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Nervous, self conscious guests are never a good thing to watch, but the cameras I use are much smaller, and unless pitch black, no blinding light is needed to make everyone squint and look shocked! I’m David and I film and edit every event, sometimes with a 2nd camera operator, but usually on my own.
I work with your Photographer, to film the day as it happens, creating an unobtrusive video capturing the parts you may forget just from looking at your photos - the moments in between shots where people think the camera isn’t on them. For the main parts (ceremony, speeches & first dance), if filming on my own I use multiple cameras to capture as many angles as I can, making a much more dynamic film to watch, flicking between viewpoints, compared to one man and his single camera angle! I film every wedding how I wanted my wedding filmed, and try to capture as many details as I can find to make sure that as much as possible is covered while I am there. We are based in the Midlands and our prices are for Midlands coverage, but we can operate throughout the country for a low mileage charge. We can offer customised packages from only ?199 which are ideal if you want just your ceremony or speeches professionally filmed on multiple cameras and edited for example, or to film your first dance and some evening party footage, just ask!
Video messages from your guests…We supply 2 of our minicams to be passed around tables at the sit down meal, and guests can record themselves – such good fun to watch back! 2 Camera Operators – Gives a much more dynamic video, and is ideal for larger Wedding receptions of 130+ guests.
Express 2 week edit – If you want your video faster than the standard 8-10 week service, we can prioritise.
We can also provide quotations for any additional preparations or entertainment such as fireworks if they are not covered within our list of extras.
Also, if you decide that you would like to upgrade to a different package after your big day, this is completely possible.

Our Highlights films are ideal if you’d like to hear everything that is happening in your footage rather than having music over the top like our Montage packages. As it’s not edited to music, it means less editing time and costs for us, and therefore a lower price is passed on to you.
It’s still filmed in exactly the same way, on the same top quality equipment as our other packages, we then compile all of the best footage together into a perfect length 30+minute film to relive your day. Our unique Montage films offer the perfect choice between affordability, versatility and watchability. From experience (and also, the Montage is almost all that our clients choose!) a traditional video that runs through the whole day for a few hours is too long for most people to watch. It’s versatile because we film the whole day, so if you decide that you would like the full footage of the ceremony, the speeches, or the first dance, these can be purchased afterwards and added to your DVD as bonus chapters to watch whenever you like. With the “FULL MONTAGE PACKAGE” you get all of these extras included in the price, and you save over ?70 on them compared to buying them separately! Included in the price is an extra hour of coverage which can either be used for coverage of Bridal preparations or an extra hour of your evening after your first dance.
It will usually start off with montage highlights set to your choice of music, in between the full footage with live audio of your ceremony, speeches and first dance.
You get at least as much footage as the Montage package with the extra chapters, but a film this length takes longer to edit due to having to watch it through so many times to make sure it all seamlessly blends together, making it our top priced package.
Your special day will be captured in the greatest of detail, and edited into a package that you will treasure forever. We post you 2 very easy to use mini cameras a few days before your wedding, a list of ideas to film, so just hand them to your bridal party and away you go.

We’ll edit it into the start of your film, adding an extra bit of fun and a personal touch to your video. Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, West Midlands. It’s been a year today since Cara and Andy were married at the beautiful Horticulture Center in Philadelphia. But a great wedding video with its moving images, soundtrack, and those speeches, can bring the whole day and all of those special feelings flooding back much more than a book of photos. I don’t send random people to film you, this means that the style and format of each film is consistent, but at the same time as unique as you and your big day.
So a 20 or 30 minute highlights montage, set to your favourite music, is perfect to re-live your special day again and again, especially with friends and family! But there is never any pressure from us to purchase any, it’s entirely up to your requirements and your budget.
Ideal if you want to just sit on a Sunday afternoon and relive the whole of your day in one go.
Small, unobtrusive, looks like a DSLR but gives high quality HD footage, and having interchangeable lenses means I can get much more of a cinematic look with blurred backgrounds compared to guys who use fixed lens videocameras that look like home movies!

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