves as they aged. Piliang thinks the coolest thing about the software is it can provide a peek into the future.
The goal of the needle exchange would be to cut down the risk of expensive, costly and devastating infections, like HIV and Hepatitis C. Pornhub has launched a new bounty campaign that will find any security vulnerabilities of the site.
The popular adult video site invites people to hack its site in order to find any security risks in the system in exchange of $25,000.
In beta testing for some time, the program is now open to everyone through HackerOne, a company that coordinates bug bounty programs, and Pornhub is offering rewards of between $50 and $25,000, depending on the severity of the flaw found. Pornhub has 60 million daily visitors, making it the second most popular adult entertainment site in the world, as last ranked by the Amazon-owned Internet analytics firm Alexa. Could it be true that "Fifty Shades Darker" stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are getting sweeter on the set?

6Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Delayed Until 2017; Cause of Delay Points Towards Production of Intel Kaby Lake? Darmowe wycieczki pociagami LKA z Lodzi w wakacje 2016 [GALERIA ZDJEC]: ZOBACZ liste miejsc! For example, if someone wants to age a 3-year-old girl to be a 25-year-old woman, the software looks at the facial structures of both the 3-year-old’s photo and compares it to all 25-year-old female photos, altering the facial features, such as the size of the eyes, length of nose, width of mouth, in a way that matches how the original girl looked.
It may be cute when kids mug for the camera, but can make it hard to translate into an adult face. They then asked random people to pick which photos were real and which were computer generated. They must first report the vulnerability, send a clear description of the issue and how to reproduce the vulnerability, include screenshots or proof of concept code, and disclose the bug exclusively to Pornhub. The site has been targeted by hackers before, including a malicious advertising scheme in the fall of last year. These are the nine commonly used UML diagrams not for the YouTube but for an online video database management system I will create if I have to. INTRODUCTONOnline Video Database Management System refers to management of an online video database. And, children under 3 still possess baby features, making it tough to predict future features. People selected the computer-rendered photos as often as the real ones —they were almost indistinguishable. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or distributed.KMTR NBC Eugene provides news, sports and weather coverage to surrounding communities including Springfield, Santa Clara, Coburg, Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Churchill, Alvadore, Marcola, Dexter, Thurston, Junction City, Brownsville, Harrisburg, Alvadore, Veneta and Alpine. The website’s security team says that it may take a month to respond and up to three months to fix a given issue. Administrator must manage the online video database by adding or deleting videos from it etc,.
The online video database management system for which the UML diagrams are drawn here is pretty much different from YouTube.

Each search result shows name, thumbnail, download button (for free videos), like and dislike icons, number of views etc., corresponding to a video.
After selection of required resolution and format, this page is opened showing the percentage of download completed etc,. A Non Free video is displayed if and only if it is taken for rent or purchased by the user. Hence, the Use Case Diagram of Online Video Database Management System is :Class DiagramIt shows the Classes, Interfaces and their Relationships in a system. Hence, the Class Diagram of Online Video Database Management System is :Object DiagramIt shows the instance of the Class Diagram in the form of Objects and Links. Number of Sequence Diagrams for a system is equal to the number of Use Cases in the system (one sequence diagram for one use case).
Use Cases playing a key role in this Online Video Database Management System are Download Video, Watch Video and Upload Video. Hence, the Activity Diagram for this Online Video Database Management System is :State Chart DiagramIt represents the sequence of states an object goes through in working of a system.
Hence, the State Chart Diagram for User is :Component DiagramIt shows the components which form the executable part of a system, interfaces and their relationships. Hence, the Component Diagram for this Online Video Database Management System is :Deployment DiagramIt shows the nodes on which the components of a system execute. Hence, the Deployment Diagram for this Online Video Database Management System is :Database Server and Application Server respectively correspond to the Online Video Database and the Administrator.

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