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In the wake of The Guardian’s remarkable revelation Wednesday that the National Security Agency is collecting phone records from millions of Americans, defenders of this dragnet surveillance program are insisting that the intelligence agency isn’t eavesdropping on the calls – it’s just scooping up “metadata.” The implication is that civil liberties complaints about Orwellian surveillance tactics are overblown. But any suggestion that Americans have nothing to worry about from this dragnet collection of communications metadata is wrong. The “who,” “when” and “how frequently” of communications are often more revealing than what is said or written.
Repeated calls to Alcoholics Anonymous, hotlines for gay teens, abortion clinics or a gambling bookie may tell you all you need to know about a person’s problems. As technology advances, the distinction between data and metadata can be hard to distinguish. But like the list of books we check out of a library, the sites we “visit” online are really a list of things we’ve read. For this reason, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have long appreciated the value of metadata, and the outdated view that metadata surveillance is far less invasive than eavesdropping has allowed those agencies to use powerful surveillance tools with relatively little judicial oversight.
They can do this because, decades ago, long before the Internet altered all aspects of modern communication, the Supreme Court ruled that when we voluntarily divulge personal information to any third party, we waive our privacy rights and lose all Fourth Amendment protection over that information. That decision would make sense if it was about, for example, why we can’t reasonably expect something to remain private when we loudly boast about it in a bar.  But the court extended that logic to phone calls.
After the Supreme Court took this wrong turn in the 1970s, Congress compounded in the 1980s by codifying a lesser standard of protection for metadata.
So we shouldn’t be comforted when government officials reassure us that they’re not listening to our communications – they’re merely harvesting and mining our metadata.  In a digital world, metadata can be used to construct nuanced portraits of our social relationships and interactions.
It’s long past time for Congress to update our surveillance and privacy laws to ensure that before the government can go digging through our digital lives, it needs to demonstrate to a judge that it has good reason to believe we’ve done something wrong.
PHOTO (Insert A): An undated aerial handout photo shows the National Security Agency headquarters building in Fort Meade, Maryland. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data.
The fact is that there isn’t enough intelligence in any computer to reliably counter crime in real-time, even IF the government had access to every piece of electronic information across the whole world in real-time. I shouldnt have to explain this to journalists at one of the biggest publishing companies on the planet.

I think it’s a really dangerous game when the people at top can use a system like this to manipulate the very system they are at the top of. What Americans should be most concerned about is other countries ganging up on us and declaring war on us.
Jay Stanley is senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.
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Yesterday Pierre (aka LaFrance) approached me about making a possible change to the Joomla admin feed module to display the Joomla security feed which highlights vulnerable Joomla extensions. The following is a little tweak to the Joomla admin configuration for anyone who wants to keep abreast of official security reports from the Joomla team in regards to 3rd party extension vulnerabilities. Navigate to extensions > module manager then click on the sub menu item for administrator modules. Edit the Mod_feed module or if you dont have an instance of the mod_feed created already you can create a new instance by clicking on new and then selecting the mod_feed type of module. There are a few options available in the feed module as per the screenshot below but the most important is the feed url.
There are also a number of different feeds that can be displayed for Joomla security so it might mean that you will need to publish multiple feed modules.
This feed below relates to the Joomla security Team announcements and does not carry Vulnerable Extension List information.
I prefer a pretty lean output so I would recommend disabling images and intro for the feed itself and just display the feed titles.
If you are using the default Kephri or our Simpla template then the best module position to display this feed in is the cpanel position although in some cases it might work just as well in the icon position. Next you need to do then is to make sure that the module is published and is set to display first in the cpanel module ordering. Once that is done navigate to the control panel in the admin and you should see the security feed published to the accordion on the Joomla admin login screen. Even without intercepting the content of communications, the government can use metadata to learn our most intimate secrets – anything from whether we have a drinking problem to whether we’re gay or straight.

Simply, if the “data” of a communication is the content of an email or phone call, this is data about the data – the identities of the sender and recipient, and the time, date, duration and location of a communication. Calls between a reporter and a government whistleblower, for example, may reveal a relationship that can be incriminating all on its own. The argument was that since we “share” the phone numbers we dial with the phone company – which needs that information to connect the call – we can’t claim any constitutional protection when the government asks for that data.
But neither the court nor Congress could have foreseen that NSA supercomputers would one day be able to mine that metadata to construct comprehensive pictures of our lives.
If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. This is dangerous and can quickly be used for the wrong purpose — simply hoping that it is used for good is just not right. To be honest although we released our own Joomla admin theme which changes the whole Joomla admin experience, I rarely dig into the other functionality available in the admin and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use the core feed module as it is.
Our Proactive and professional guards ensure optimum security against theft and vandalism, offering you with a trouble free experience and peace of mind that you and your business’s assets are completely protected. The suggestion that metadata is “no big deal” – a view that, regrettably, is still reflected in the law – is entirely out of step with the reality of modern communications.
In addition sophisticated data-mining technologies have compounded the privacy implications by allowing the government to analyze terabytes of metadata and reveal far more details about a person’s life than ever before. We insist that our security provider is honest, trustworthy and meticulous, which is why we use Q10. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study a few years back found that reviewing people’s social networking contacts alone was sufficient to determine their sexual orientation. From the moment we pick up the phone to the completion of our transaction, Q10 offers a first class service!
Consider, metadata from email communications was sufficient to identify the mistress of then-CIA Director David Petraeus and then  drive him out of office.

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