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The recent outbreak of the Flashback trojan (Apple released an update and fix, get it!) has brought a lot of attention to potential viruses and trojans hitting the Mac platform. Disabling Java in the Safari browser is reasonably effective, but why not go a step further and disable it in Mac OS X completely? Apple regularly issues Security Updates and many third party apps do as well, therefore regularly updating both your OS X System Software and OS X apps are one of the single best preventative measures you can take to keep a Mac secure. Adobe Acrobat Reader has had multiple security breaches recently, therefore you’ll be safer without it in your web browser. Using anti-virus software on the Mac is likely overkill, but it’s worth mentioning again.
OS X automatically downloads and maintains a malware definition list which is actively used to combat potential threats and attacks. If you see a random pop-up window asking you to install random software you didn’t request, don’t install it!
Virii as the Latin plural of virus is incorrect for several reasons, the first one of which is the fact that the singular is virus, not virius. Having a NOT administrative account as everyday user account, even though Apple creates the first user with administrative rights for everyday use one should use an account without these rights.
Yes, that’s a very sensible idea, but it would not have been enough against this trojan.
Once the Trojan is in the user directory, it will propagate to the system, as soon as the administrator logs on.
The best policy is to not download ANYTHING from a site you do not know and do not allow auto-install – ever!
I think java is used a lot more than you would expect, especially by people who use their Macs at work. Yeah… Since I uninstalled (which by the way is the most robust process within it) the Sophos software, the machine hasn’t played up at all! Anyone has to worry when anti virus software companies make hundreds of millions of dollars each year out of the existence of viruses.

Since Sophos has a free anti-malware client for Mac users, that’s a good place to start with doing something preventative on your Mac(s). I run ClamXav, mainly because they have NO interest in selling you anything, I use ClicktoPlugin in Safari and I don’t run as admin.
I found that I needed Adobe Reader on my MBP (Snow Leopard) in order to fill out a PDF form from the VA. Most of what you’ll read is overblown fear mongering hype, and practically all Mac malware has come through third party utilities and applications. Apple has already released several updates to patch the Java security holes that allowed Flashback to spread (you should install those), but you can also go a step further and completely disable Java on the Mac. Many sites use Flash for video and games though, so instead of uninstalling Flash completely we’ll recommend using a Flash block plugin for your web browser. This may sound like common sense, but it’s actually how some Mac malware propagated in the past.
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It’s like wearing a seat belt while sitting at a desk chair, vaguely possible in a theoretical concept yet never needed. Perhaps you were looking for apologensia which isn’t actually a word, just something the unintelligent use to try and seem smart. We don’t sell anything, and the anti-virus app that we only half-recommended is free. I have been trying to get my grandfather from PC to Mac and he just keeps saying way to expensive.
I’ve also scanned with ClamXav and Flashback and BOTH these softwares say my iMac isn’t infected.
Had to re-enable Java in Safari and OS-wide Jave Preferences, had to check both boxes again. All email from banks and places that involve money transactions go to a dedicated email address used by that computer.

A number of users have strong belief that their system and data are completely safe just because they’re using Mac OS X.
What that means for the average user is that it’s very easy to completely prevent infections and attacks from occurring in the first place, especially when combined with some general security tips.
This causes all Flash to be disabled by default until you click to allow individual plugins and instances of the Flash plugin to run, preventing unauthorized Flash from running in a web browser completely.
I said you get what you pay for.You pay that 1,200 to 2,000 on a Mac and you turn it on and thats it. A java exploit that does absolutely nothing hits the front page news because it affected macs.
Almost all weaknesses in the Mac arise from 3rd party software, particularly Adobe products, or from social engineering. As for flash, its just a bloated POS whose premise sits back (and belongs) in the last century. If ill-willed coders have a change of heart and decide to focus more on Macs, stuff like Flashback is only the beginning, sorry to say. Every Mac user should install antivirus so that they could aware of new virus update and keep their Mac secure and yes backup is also a good idea for the safety of data. The sooner it evaporates off the face of the planet, the better, as the security holes it opens your system up to, you can drive a truck through.
He wants you to get catastrophic Trojans,virus’s,and everything else under the son.They all do!!!! Plus, based on the feedback from users, I still haven’t heard of any saying their Macs have ACTUALLY being infected. I told him next time (which will be any day now) I am not taking all day to use them ComboFixes.Thats old school shit for me!

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