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So read on, to learn about the dog known as a little black devil, dogs with divided noses, and the dog that sailed with Vikings.  Here’s our collection of weird and wonderful and obscure dog breeds from around the world—from Louisiana to Tibet, breeds you’ve been missing out on because you didn’t even know they existed!
These fuzzy, wooly pups can be mistaken for lambs from a distance, thanks to their unique wooly coat and face shape. The Bedlington Terrier is known for its gentleness and overall mild temperament, and is considered to be a good companion for children. Bedlington Terriers generally are less than 17 inches tall and weigh only 23 pounds or less. These little terriers have the potential to carry a gene which can lead to their developing liver disease.  For this reason, you should only get your Bedlington Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder, as tracking this gene has made it possible to produce pups with less likelihood of carrying it.
This comedy actor has never really been known for having a buff body, but it was clearly good enough to woo Jennifer Aniston.
This dog must be pretty surprised at the site of this rodent-like creature, but we’re not quite sure who scared whom more.

We’ve got to hand it to this talented photographer for managing to capture their incredible jump up in the air. Most puppies are born light colored, but their coats can darken to a variety of other colors as they grow up.  Their coats require special care, so owners should consider learning how to groom them properly.
Coal miners and other locals enjoyed racing these sleek, graceful dogs, but Bedlington Terrier’s primary occupation was hunting vermin. That extra work may be worth it for those who can’t deal with shedding: they shed very little or not at all. However, it seems as though Vince Vaughn has gradually been letting himself slip into bad habits.
Bombs, shootings, harsh conditions, and PTSD are only a few of the perils that military personnel must deal with. Years upon year the actor has been getting bigger and now he looks completely out of shape.

Maybe he decided to give up hope after splitting with Jennifer Aniston, or maybe he just couldn’t give up the hot dogs. Now Vince definitely looks like he could do with working out and eating healthier, especially as he begins to get older. We would suggest hitting the gym for a few months and seeing what a difference just some exercise could do.

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