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Halo 3 Maps – Snowbound, Narrows, Epitaph, Construct, Guardian, High Ground, The Pit, Valhalla, Sandtrap, Isolation, Last Resort.
Tomorrow’s Opening Ceremonies in London mark the beginning of the XXXth modern Olympic games, but the original Games of antiquity spanned a much longer period of time.
784 BC First scheduled games delayed for four years when Greek athletes riot over 8 hour training day.
780 BC Games delayed again after archers from warring city-states ambush rival teams en route to Olympia.
700 BC Lackluster pre-Game ticket sales threaten nascent Olympic tradition before Olympia Mayor Sickus Pevertios decrees athletes must compete nude. 500 BC Controversy denies home town favorite Titus Uniformius the pommel horse laurel wreath when Turkish judge scores performance markedly lower than peers.
CDLII BC Roman influence begins to dominate Games, leading to rules preventing athletes from switching sides when losing. 420 BC German javelin athlete first Olympiad to be banned for                                   life after testing positive for elevated levels of mead. 300 BC Macedonian gymnast disqualified after discovered to be only XIV and not the minimum required age of XVI.
200 BC Competition Committee denies Hannibal’s request to add elephant polo to Games, citing a lack any other competitor willing to stand up to him.
100 BC Wayward discus whirls through nearby art fair, slicing off right arm of Venus de Milo. 40 AD Olympic officials announce first new game in over 200 years: Lions versus Christians. 80 AD Greeks win laurel count in a landslide after previous year’s eruption of Mount Vesuvius decimates Roman team.

100 AD Trial run of concurrent women’s Olympics halted mid-games when all contestants revealed to be men.
200 AD Controversial split decision awards laurel to dead opponent of Roman gladiator Rotius Jonesillius II.
216 AD Ill-advised pass attempt results in 12 chariot-48 horse pile-up, the largest wreck the Collision had ever seen.
300 AD Olympics rocked three weeks before games when Roman superstar Lebronious Brutus declares he is taking his talents to South Venice. My view on this subject may be affected by having spent the last two weeks at the Jersey shore, but when is bocce ball going to become an Olympic sport? Olympian sanitation officials work overtime for three weeks to remove four tonnes of toilet paper from Statue of Zeus.
In its place the player will take on as alone UNSC soldier in the city of New Mombasa, Kenya. The game starts when the soldier founds a piece of evidence left behind hanging on lamppost. After Halo 2 fans were excited about what is happening on Earth and how humanity is defending it.
Players this time are forced to act more cautiously, because the trooper you are assuming will not feature the reflexes and strengths and advanced armor of the Master Chief.
After discovering the evidence a flashback is triggered and the player assumes the role of the missing soldier. He must find out what happened to them, he assisted by an city maintenance AI known as the Superintendent.
The article has since been censored, presumably by the International Olympic Committee, who wants us to believe that the Games’ ancient roots were pure and noble.

Just like for the previous games of Halo Martin O’Donnell (Bungie Audio Director) is contributing music for ODST.
Bungie wanted something different from Halo games, that’s why main character of the game was made an ODST. But we’ve come a long way since the dawn of the Interwebs, and we now know that if information was ever posted on Wikipedia, it must be true. Although, the game is not focus on stealth gameplay, it will have some stealth elements will be incorporated.
O’Donnell anted to create new music that was redolent of Halo but in branched in a different direction. With in an interview with MTV, Microsoft cleared that Bungie is working on new Halo game independent of the franchise spin-offs Halo Chronicles and Halo Wars. It will be released in five playing modes as Single player, co-op, online co-op, online multiplayer and multiplayer.
A year after Halo 3 was released on September 25, 2008 Bungie debuted a teaser for the game. During Tokyo Game Show on October 9, 2008, officially unveiling the game’s name as Halo 3: Recon and release date Autumn 2009.

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