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Learning business etiquette, enhances your professional image, helps you in building better relationships, and eases your life in the business world.
Statistics show that incivility in the workplace can cause workers to waste work time worrying about rudeness, avoiding the instigator, or even cause them to leave their job. This real-world training program teaches tremendous forms of business etiquette: dining etiquette, communication etiquette, telephone etiquette, meeting etiquette travel etiquette, email etiquette, and more. Information is presented in a humorous, relaxed style that cuts to the heart of today’s etiquette concerns.
Shital Kakkar Mehra has brought out a very well written book called Business Etiquette for the Indian Professional.  I loved the book.
Westerners like to schedule multiple business meetings during their work day, viewing these as transactional in nature.
The book is divided into Business Communication Skills, Civility in the Workplace, Business Dressing, Networking, Dining & Social Skills.
He is on the Advisory Board of the prestigious program for Chief Learning Officers that is run by the Univ of Pennsylvania.
Do you get disgusted when you receive a co-worker’s email filled with grammatical errors and text message symbols? Or, do you wish you could give your coworkers a class on email etiquette instead of clenching your fists and screaming at your computer screen?
Well, imagine how a recruiter or hiring manager feels when you send a poorly written email in response to a  job posting. Or, you just happen to be the person who uses capital letters to express their enthusiasm, here are a few business email etiquette basics to help non-profit job seekers create effective and professional email communication. If you are applying for a position using email communication, do not write in text message shortcuts or use pop culture colloquialisms. Because every email you send is an extension of your professional image, transmitting an email filled with spelling errors and poor English reeks of unprofessional behavior.
Don’t start the email message with “To whom it may concern” or “Hi Recruiter.” No first and last name may indicate a message for the spam folder.

Use the first and last name and their title if appropriate, when applying for nonproft jobs.
If you are sending a resume or cover letter, include the document in the body of the email. Use these business email etiquette fundamentals to make a stellar first impression or to your help your co-worker polish their email prose.
Career Vanity is here to bring knowledge and amusement to your hectic and challenging life.
You have a business lunch approaching fast and countless questions are running through your mind: How do I ensure I’m the perfect host? To help guide you in the right direction, let restaurateur, wine connoisseur and seasoned businessman Marco Celio, general manager and co-owner of Toronto’s Ovest, give you a crash course in the matter. It is specifically designed for groups that want to polish their skills and improve their professional image.
From jobs in the Hotels, Restaurants, Airports to IT, it is not hard to find the rich range of skills they bring. Making space and respecting the norms of other cultures who may have different standards from the ones we are used to. To avoid sending virus-ladened files or large attachments that cause a virtual online bottleneck, ask for permission before attaching files to the email.
If you have a copy of your resume or portfolio online, include in your email a link to your file. The next time you apply for a job use these tips to ensure that your email message is clear and professional, before you hit the word send. When women collaborate and help each other, we can enrich the feminine circle and get to the top of the wealth and abundance mountain together.
Ordering a cocktail to break the ice and get the conversation flowing is a great way to begin.
Shital Kakkar Mehra is one of the most experienced practitioners of corporate etiquette and international protocol in India today, having trained over three thousand executives, focusing on the specific requirements of the global  Indian.

To paraphrase  Shital, ‘it is like you are wearing an expensive suit and carrying a plastic pen from a hotel or an airline.
Prior to this he led HR teams at Microsoft, PepsiCo, Colgate and Tata Steel and worked in India, SE Asia and US.
If you stick to this rule, your email messages will be clear, concise and responded to quickly. Wine is the best pairing during a meal, so I would suggest saving beer for a more casual meeting. Then there is stuff on office etiquette – how to behave with your colleagues in formal and informal situations. One section I would like to see added to the future editions of the book would be on how to ask precise questions. For instance when you are invited for a meal with a colleague or your boss the focus is on meeting – not eating. I always notice how verbose people can be while asking a question that can be asked in less than ten words.
Burping after a meal is considered impolite in some countries while in others the host feels unappreciated if you do not visibly and audibly burp and announce how much you loved the food. So eat something before you go for a business meal to let the food not distract the conversation. A section like that could work wonders to improve communication skills of Indian professionals.
For eg:  Speak softly into the mobile and keep a distance of six feet between you and others. When the flight lands, do not whip out your phone instantly and start doing a live broadcast of how you have just landed and that you are still inside the plane etc.

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