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MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.
Video Marketing For DummiesSavvy advice for adding video to your marketing plan Video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity in online marketing and this fun-but-practical guide presents you with all aspects of video marketing from planning to production to distribution. Though I know that we are looking at a decade of viral marketing, a look back at the history of online marketing efforts must include Hotmail.
BMW launched a series of eight high-cost, high-production short films released on BMW’s website.
It is not difficult to see how this glossy ad by risque lingerie brand Agent Provocateur became an Internet sensation. XBox’s shocking and provocative 2002 ad raised eyebrows across Europe when it appeared on the web.
Swedish furniture magnate Ikea released this surprisingly scandalous ad to the Internet with the intent of promoting their new line of storage products. The Australian beer company, Carlton Draught, wanted to produce an ad that would grab the attention of the world. The Berlitz Language School hoped to raise its company profile by releasing a series of humorous yet simple ads to the Internet. Smirnoff wanted to play off of its preppy reputation to promote the launch of Raw Tea, a new line of alcoholic malt beverages.
Nike has become a master of viral marketing over the years, but this 2006 ad staring Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldinho has emerged as one of the greatest viral ads of all time. Philips pushed the envelop of decency with their Shave Everywhere site that promoted Bodygroom, a new product by Philips. The ad features scantily-clad women, automobile racing, shaky camera work, and a touch of intrigue.
In early 2007, Quiksilver released a video to the Internet that featured a group of kids in a non-specified European location throwing dynamite into a river and then surfing the manufactured wave. In contrast to my previous pick, the Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment was a viral sensation produced completely independent of either the Coke or Mentos brands. One of the WWE’s biggest stars, Chris Jericho, left the WWE in 2005 in dramatic fashion. In a bid to boost sales of season tickets for the club’s soccer team, Sporting Portugal set up a microsite for customers interested in purchasing tickets. The Halo game series was one of the first products to incorporate alternate reality games (ARG) into the very core of its marketing efforts. Barack Obama’s presidential win had about as much to do with social media and viral marketing skills as it did with his Harvard Law degree or stance on an array of political issues. Many people recognize that a personal online brand could be as important (possibly more so) than a company brand when looking to win a new client, get a conference speaking pitch approved or be asked for expert opinions from the media. It’s not as difficult as you might think to influence Google search results for your own name, although the task will be far more difficult for some than others. There are clearly certain types of results that professionals want to appear for a vanity search. Most blogs are likely to be hosted on either a company or personal domain and the natural links generated should help to ensure this has a strong reputation in the search engines. Quick tip: Make sure you have an author profile page which is linked to from each of your posts as this helps to build the strength and relevancy of your profile page to increase search rankings for queries on your name.
There are many advantages (and disadvantages) to consider when guest blogging, but in many cases you can reach a wider audience of readers and enhancing your online reputation by adding another valuable source of content into your listings for a Google vanity search. Quick tip: Offer to write guest posts for some of the top blogs which you admire within your industry but also make yourself available for interviews or blogger profiles. If potential clients are looking for more information about you, then a Twitter profile containing expert advice and related conversations is going to help strengthen your reputation in the eyes of the searcher. Quick tip: Interact within the community by adding value to online conversations and building a trusted profile. Quick tip: Optimize your profile by editing your details and strengthen the number of internal links to your profile page by connecting with relevant users. If someone is searching for more information about you and can find an online video presentation, this could go a long way towards enhancing your reputation to the searcher. Quick tip: Try to actively contribute in niche social media communities (such as Sphinn for the search industry), showing that you are keeping up-to-date with latest news and trends. So there you have it: follow these tips and you should be dominating a Google query for your personal in next to no time! Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Most people know about one of the great viral marketing campaigns of all time, the WillItBlend campaign. It's truthful to the brand and supports the company's brand promise: this blender blends anything. Viral campaigns aren't limited to video, although video makes for some of the most powerful examples. In Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, the viral quiz helps readers determine whether or not they could survive a catastrophe - specifically a zombie apocalypse. The Techipedia site's examples of viral content underscore many of the tips to create great viral marketing campaigns. You'll learn how to create a video strategy, produce an effective video, put it online, and get your video to the right consumers so you can help your business succeed.
In 1996, Hotmail was a particulary unique email service in that it was free, could be accessed anywhere, and would allow the user to have multiple accounts. The films were produced and directed by such acclaimed filmmakers as David Fincher and Guy Richie and starred actors such as Don Cheadle, Clive Owen, and even Madonna. At the height of her global career comeback, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue left little to the imagination in this salacious, yet effective promotional stunt.

The photo instantly made the rounds on the Internet, ultimately becoming one of the most shared photos of all time.
