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TweetI consider myself lucky to live in a time period when recording technology is developing so rapidly.
Want to setup a studio, had one about 15 years ago here in the Bahamas using Logic, Mac pro, etc… where do I begin?
Sounds like the essentials you would need are a digital recording interface, microphone(s), and microphone cable(s) just to get you started with recording. Not sure how loud the cars are driving by, so it’s hard for me to judge, but one of the simplest effective solutions without going all out and soundproofing your room would be to have a close range dynamic mic like the SM-57. Not sure what your budget is, but if you only need to record 1 or 2 tracks at once and want to get a lot of bang for the buck on a recording interface, look into the Presonus Firebox.
It depends on your price range and your personal preferences for what sounds most appealing to your ears. School takes discipline, let alone having to make the choice about going into a school for music or the arts. Quick to set up, easy to use and fully integrated VOIP call recording software?for your contact center. Monet Record automatically captures and securely stores call transactions to protect data and comply with legal, security & company regulations and policies.
Actress Chiquinquira Delgado arrives at the 2011 Latin Recording Academy's Person of the Year honoring Shakira at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on November 9, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
When I was a child, I never thought it would be possible to produce professional sounding music at home.

It depends on your budget, but I recommend to begin with a computer capable running audio software, your choice of DAW software (I like Cubase), at least 1 good multi-purpose microphone (SM-57 is popular), a good recording interface (I like the Presonus Firestudio), some studio reference monitors (for this you should go to a music store that lets you listen to them on display such as Guitar Center, and pick the one that sounds best to YOU while listening to music you are very familiar with.
Then, I would seriously consider getting a decent set of studio monitor speakers so you can have an accurate reference when mixing your songs to make them sound nice and spiffy!
Get it as close to the sound source as possible and make sure the sound source is loud so you don’t have to make the recording signal as hot (Although you still want the results to be somewhat close to clipping without actually clipping. If there is a Guitar Center near you or some place where you can listen to monitor speakers on demo, this is the best way to do it. That could be a test area – try your mix on as many systems as possible, including car speakers. He has quite a few albums under his belt, and he is getting very popular as a recording and mixing engineer. Comprehensive search allows users to easily and quickly retrieve calls based on phone number, agent, tags, date, time and other user defined parameters.
You can bring what you want to listen to and ask the staff if you need assistance), and of course some decent cables and microphone stands. Its better to start with what you need to start producing, and more importantly, get your media exposed! If you don’t know, Rethink Mixing is about 6 hours  of mixing which comes as video lessons. He then continued recording and mixing, every chance he was given, and for everyone that would let him.

If you agree with me, please feel free to leave your five cents worth, right here as a comment on this post. A comprehensive security model ensures that only authorized users get access and are able to export calls using standard audio formats. Choose the ones within your budget that are most true to the way the track sounds (of course, you may want to check reviews on it first as well just to be sure its good quality).
It is very well done, and you will feel just like you are sitting down with someone that really wants to help you learn mixing.
Easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels for training and quality assurance purpose and establish quality standards and best practices.
I also have the problem with cars driving past on the Prince George Drive making some noice whole day.
The fact that he has made a video about mixing,  Rethink Mixing,  just to help us learn, is an amazing gift, at any cost.

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