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If a video is going to have 1 million+ views, you’re going to need to make it as easy as possible for 1 million people to watch it (or for one person to watch it 1 million times).
A viral video is like the three-point specialist on a basketball team, or for those of you who don’t play sports, a lawnmower.
You can spend hours and hours into making a beautiful video for an idea that you think is beyond hilarious, and it can still fall flat. Another example would be a YouTube star, who would be able to recommend your video to his massive fanbase.
Old Spice : Old spice does a fantastic job with its videos and their ads have been widely successful (in terms of views, no knowledge of their actual sales, although I am a proud Old Spice man).
As 2015 picks up momentum, we’re taking a look at the top 5 online video advertisements of 2014.
Viral videos are mysterious, wild, and above all else, unpredictable, ranging widely in content, length, audience, style, etc.
The viral video that you’re probably thinking of is the video that has 1 million+ views. Whatever the case, it’s important that the video is short, and that it has relatable content.

Viral videos are extremely good at eliciting one (MAYBE two) emotional response from its audiences. In order for a video to go viral, this step is a MUST. You need to take your beautiful, hilarious, perfectly targeted, unforgettable video, and get it promoted by a tastemaker. While it is very much true that virality ultimately comes from rampant sharing, someone needs to push the snowball down the hill to create the avalanche.
Advances in entry-level camera technology have put the ability to create videos in the hands of the masses.  What it has not given everyone are the skills necessary to effectively use video for marketing their business!
Some creators of viral videos didn’t even intend for their videos to go viral in the first place! What I mean by extremity is  the crucial factor of any viral video is the X-Factor that separates it from the masses and makes it unforgettable. A tastemaker is someone who is a public figure, either in society or a community such as Youtube, whose taste is admired and therefore whose recommendations are widely respected.
Investing in this distribution phase is arguably the most important part of this entire process. 48 hours of video are uploaded onto Youtube every minute, so it is incredibly easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Therefore if there is a video that comes along that perfectly embodies a particular emotion, we feel compelled to share it. Any shorter would just be an awkwardly long Vine (for an article on this mobile video sharing app, read here -> How and Why to Use Vine ), and any longer would have the viewer hovering his mouse above the little x in the top right corner.
How this is achieved, as I mentioned before, is not nearly as important, as long as the video elicits an emotional arousal from the viewer. However, don’t forget that a viral video should be high quality, usually professionally produced. Nothing is worse than watching a video that seems like it would be outrageously hilarious, if only you could see more than grainy images and hear more than muffled sound.

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