Marketers wanted to make sure that customers didn’t leave, ahem, personal items lying around the house, lest it fall into the wrong hands.
The branded micro site consisted of an interactive web cam that filmed a person dressed in a chicken costume who would perform certain acts the user typed into the site. Their efforts generated an international windfall of attention that has helped to place the often-controversial school as a leading second-language learning institution. The short 75-second clip generated more than 44,000 views within its first day of release, more than 1,700,000 views with the first month, and more than 12,000,000 views within the first year. The site and its accompanying video ad made light of a very, shall we say, uncomfortable topic for men to discuss. Though the ad is obviously contrived and not particularly interesting or shocking (and waaayyyy too long), it still manages to make a tax company seem mildly interesting to some – a feat unto itself.
The b-movie concept attracted instant attention throughout the web once the general plot of the film was made public.
In the brief segments, the company’s co-founder, Tom Dickson, blends an assortment of items including golf balls, marbles, and cell phones to demonstrate the strength and durability of his blenders. The videos were a viral sensation on YouTube that led many potential customers to the company’s equally entertaining website. For two years, there was rabid speculation that he would return to the ring, but when and how?
The videos (there have been 17 released since 2007) were released on their branded YouTube channel promoting their Never Hide campaign. An ARG is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform to tell a story across mulitple forms of media.
MySpace pages were created for many of the movie’s fictional characters, as well as for the fictional companies mentioned in the film. One of the first promotional stunts involved a fake website for Harvey Dent’s (one of the main characters in the film) fictional campaign for District Attorney.
The video generated considerable buzz on YouTube as it went on to rack up more than 2 million views. The more than three-minute commercial showed 19 skydivers jumping out of two planes more than 14,000 feet above the ground.
The governmental body was only targeting 150,000 people around the London area; however, their brilliant video attracted many more.
Now, an increasing number of professionals have started to recognize the benefits of developing a personal brand. Rather than having a results page full of information about your unrelated namesakes, or neutral—or even worse, negative—listings about yourself, why not try to portray yourself in a positive light?
It’s obviously great if you can control as many of the top ten listings as possible, and ideally you want this to consist of company profile pages, media mentions and so on.
It also means that users will find a useful landing page, displaying an overview of latest posts and articles. Similar to blogging, Twitter is an excellent method of building a strong online reputation within an industry. This may require a large amount of effort but it’s very easy to spot a disinterested user and building a well-connected profile can prove to be a very powerful networking tool, plus it acts as a great landing page for users visiting via the search engines. If you’ve spoken at a conference, seminar or workshop, upload your presentation to SlideShare and Scribd.
Similar to online presentations, if you have any video recordings of conference or seminar speaking events then upload the ones you find appropriate to online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.
Once you have targeted the main positive listings you want to appear in the search engines, why not try controlling even more real estate with some more neutral listings? A highly respected blogger on search and social media, Kevin also speaks frequently at leading industry events.
Viral marketing is a marketing method by which content is passed by word of mouth from one person to the other. Visiting the websites and clips of popular viral marketing examples can help you understand and incorporate the basics into your next campaign.
Those behind the campaign are demonstrating how the Blendtec blends anything, and they mean anything. Now not many will go through this, but in the off chance that zombies roam the earth, readers can get a score.
Many people write about the 2012 Mayan prophesies or the catastrophe of global warming, but not many truly believe zombies are real. After the initial cost in time and effort invested in the campaign itself, the actual sharing of the message is free for the company who originated the message. The author team has vast experience in video creation and marketing and explores ten video campaigns so you can learn from their successes and challenges. Within the first four months of release, the films attracted over 11 million views and sent BMW sells up 12% in 2001 alone. Whatever the proper description, Microsoft continues to generate buzz around the world for this pithy ad. Though the stunt was not a direct marketing ploy of the FIFA World Cup establishment, the shared photo helped to further heighten the already global prestige of the event. Users flocked to the site in droves, accumulating more than 15 million visits in the first 5 days. Within 24 hours of its release, the ad attracted more than 162,000 views, and after two weeks it had garnered over one million views.
The video eventually made it over to YouTube where it has attracted nearly 5 million views. As of today, the amateur-looking clip has generated more than 30 million views on YouTube and positioned itself as one of the most successful and acclaimed viral ads of all time. The title and eventual trailer inspired countless mock-trailers, spin-off websites, and YouTube-broadcast parodies. The game consisted of a series of websites, phone numbers, emails, videos, MP3s, murals, and other media that expanded upon the storyline woven through the album.

