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Mobile phone network Three are following up their hit moonwalking pony advert with a hilarious clip of a cat and cute child rocking out to a classic tune.The Sing It Kitty ad aired for the first time today and features a toddler and feline singing Eighties chart hit We Built This City by Starship. Judith Kerr is the world-renowned author and illustrator of Mog and created this story especially for families to enjoy this Christmas.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. In this funny Chicken Licken advert it shows the blood sweat and tears required to become a master of inner peace. This is the old school Cremora advert from the 1980’s that all South Africans should remember. In this funny 2010 World Cup soccer advert cafe owners and mamas go head to head on the soccer field. South Africans have a lot of ‘Gates’ to get through these days…luckily at Nando’s our doors are always wide open.
Would you ever have thought you’d see an ADSL internet advert featuring Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela?
We tested the world’s number 1 fast bowler Dale Steyn to see if he could keep up with a one and a half year old for a full day. The very popular local fast food franchise (Steers) in South Africa brought out this advert some time ago. Two construction workers on a building site somewhere in South Africa sit down for lunch after being hard at work. Most South Africans will remember the infamous Yebo Gogo adverts that were seen on TV in the 90’s by Vodacom. Vodacom in South Africa is well known for the humorous TV commercials, with this one being of no exception.

Most people will recognise this TV commercial from at least 10 years ago which was spread across the internet via email (most probably).
Nando’s is renowned for releasing adverts which are very controversial and generally always poke fun at some important people, or people who think they are important.
Blue Ribbon, a South African bread company, released an advert praising how cool moms can be especially when they give their kids Blue Ribbon’s delicious bread.
Homemade Recipes 1000’s Of Free Homemade Dinner Recipes 10,000 Fresh Easy & Healthy Homeade Recipes Free! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The new advert from Mankind Initiative, a charity that helps male victims of domestic abuse, is shocking – it shows bystanders taking male on female domestic violence seriously but public concern is not returned when the victim is male and the perpetrator is female.
It is totally understandable that organisations want to highlight the issue they are campaigning on, to increase their profile and encourage people to support their cause, but campaigns such as these influence important decisions that affect survivors.
With over 20 children and more than 4 wives, Fish & Chips makes for an affordable meal. In this Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, Mog sets off a chain of unfortunate events which almost ruin Christmas for the Thomas family. The easiest way to master this is to buy a Chicken Licken meal… you’ll learn very fast! Cremora use to be a very popular replacement for milk in your coffee… or, some people actually added Cremora in addition to milk.
The VW Memories advert is a sentimental story of a family and the VW’s they drove over the years.
Nope… well, they are on a mission to show South Africa how refreshingly cold Sprite is.

South Africans around the country were renting out their homes during the World Cup to accommodate foreign travellers and to make an extra few bucks. The Famous Brands franchise (Steers) has released some great television adverts in the past, with this definitely being one to add to the collection. Apparently the electric ride assist helps your muscle power which will allow you to perfect the most toughest biking routes. Steers came out with this classic advert which pokes a little fun at the South African expats around the world.
We have been told by local Women’s Aid federation organisations that they are funded locally on the basis they have to provide services to male victims, and they are rarely used despite putting time and money into promoting this. Desmond Tutu and Madiba are definitely the two South Africans with unique tones to their voice.
Mankind's video ends by showing a statistic that 40 per cent of domestic violence is suffered by men. This figure, while it does come from the Office for National Statistics, can be misleading.
Women make up 89 per cent of those who experience four or more incidents of domestic violence. You could end up at risk and it could make things worse for the victim, so please call 999.

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