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If you remember recently we discussed about Wondershare DemoCreator which is a powerful screen recording tool. The screen recorder can easily tie all events compose on your screen a video into MP4, FLV, SWF and WMV video formats. With Cute Screen Recorder, you can go not only to capture full screen video, but also each selected area or application. Though this utility may not have as much options as Wondershare DemoCreator, but it is definitely worth giving a try. Trust by Million Users - Instantly reset password for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Vista in a quick and simple way, without data loss and leaking out private information. BB flashback express is free screen recording software that records full screen, window or a part of the screen. Best list of free image & graphic designing softwares Never mind that you are not a graphic designer, every one like IT professionals, students, media institutes will get greatly useful with this softwares. List of free Data recovery software and free file search utilities Miss placing files in hard disk and deleting files and data’s accidentally from PC occurs most of the time and for most of us.
URL shortener – List of free URL shortener services to shorten links URL – Uniform Resource Locator is the address used to find out files, pages, programs, documents, etc on the World Wide Web. Join over 27.4k SubscribersSubscribe to our blog feeds and receive high quality resources daily. Reproducing content and other materials without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Bandicam is the most advanced Game Recording Software and Windows Screen Recorderon the planet. Bandicam is a lightweight screen recorder for windows that can capture anything on your PC screen as high-quality video.
Bandicam will help you carry out a game capture with high compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the original work, and provides performance far superior to other recording softwares that provide similar functions.
You can record over 24 hours without stopping (Auto Complete Recording function can be used).
This sample video is directly uploaded after being recorded through Bandicam without converting.
For playing downloaded sample video smoothly, Bandicam or Bandi MPEG-1 decoder is required.
Bandicam, the worldwide leader in the recording software market, supports 4K video recording and 120 FPS game capture with GPU hardware acceleration. Bandisoft has announced that Bandicam now fully supports the hardware accelerated H.264 encoders of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. Most of these applications are paid, but you can still have the best features of these programs without paying for the price. This video recording application offers three ways to record from your screen, namely full screen mode, fix window mode and custom screen mode. Pros: Edit transition effects of videos, can add music and subtitles, add a watermark of logo to the finished video output. Pros: Free to download, simplified interface, can work under high speed movement, and can record audio . DuckLink Screen Capture is a simple screen capture tool for Mac ideally used in capturing screenshots. If you want to record every bit of what happens in your screen, the Screen Movie Recorder will be perfect for you. Pros: Free to download, can set number of frames per second of the recording, doesn’t require installation.

Copernicus is actually a screen capture application but the software is also capable of recording small videos. Pros: With digital zoom, plenty of video formats, time lapse video recording, editable video output. Jing is a free screen recording application for Mac that’s equipped with other great features.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. In addition, it sends captures to clipboard, file, graphic editor, mail, ICQ, printer or even a fax. Manipulating each music aspects and creating a new work of music is referred as music composition. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts. For Mac computers, there are plenty of screen recording applications that you can use for this purpose. It’s great to use for 3D apps and HD games as the application works well with high-speed movement. The software has a fully customizable capturing window so you can only capture specified areas in your screen.
Aside from capturing screenshots and recording videos, you can also add visual details to each image captured like textboxes, arrows, highlights and captions. Cute Screen Recorder is a similar screen recording utility and the best part is that it is completely free. It also includes a zooming tool, a screen ruler and a color picker as well as system wide hotkeys and preset selection sizes. Other than that you can create a presentation and game walk through video, but to create all you need is screen recording software. It has many options like recording a particular area, enabling and disabling mouse cursors, recording at different frame rates and more. Just select the region to capture and screen-cast with highlights, arrow, text box and add picture caption. You can view the recording from movie player and record audio files from microphone or you can use PC sounds.
When using the application with iMovie, you can select a specified area for recording so you don’t have to capture the whole screen. It is free to download but you can also buy the whole program if you want to use additional features like GPU-based scaling, drag-and-drop to FCP feature and real time compositing. The video being recorded can be formatted in different formats so it can be viewed in smartphones and tablets.
The application has some notable features like batch preview, adjustable image quality and modifiable setting for frame rate. Once finished, the captured image or the recorded video can be easily shared through social media, email and IMs.
It can even automatically rename and resize the screenshot and save it to a folder of your choice.
In this post we will see some list of free screen recording software and screen capturing tools.
Click record button from your Mac or windows PC and start capturing your screen, voice and upload it to YouTube or save the clip as Mp4. You can export your recording as flash file and AVI file and share it to YouTube,, Revver and Viddler.

It has mouse options where you can show left mouse click as red and right click as green and it can be viewed when you finish your recording.
With just few clicks, you can also set the whole recording to be sensitive to your mouse’s movements. You can choose to capture your entire desktop or just the activity in a selected area, and also set the capture speed (fps) to up t0 30 frames per second. Some of the other features include face cam, screen drawing, voice synthesis and speed control.
Additional features include a thumbnail browser, audio-recording option, MS Office integration and more.
You miss one feature that is you cannot export your video, but you can upload it to YouTube. It supports capture of dialog elements such as pull-down menus and tool bars, as well as delayed captures and batch conversion to JPEG.
Screen recording freeware is a Windows screen recorder program, that enables you to capture desktop activity in real-time, like a movie, and then export it to Flash, AVI or standalone EXE file. In addition to standard captures, the program can also create GIF animations from a series of screenshots. The program also supports capturing DirectX games, and you can define hotkeys for quick access.Captures can optionally include the mouse cursor, or can be automatically send to MS Office applications. It supports recording of video, audio and the cursor and you can choose any available audio codec installed on your computer.
Screen recording freeware is a screen capture tool that can take snapshots of application windows, selected areas, objects or your entire desktop. It offers a tabbed interface to manage multiple captures and can be triggered via keyboard hotkey with optional delay timer. You can configure the program to operate with hotkeys, so screen captures can be done without opening the interface first.
It offers a resizable, translucent capture area that can be moved and sized freely to capture the portions that you want to grab. It supports hotkey capture, automatic file name generation and adjustable screenshot quality. Screen recording freeware also opens image files and can scan and extract images from executables for viewing and editing. Your marked-up information will appear directly embedded (optional as attachment) in a new message.
Screen recording freeware allows you to pan the recorded area around the screen and can also controlled remotely by automation client software. Other features include timed capture, options to rotate, scale and crop the captured images.
Screen recording freeware is a simple to use two-button screen capture tool with additional Twain support.
When running, video capture responds to preset hotkey combinations, making it easy to make screen captures without having to click on buttons or use the mouse. You can move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus. You can also darken or brighten selected areas of the capture, convert them to grayscale, clone portions of the desktop into other areas and more.

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