What is most interesting about this viral stunt is that the logo and company name both appear at the end of the ad. Both Coke and Mentos gained a considerable amount of brand awareness from the clip that has emerged as one of the most iconic viral sensations of the past decade.
Once the user did this, the screen would change to a video of the soccer team and coach apparently in the midst of a pep talk.
The channel presently has over 3,100 subscribers and three of the videos have generated over 1 million views. That initial holiday campaign went on to attract a total of 100 million unique visitors worldwide. If hundreds or even thousands of people are subscribing to read your content and expert opinions, then this is clearly something you want searchers to find when they come looking for you online.
If you can build a following of relevant users by providing valuable tweets, you’ll probably find that your profile page will be highly regarded in the search engines too. These are great sites to show a professional profile containing your career history to browsing users, letting them know straight away the company you are currently working for, if people are looking to contact or reconnect with you. This will allow people to view and download your presentations, plus it’s another chance to optimize for your name (or company name) and show that you are a highly respected speaker. The obvious ones are profile pages on sites such as Facebook (grab that vanity URL!), Flickr, Digg and StumbleUpon. The content may support the company's brand, or simply generate the coveted buzz or excitement among customers. From avocados to an iPod, they've tortured the poor blender with everything but the kitchen sink (and the kitchen sink is probably next week's video).
However, by demonstrating the strength of the blender on plastic, viewers intuitively understand that it's strong enough to chop ice cubes for their daiquiris.
Creating a list that becomes a viral marketing campaign may be as easy as brainstorming a "top ten" category related to your product. But getting customers to engage in the content and share it among friends, family and coworkers can be tough. The success of the BMW series has prompted many other car manufacturers such as Nissan to adopt a similar internet-based strategy. The popularity of the video inspired the marketers at Smirnoff to expand Raw Tea’s website to include follow-up videos and online contests in order to make the site more interactive. Everyone talked about Snakes on a Plane, but then no one went to see it.  The much-hyped film was a box office dud.
The album went on to sell nearly 200,000 copies within the first week, peaking at  #2 on the Billboard charts. It is clear that this is an ad of some sort, is connected to Quiksilver, and is probably a fake. The hype led up to Jericho’s eventual return In November 2007, an event that generated huge ratings for the USA network as well as helping Jericho himself become a cross-over celebrity outside the ring. Once the other person received the email, the poster would slowly change to reveal the image of The Joker. The British ad was a traditional television ad in Europe, but became a YouTube hit in the United States, generating over 400,000 views.
It became the 4th most popular video in the world according to the Video Viral Chart, the second most blogged about video in the world for March 2008, and has generated more than 6.7 million views on YouTube alone. The site received a considerable amount of traffic and helped the film to open at #1 at the US box office. Viral marketing is spread much in the same way viruses and germs are, passed along from user to user. The lesson here – even if a great viral campaign takes off, the product being sold must also be interesting.  Maybe Burger King should take note! However, the clip still generated a ton of buzz among the very skeptical YouTube generation. Though I could not find any data on how ticket sales fared for the 2007 season, is was documented that the microsite recieved nearly 200,000 pageviews in less than 24 hours after launching. The success of the 2007 campaign encouraged Office Max to roll out the dancing elves in 2008 where it was an even greater success.  Does anyone know what Office Depot was doing the past two holiday seasons? Though the effectiveness of this commercial has been debated, it must be noted that the Accord became the best selling vehicle in America in April 2009 for the first time in its history. The Internet makes this method of engaging customers very easy, but it also makes competition fierce. The pages have received well over a thousand Diggs, which means that over a thousand people have voluntarily shared it - and the advertising content - with their Internet world.Lists may not follow all the tips for great viral marketing campaigns exactly, but they are perhaps the easiest for most marketers to incorporate into the marketing plan, and can be just as effective as video or other media. Approximately 70 Facebook groups have been created celebrating the campaign, as well as a host of parodies and spin-offs. Since the debut of the online ads, sales of Ray-Ban Wayfarers (the style most represented in the ads) have skyrocketed.
Successful viral marketing examples will give you insights into what works and what doesn't work in the new world of viral marketing. The trick to transforming lists into viral campaigns is to ensure they contain evergreen content and appeal to a broad a swathe of the population.
Following the release of the campaign, YouGov reported that 20% more people looked favorably on the brand than before. Such elements combined with the stellar reviews of the film and breathtaking performance of the late Heath Ledger helped the film to gross more than $1 billion dollars worldwide.
Since a huge number of Americans are sleep-deprived, promising sweet dreams is a sure way to grab attention. The campaign’s viral presence helped to increase sales around the world from Britain, to South Africa, to Australia and New Zealand.

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