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MA Intercultural Business Communication will be of interest to those wishing to work in careers related to, or who have already worked in international business and management contexts. The postgraduate course raises awareness of theories of communication, culture, language and society and their applications in business interactions. A minimum of a lower second-class honours degree (or equivalent) in Arts, Social Science, or Business related disciplines.
Applicants able to demonstrate appropriate work-based experience or possessing alternative professional qualifications will be considered on an individual basis. Students whose first language is not English are required to pass either the TOEFL (minimum 600-pbt or 250 cbt) OR IELTS (minimum 6.5). Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research. Students will be offered the opportunity to attend a residential team building training programme at the beginning of Semester 1.
We use a variety of assessment procedures including essays, portfolios, presentations, projects and examinations. You have to complete a total of nine modules of which the Dissertation or Work Placement Project  (based on a work placement of at least 6 weeks) are triple modules. In addition to the compulsory modules, you will need to take two option modules which can be selected from the pathways listed below. Effective communication is important in any endeavor, but it is especially so in the world of business.
Whether you are talking with potential clients, servicing customers, business networking or marketing your product, effective business communication skills will be the key factor determining your success or failure. One of the common mistakes business people make in business is not looking beyond their own interests.
The price and quality of a product may be the most important factors in determining whether someone will buy it, but the professionalism of the person selling it is very close behind. Subjective factors are involved as well, such as how the person selling the goods or services looks, how they answer the phone, and the quality of their sales material.

Customers like to feel respected, so the businessperson who communicates respect to their customers is likely to be much more successful than one that does not. Show respect for a client’s own time and scheduling needs by giving them a choice of possible times for business meetings or transactions.
With all the advice out there on how to effectively communicate in business not enough emphasis is put on the importance of doing and saying nothing but just listening. There is a time to talk and a time to hear what the other guy has to say, so giving them a chance to say it one of the most essential aspects of effective business communication. Are you a young professional having trouble in communicating with your peers at your workplace? Well, it’s time for you to improve your oral and written business communication skills. If possible, record while you pronounce words and play it later to find out the areas you need to work on. Jot down the points in your mind before making any formal communication, to help you in communicating them in a spontaneous manner.
Dot Com Infoway, a CMMI Level 3 multinational information technology company, is a pioneer in delivering software development, mobile application and internet marketing solutions and technologies to business. It will also be relevant to those who wish to become more successful in understanding communication or who are cultural specialists in their own professions. Students from non-traditional or international educational backgrounds have the opportunity to enrol for the free Certificate in Academic Development or to audit academic essay sessions to help them perform better in a UK University environment. The assessment methods and criteria we use are linked to the learning outcomes specified for each module. The modules allow participants to develop further knowledge in a field of their interest such as linguistics, public relations, human resource management and translation, and to apply this knowledge to intercultural business communication in various contexts.
No matter what business insights or skills you may have it will never amount to much if you can’t communicate those talents to the marketplace.
You may be primarily concerned with making a sale, but what is it that is motivating your customer or client?

These secondary things serve to communicate your level of professionalism, and buyers are more likely to trust and buy from those who effectively communicate a professional demeanor. Send notes or emails before meetings as a reminder and after as a thank you and re-cap of what transpired.
Often the client will make your job easier by telling you key information about how you can sell them your product or service if you will only just shut up and listen. My name is Melissa and I have built this website to help you improve your communication skills. Effective communication is essential in all stages of life as it helps in building close relationships, both personally and professionally. In a business environment, there may arise needs to write articles, prepare reports, presentations etc.
With offices in india, the United States and Germany, DCI is positioned to become a leader in delivering advanced IT services for your business. Other opportunities include the International Society, the HOST Organisation, international films at the Mitchell and Kenyon Cinema. They have reasons of their own for interacting with you, and having an understanding of what those reasons are gives you an enormously valuable guide to how to best communicate the information that will make the sale. That means always using titles and proper names unless specifically invited to be more intimate. These may seem like small matters, but it is the little things that convey through repetition respect for others in your business dealings. There may be some initial trouble, but your skills will improve with constant practice, as days go on. That means asking the right questions so that you find out where your customer is coming from, then you can direct your sales pitch to meeting their needs instead of yours.

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