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Fans With Benefits is a self-managed Facebook sweepstakes application that can exponentially grow your fanbase by reaching a broader audience that was previously untapped. BOBBI just entered the "Coral Cal-Mag Giveaway" Sweepstakes on the Coral LLC Facebook page. Enjoy the ease of setting up and managing your own sweepstakes, the convenience of a self-sustaining viral marketing approach, and a comprehensive statistics analytics dashboard that provides demographicss and user trends to integrate with other aspects of your overall marketing strategy.
Once you've tested it out, upgrade to the full version for features such as unlimited daily entries, upload custom background graphics, collect additional data per sweepstakes entry, and more. Fans With Benefits is a registered trademark of Grow My Audience, owned and operated by Navitas Marketing and i76 Solutions. Make sure the product seller has a dedicated support team to handle after-sales customer service (both technical and non-technical).

Avoid one-man show operations where the product creator is also the only one doing the selling as well as providing customer service.
Make sure the software can create unlimited campaigns (instead of limited to just 1 campaign).7. Make sure the software can create unlimited reward levels to encourage more viral sharing8.
UNIQUE SubscribersUNIQUE Visitors – you specify how many unique visitors someone has to refer before a reward is unlocked. Cash, coaching, etc.Unlimited Reward LevelsThe more rewards you give away, the more viral your campaign is going to be. You can even create 100 campaigns if you want to.Just saying…Point is – you can create unlimited reward levels to encourage crazy viral sharing and promotions by your audience.

You need to know WHO you’re buying from and make sure they provide reliable and dependable support.We’re Get Profits Fast, a subsidiary of XooGuu, LLC.
We’re a real, reputable company that has been in this business since 2006 (and not some kind of hit-and-run operation). We have dedicated support staff should you need help using Premium Viral Magnet, and we’re NOT a one-man-show operation where the product owner is also the only one doing the selling and providing customer service.We invite you to check out our company page so that you know who we are and what we do.

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