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The idea of this type of thread is unique, in my opinion, and has a lot of interesting applications. Because of this, Threadlife could have more staying power and virality than other video-sharing apps.
As far as using the app goes, it’s jam-packed with a lot of options, which can make navigation a bit complicated and runs slightly counter to the whole theme of simplification. Do you like filming video on your iPhone or iPad and need to share it with your friends or the rest of the world? It’s been eight months since Vine first launched for iOS, and has grown to 40 million users.
Soon following the launch of Vine, Instagram launched a new feature that allowed users to upload their own videos to Instagram.
Initially launched April, 2011, Viddy was described as the “Instagram of videos,” which apparently doesn’t apply anymore since Instagram users can now upload videos.
Recently Acquired by Yahoo for $50million, Qwiki is an iPhone app that lets users create movies from videos and photos with one click straight from their own camera roll. Top 10 Best Wedding Planning Apps for Android and iPhoneAre you planning your dream wedding? Unlike Instagram or Vine, Directr isn’t made to share videos simply by throwing a filter over it. Many know Snapchat as the app that offered self-destructing photos after 10 seconds, but not many know of its video-sharing capabilities. MixBit is a new social video app from the original YouTube co-founders, Steven Chen and Andrew Hurley. When the world thought that there could not be any more social-networking apps then Twitter have released another one which is already close to the top of the app store charts.
In-short Vine is basically a video version of Twitter with the ability to film quick short videos and post them. Vine is a great app that takes the short post on social media to a new level by allowing quick short videos to be posted.
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Mobile photo-sharing application Cluster, one of the better-designed apps for creating albums which can be shared with and collaborated on with friends, is rolling out several significant changes today. But Cluster so far has yet to break out as a runaway hit, currently ranking in the high 300’s in the “Social Networking” category on the iTunes App Store (source: App Annie), and sporting somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 installs on Android, according to Google Play.
Unfortunately, like many of these apps, Cluster faces some heavily engrained competition, in the form of users’ default behaviors when it comes to sharing photos: SMS and email.
So it makes sense that Cluster would try to now piggyback on the private social networking trend prevalent today, to turn what was before primarily a social photo album maker into more of a group networking experience. With the new release, you can now see exactly who is able to view the photos you’re sharing, and once those photos hit the main feed, you’ll be able to see who viewed the photos and who liked them via small avatars – an interface design similar in style to mobile social networking client Path.
Also new today, the company is adding support for video-sharing, posting of “Notes” for quick messages to a group, and support for iPad and Android tablets, a much-requested feature. Cluster is an app that lets friends and family collect each other’s photos from a shared experience in an exceptionally simple way. Beme was developed as an alternative to social media, its concept resides in the idea that people should experience life through their eyes and not the phone camera. The reason why it doesn’t come with any filters or customization options is related to the fact that much of the content on social media today lacks authenticity.

