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When it comes to online photo sharing, there is no other website that is as famous as Flickr. Picasa itself has a very strong base on the photo viewing software segment, thus there are no surprises that it emerges as one of the most used modes of photo sharing.
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The website does lack a bit of luster as compared to Flickr but still is much better than many other websites.
The website provides with a lot of different features such as private albums and password protected access by guests.

The content is copyrighted to Rishiraj Sisodia and may not be reproduced on other websites. Zooomr has a very strong and rich architecture which enables the users to share without any hassles whatsoever. Though one can say that Picasa Web Album is has not done all that well when compared to other Google products. Whenever a person runs out of space, they can get paid account and start sharing as many photos as possible.
The website puts an upper limit of 1 GB to store photos but makes up for it with other services as image search and tagging.

One needs to pay the upgrade fees so that they can access more space for sharing their photographs.
The only way of sharing those was when someone came over to your house and you had to browse through the photo albums.
But photo printing services such as snapfish and mixbook are still famous as people still love to get their photos printed.

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