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Distinctive signs get your message across – but still fit in perfectly with an upscale property.
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Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager for TeraStation provides embedded advanced forensics-based video lifecycle management that helps you manage and protect your video assets with ease.
IP VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONThe Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager provides advanced video surveillance data management, including live video capture and comprehensive video lifecycle management. NETWORK VIDEO RECORDERThe Buffalo TeraStation operates as a video surveillance network video recorder (NVR) when used with the Surveilleance Video Manager. COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENTBuffalo Surveillance Video Manager offers a compelling solution to video surveillance asset management (vSAM) and extensive video lifecycle management capabilities.
Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager Data Services runs automated jobs in the Information Repository using Data Service Policies. With the Data Services license (OP-LP-CAMDS), these innovations are scalable and offer exceptional archiving and long-term retention capabilities, promoting significant cost savings as multiple TeraStation NAS units can be added seamlessly to its infrastructure. TeraStation 7120r offers high performance, highly available 2U rack mountable network storage for businesses looking to implement a reliable, RAID based NAS solution for demanding networks and business critical applications.
TeraStation 7120r Enterprise offers high performance, highly available 2U rack mountable network storage featuring enterprise-class hard drives.

TeraStation 3400 is a robust four drive NAS solution ideal for small offices and professional users requiring cost-effective network storage to share and safeguard data with the reliability of RAID data protection. More and more, business and homeowners alike are implementing video surveillance as part of their security system. Closed circuit TV uses cables, wireless receivers and transmitters to send video to specific monitors. There are a number of benefits to using CCTV as a part of your security system, for both homes and businesses.
Can be used as evidence for authorities to help catch the guilty party and to assist in court if charges are pressed. You appear to have JavaScript disabled, or are running a non-JavaScript capable web browser. Support for any RTSP IP-based video surveillance camera allows users to directly capture, manage and store camera feeds, enabling playback of live and stored video. The Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager delivers a professional grade video management system (VMS) as it provides fast and easy search and playback of indexed video files through multi-tieredstorage. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager provides centralized management and control over all video files as systems grow. Ideal for businesses looking to implement a reliable, RAID based NAS solution for demanding networks and business critical applications. With a dual-core ARM processor, TeraStation 3400R efficiently manages file transfers and everyday NAS functions. With a dual-core ARM processor, TeraStation 3400 efficiently manages file transfers and everyday NAS functions.

With a range of set-ups and equipment, video security systems can be integrated to fit your needs. Depending on the type of system you choose, there are set-ups with remote viewing options, onsite viewing options or both.
Use a series of heavy-duty surveillance signs so everyone knows that someone is always watching. Point out your most stringent security measures to deter vandals and robbers.• Customize to create your own security signs, at no extra charge. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager has been uniquely designed to manage stored video assets as well as direct video feeds from RTSP enabled IP-cameras and efficiently and effectively manages the continually growing pool of video surveillance files that organizations have to manage. It also allows for effortless integration with multiple RTSP-enabled IP  network cameras delivering a wide range of video quality and resolutions.
Security camera systems broadcast signals to certain monitors and the video is then recorded using a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder).
Our range of 24-hour surveillance signs let you protect your personal property from thieves, in vinyl or aluminum.
It efficiently manages video asset storage by enabling users to easily create and configure automated, video lifecycle management policies to capture data and, when applicable, move eligible surveillance data to secondary storage while maintaining its full resolution. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager is unrivaled in its ability to search and retrieve, play back, edit and export stored video data.

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