Beme is in a league of its own, a place where users can share personal experiences to followers and get reactions from those who liked it.
Users simply need to tap and hold a video to watch it, after which it’s deleted from the network, with no option to recover it. The concept behind this simplistic application is refreshing, but it had a rough start last summer, when the iOS beta version failed to meet expectations.
As of recently, a free and stable version of Beme has been available on Google Play Store, as its creator aims to increase the app’s reach and attract social media enthusiasts.
They take too long to upload, or the filming process is too complicated, or you don’t know how long of a clip to shoot or how long is too long. A lot of existing video-sharing apps, like Socialcam, require editing, music selection, and filter-choosing either before or after you take a video. Prior to YouTube Capture’s launch, Google’s own YouTube app only allowed users to browse through videos. Acquired by Twitter, this app lets users film 6 seconds of video, essentially become a video version of a tweet. Similar to Instagram, users can film video for 15 seconds or less, and can also add effects, filters, and music.
The company describes itself as “one click storytelling.” Once created users can share their movies with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS text.
Initially targeted for journalists, TV reporters, and media companies, now over 200 million users use the service. Klip lets users share an unlimited number of clips with friends with quick and easy video capture and uploading. Download these 10 wedding planning apps for Android and iPhone to help alleviate the stress of planning a wedding.
Directr wants its users to tell a story through its service, making it more compelling for other users to watch.
Unlike Vine, Snapchat lets users share up to 9 seconds of video, giving the ability to share with those on your contact list.
MixBit allows for 16 seconds of video to be shared, and unlike Vine, users have the ability to “remix” others’ videos to create movies up to one hour long. I’ve been browsing online for a few minutes today, yet I never found anything like this. Vine is a 6 second video sharing app for iPhone and Android that lets you film short clips and post them online, as well as watch other people’s videos. With “Cluster 2.0,” as this released is called, the company is introducing tablet versions for Android and iPad, adding support for video and notes, and most importantly, it’s now going “all in” on private group sharing, which the team realized was one of the most popular use cases for their photo-sharing application. That’s a shame, because Cluster is actually one of the better-built apps I’ve come across, and has earned itself a homescreen spot on a page where most photo-sharing apps find themselves stuffed into folders. With Cluster 2.0, the company is doubling down on private group sharing after seeing these kinds of closed groups pop up for everything from family photos to pictures shared by fraternities and sororities which might not be appropriate on a more public network like Facebook.
Being able to see who’s viewed a message, even if they’re not liking or commenting, can be helpful in smaller, private social networks like this to give a feeling of engagement, even when people aren’t taking specific, overt actions to engage with the post itself. Since we all carry amazing cameras in our pockets these days, these experiences are usually captured by many different members of the group. Previously an iOS exclusive app, starting with this version, it is available for Android as well. To illustrate this, the application starts recording only when the phone’s front camera sensor is covered and shares the video automatically to the network.

In fact, authenticity is hard to find these days, especially since major social networking sites come with integrated filters, framing and editing tools for videos that distort reality and aim at brushing off imperfections. Videos aren’t saved or archived under accounts, meaning that Beme is filled with fresh and recently added content. Beme struggled to gain popularity at the time of its launch, in part because its creator decided to make it available only to users who fetched unlock codes from his blog. Although the concept behind Beme is innovative, it still has a long way to go before it can compete against giants like Snapchat or Instagram. But even if that’s the case, you can still create private threads to document your favorite places, events, and moments, like a topical video journal. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. With YouTube Capture, users can record videos, enhance those videos with stabilization, trimming, and adding music, as well as easily upload to not only YouTube, but also Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Vine is very simple to use, allowing users to record during the length of time their fingers are on the screen, resulting in very unique short videos.
Once recorded, Tout allows for quick and easy video upload to popular social sites such as Facebook and Twiiter, as well as any user’s personal website.
The idea of Directr is to turn users into artists, using professionally-made storyboards to help guide users with making the best videos they can.
Once the video has been shared, the video will self-destruct within the time defined by the user. Your high school friend who does nothing but post annoying pictures and political statements probably isn’t going to be the best person to follow, whereas following your favourite sports people,subjects or celebrities will probably result in you being able to see more exciting content.
The 6 second limit might be too short in the cases of a clip you really like to view, but on the flip-side it does mean that you only have to endure rubbish clips for a short time.
Contacts can be imported from Twitter and Facebook, so that users can create communities of followers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. The newest update to Instagram now allows users to upload videos from their camera roll, making sure videos that weren’t filmed in Instagram still has a chance to make it on your feed. As the video only lasts for 6 seconds you do not really need to worry about stopping recording.
Like Twitter it also presents a novel way for you to interact with people you are interested in or admire. However if you do feel the need to pause recording then all you have to do is let go of the screen. Just touch-and-hold to begin recording again and Vine will join the resulting clips together. You can then add text and images then share the video with your Vine network and followers.

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