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With a staff of just 40 people, not all of them writers, Upworthy is earning more than 1 million pageviews per employee. Like Upworthy, Distractify tries to find positive stories to present to readers with vague headlines. The digital world is shifting from one that is page-ranked (Google) to people-ranked (Facebook), which means people-recommended content is here to stay. But there is one serious issue these sites will run into: They rely almost entirely on Facebook for traffic. Right now, Facebook is being kind to publishers, sending them more traffic than ever before. The headlines, which Upworthy's editors toil over, leave much to be desired and tug at heart strings.

The one-month-old site says it earned 21 million uniques in its first 30 days, but 90% of that traffic comes from Facebook. It launched in early October and in just three weeks, it became the Washington Post's biggest blog.A Dylan Matthews is the writer and producer of it.
They don't care how long you stay on their websites, if you type in their URLs directly, or if you even know their websites' names.
Also, content that is light on text and heavy on visuals is easier to consume on mobile devices. While you can bemoan them for their clickbait headlines, no publisher can force a reader to share content with friends.A And these sites' readers are sharing a lot. Although there's little more to the stories than something visual, like an infographic or a video, many of the posts are shared by millions of people on social media platforms.

Since it's been around for years, instead of months, it more closely resembles BuzzFeed than Upworthy*.
The minute Facebook changed its algorithms and stopped promoting their products, their traffic nosedived. This time, he feels diversity of traffic is the single-most-important metric for his startup.

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