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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Until one week ago, Vine was just something tech-nerds had heard about through the grapevine of gadget forums and start-up news.
A small start-up in New York had been developing the app: a simple program that allows the user to capture six seconds of video on his or her smartphone a€” either all in one take or, by touching then releasing the screen on and off, in different takes that will then be strung together in a single clip. The app is the perfect part of the Twitter family, with its minimalistic mantra of characters and content.
Six-seconds of video is short and sweet a€” though Vine has already had a little bit of a sour run-in with pornography.
As Vine figures out its place, whether it is for sex or for cats, we can speculate on the effect of its simple presence.
The criticisms are, as with other social media sites and apps, that it squishes down our already shortened attention spans and promotes that self-same selfish, self-promotion (TMI, people!).
But perhaps the overwhelming proliferation of crappy content a€” things made by fun-seeking hobby-ests and curious laymen a€” will help weed out the really good, top-tier professional work that takes years of practice, hundreds of skilled people, and hours of footage.
To put a positive spin on what may seem like another needless invention to keep us preoccupied by our computers and held captive by unimportant slush, perhaps Vine will turn out to be a fun sharing tool and a useful storytelling device.

Here are a few of the latest vine logo images and photo galleries for the our dear follewers.
Su esquema de grabacion de videos cortos para compartir en una red social rapidamente se apropio de un segmento importantisimo de los usuarios de la red. Now everyone is going to think that theya€™re an amazing filmmaker, just as everyone already thinks theya€™re a fabulous photographer, thanks to Instagram.
Film school starts with teaching students to tell simple, concise, cohesive stories in a short format.
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Hoy, Vine ha reportado el logro de un nuevo record, al alcanzar los 40 millones de usuarios.El camino al exito y el reconocimiento de Vine comenzo de manera definitiva al ser comprada por Twitter. Luego de que se lanzo su version para iOS a finales de enero de este ano, el crecimiento fue imparable. Share and enjoy with the social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Google+. Cuando fue lanzada en junio la version en Android, la red de video social contaba ya con 13 millones de usuarios registrados.No conforme con este crecimiento, Vine anuncio a principios de julio una actualizacion que incluyo el concepto del "revine" (una funcionalidad similar al retweet de Twitter, su compania madre), asi como la utilizacion de canales para organizar el enorme volumen de contenido generado por sus usuarios.

Estas modificaciones facilitaron que los videos compartidos en Vine se convertiran en fenomenos virales aumentando aun mas el atractivo de la app.El principal rival de Vine a lo largo de este proceso fue Instagram, app propiedad de Facebook, que a finales de junio anuncio su incursion al mercado del video social. Disappointment to acquire such authorization is an infringement of global copyright and trademark laws subject to particular money related and criminal punishments. Gracias a la enorme base instalada de usuarios de Facebook, durante un tiempo parecio que Instagram conseguiria aniquilar a Vine.
Sin embargo, las noticias conocidas hoy describen una situacion distinta, o al menos un Vine que se resiste a ser eliminado de la competencia.El enorme aumento de usuarios en los ultimos dos meses fue anunciado -de una forma muy apropiada -a traves de la cuenta en Twitter de Vine. Gracias por inspirarnos."La pregunta que queda ahora es: ?cual sera la respuesta de Instagram en la pelea por el dominio del mercado?

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