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Many streaming video subscribers freely give their passwords to friends and family members, allowing the account to be used by non-paying individuals. Despite the potential revenue impact posed by password sharing, some major streaming video providers do not seem particularly concerned. Many Pay TV operators, who have been rolling out TV Everywhere (TVE) – a streaming service through which its paid video subscribers can access many of the channels and programs included in their at home TV package – have been publically quiet on the issue.
It seems likely that password sharing is driving subscription price increases – paying subscribers would therefore be subsidizing non-paying users. The joint impact of slowed growth and increased competition will incentivize streaming video providers to re-examine password sharing as a potential revenue growth opportunity, although finding strategies to convert the recipients of shared passwords to paying customers will remain a challenge.
With AT&T and NBC Universal poised to launch streaming video offerings in early 2016, the shift towards streaming video does not seem likely to wane. One of the best beauty salon marketing tips that will rock your business and take you to a whole new level is video marketing. This site helps your posted videos go viral and gives your business the opportunity to profit.
Keywords are specific power words that you use in your content that will show up in the search engines when someone tries to Google it.
Estimates of the prevalence of password sharing find that between 10% and 20% of streaming video viewers are using a shared password.

For example: Dish restricts accounts to one streaming session whereas DirecTV offers customers 5 concurrent streams. New entrants to the streaming video market should also consider password sharing in their initial product policies to avoid customer headaches from policy adjustments down the line, as well as to maximize revenue potential. As viewership of traditional Pay TV programming continues to migrate towards streaming video, we will watch to see how market participants move to address password sharing. Using good keywords will give your website awesome online presence, good traffic and more money. Streaming video providers such as Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized the way people think about and view video content, allowing for out-of-home use across a range of connected devices. In an April 2015 interview with CNN Money, HBO CEO Richard Plepler said that ‘password sharing is not a big issue’, having previously mentioned that he sees password sharers as a great marketing opportunity for the next generation of HBO subscribers[1]. Each of these policies represents a trade-off between providing an easy-to-use product that will be well received by legitimate account holders, and implementing adequate security measures to prevent illicit account use and dissuade password sharing.
A key reason for the relatively relaxed current policies is that while providers ultimately do not want subscribers sharing password with persons outside the household, they are not willing to risk market share or future growth potential with new policies that could frustrate their existing customer base. If you are still looking for keywords to use on your video you should think about words that are related to the salon business like professional products and services and topics about hair and skin. Keywords will lead the spiders to your website when someone tries to search for content relative to your target niche market along with your products and services.

Choosing the best keywords for your video and website may seem hard at first but you can always use Google Keyword Selection Tool for free. With this increased portability comes a risk not associated with traditional Pay TV: password sharing. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings takes a similar stance, even encouraging immediate family members to share an account with the introduction of custom profiles and a family plan that allows up to four concurrent streams. As the streaming video services market continues to mature and growth eventually slows, monetizing non-paying streamers will become more important. If you use a keyword tool you will never be wrong in choosing the right keyword for your beauty salon  business. Hastings caveated that there is a limit to acceptable sharing, labeling the case of accessing Netflix with a boyfriend’s uncle’s password as inappropriate.

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