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Instead, builders are starting to use the term “owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” to describe the largest bedroom in a home. The reason given is that “master” is seen as offensive on two fronts: in gender, where it tends to sound masculine, and in race, where it conjures images of the slave-master.
About Latest Posts Cheryl Carpenter KlimekCheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years. However, like many indica strains that have come out of Amsterdam during this period, Master Kush has been surpassed by other more amazing kush strains.
Yes, Dodd (called “Master” by his publisher) is an incarnation that bears an irrefutable resemblance to Scientology founder and leader L. Their first “processing” interview procedure reveals as much about Dodd as of Freddie’s past.
We now know there are scenes missing from this enigmatic film, and certain long tracking shots that we observed in teasers and trailers are omitted. The kaleidoscopic poster for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master is a family portrait of Dodd, Quell and Dodd’s wife (Amy Adams) cast in a blue and white hue in which the position of the two men is in a pattern of constant exchange. Film BlergFor writers: Film Blerg gives opportunities for new and aspiring writers to develop their writing skills through screen criticism. For readers: Film Blerg is a compendium of accessible and substantial reviews on as much screen content as we can get our hands on. But outside of the games themselves, the package as a whole is hard to view as merely the cash-grab that some (ill-informed) skeptics will claim it. Every Halo fans is sure to have their favorite entry in the franchise, but the ten year honor means Halo 2 Anniversary is most definitely the Collection‘s crown jewel. But what makes Halo 2 Anniversary more than worth the price of admission is the stunning cinematic cut-scenes courtesy of Blur Studio. The impact of Halo 3 and Halo 4 is not nearly as evident, but the move to the Xbox One has brought with it an increased resolution and frame rate that won’t go unnoticed among the hardcore. Regardless of which entries are most precious to each player, the minimalist presentation of the Collection once loaded does volumes to communicate how 343 no doubt wishes the Halo series to be seen: as one story told in four chapters. Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes to Xbox One on November 11, 2014 in North America, with global releases following after. The HAF X is the tallest and deepest HAF yet, eclipsing both the HAF 922 and HAF 932, rising to 55cm and stretching back to 59cm, making it one of the largest cases we've tested. The HAF 922 included a rear 120mm fan and 200mm roof and front fans, but the HAF X has some notable improvements.
While each of these features is of some use (the support bracket will be useful when transporting your system), for everyday use, they just make the case look cluttered. The 230mm intake fan has red LEDs, but these can be turned off via a switch on the top of the case next to the power and reset buttons.

The left and right panels of the Silencio 550 are plain black with no cut-outs or fan slots.
On the bottom of the case we find four non-slip rubber feet and the PSU intake area which, like the front fan, has a removable filter.
In the continuing endeavor to rid the English vernacular of anything that could be offensive, the term “master bedroom” is being phased out of use in residential real estate, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.
He said most large bedrooms include a sitting area, enormous walk-in closets and lavish bathrooms. Once again this nug, once called High Rise because it was developed in an Amsterdam high rise complex, proved to relieve pain like few others.
Stoners who like to sit down for an unwinding session with friends will love this indica strain. SR71 Purple Kush was pretty damn fine, Bubba Kush was also awesome, and Candy Kush is still memorable.
The two men, enchanted by each other, form a bond that poses a threat to Dodd’s spiritual organisation “the cause” which has accepted the troubled Freddie as its newest member. Dodd believes himself to have met Freddie before, and first looks upon him, charmed by this strong, familiar connection.
Dodd lingers on the word “envy” – and we know he feels envy, treading New York’s upper-class, in attempt to captivate, and infiltrate them but envy is something that doesn’t effect Freddie – he makes no attempts at the women of  “the cause”, submits himself to willingly to humiliating trials of spirit, but does not appear to accept any of his mentor’s teachings – though he doesn’t deny them – uninterested in eternity, uninfected by his mortality. What we do receive is a film of such grandiosity and human feeling – two performances that are so astounding in their most intimate, minute physical refinements – and a disarming, disambiguating propulsion from Jonny Greenwood’s exquisite score. Our experience of Quell and Dodd is a timeless, endlessly changing, completely disputable knowledge. Where Halo 2 Anniversary excels over the previous remake, however, is the fact that the core game was more ambitious, more expansive, and more compelling. They, too, are able to be ignored for those seeking richer nostalgia; but if the discrepancy between the refurbished game and original is obvious, the leap forward taken with the cinematics is downright laughable. Not necessarily enough to warrant a repeat playthrough, but players may be tempted after finishing the newly-epic scale granted to Halo 2 (and its ending remains as underwhelming as ever). If that’s the case, the unique Playlists concocted by 343 are a welcome addition, composed of missions sets divided not by games, but the overall structure and experience.
With the HAF 922 proving to be a vast improvement over the previous model, the HAF 932, we were keen to see if Cooler Master had yet again raised the stakes.
In addition to a 200mm roof fan, there's a large 140mm rear exhaust fan, a 200mm side intake fan mounted in a large side window and a 230mm front intake fan too, with both intake fans sporting dust filters. Thanks to its mostly steel construction, you need to lift 16kg of case out of the box when the deliveryman arrives. A large shroud surrounds the PSU, while another a large duct directs cool air from the intake fan over the graphics card.

The PSU shroud is particularly questionable given the superb cable routeing the motherboard tray offers.
The front of the case has a plastic glossy black door featuring the Cooler Master Logo stencilled on the lower half and is hinged on the left hand side. A 120mm, 800RPM silent fan is pre-installed, however the space provided supports two 120mm or one 140mm fans. Beneath these are pre-cut holes for water-cooling tubes with rubber grommets and the PSU location is at the bottom. Freddie, on the other hand, is a being whose inclined shoulders, apish mannerisms, rutted jaw and furrowed gaze resembles no one.
We cannot be sure if Freddie shares this belief, or if Freddie believes in anything – and submission to Dodd requires him to consider that he is an eternal spiritual being – and this is something that perhaps we must attempt to consider also as Freddie does not fit any medical or scientific estimation of man. The photograph becomes unreliable, a manipulated historical document, memory’s projection is disallowed, and perception – of man, of love, of family, of eternity – is defiled, and washed out to sea. And the presentation of the Collection itself shows that it’s one hours-long letter to the fans (the developers included). It may not be enough to make the entire game seem like a brand new experience, but it comes closer than many fans will believe. In short: the remake is meant to celebrate how far gaming has come, and just how much Bungie got right in the first place. Despite being a somewhat typical high-airflow case, the HAF X is far more attractive than the Antec Dark Fleet we looked at recently.
However, at least this means that the HAF X is a sturdy case and includes a set of wheels, which should make moving it around a bit easier, especially when you've installed your hardware inside. He is unlike anyone – a man with a vague history whose experience of war is denied to the viewer, with a haunted aversion to confinement (was he a prisoner of war?) and taste for torpedo fuel. There's also a bracket for mounting an 80mm fan to blow even more air over your graphics card. While we learn several factors that may contribute to Freddie’s current condition of trauma, it seems that it is love that he consciously accepts as his life’s tragedy, and we are offered a defiled, disproportionate maiden, made of sand, as its corroding symbol.
With the current kush strain craze in full effect it’s an originator that is still cannabis cool. It’s a medium sized plant that has dark green leaves that produces very little smell during both veg and flowering.

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