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Viva Venezia is a 5 slot reel online slot with a maximum payout of 50000x using the Italian theme. Viva Venezia’s prize of $12,500 can be won if the player chooses to try this 5 reel Slot, which has 20 paylines. 200 coins constitute the maximum bet of the game, which is worth up to $50 if they are at top value, of $0.25 per coin. The scatter symbol has the role of awarding prizes, and they are more than decently sized, since five scatters will pay 200x the bet, or up to $10,000.
The final feature offered here is the free spins, 4 to 7 of them, plus 3x to 6x multipliers, all made possible by at least three Bonus symbols. Welcome to Viva Codes, a pioneering company with the policy to help companies fetch values from information technologies to their bottom-line. Viva Codes offer you wide range of services from custom websites, software development and server maintenance.

Viva Codes offers the complete design, technical and enabling infrastructure to complete your Web Application needs from start to finish.
We have the knowledge, practice and talent to create attractive, fresh, dynamic and easy to navigate web sites. We offer server maintenance and administrative support for your existing server or propose new server to accommodate your needs and budget.
Its designer, a company called Amaya, added to the game Free Spins, scatters and a wild symbol.
You will find the top prize of 50,000 coins that is awarded for a 10 coin bet per line to be most impressive, despite its relatively low value of $12,500. Viva Codes designs, develops and deploys techno social solutions combined business expertise.
We systematically examining your business need, industry and product requirements, and deliver personalized cost-competitive solution that suits you and your business.

The reels are in the middle of the two pillars, and they have a beautifully decorated purple border, with each symbol isolated from the others with black. All implementations have one goal in common and that is how company can secure their future amidst all financial instabilities by achieving a process of ongoing improvements.
A high quality services is delivered at Viva Codes that will generate new customer’s platform, help convert them to loyal clients, increase sales volume at attractive profit. If you are plan to start new business or thinking about website or wish to expand existing business, Contact Us.
You will notice the card symbols between Ten and Ace on them, with very few decorations to match the theme of the slot.

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