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You can also stream your content on your local network and there’s an advance version of this tutorial on which you can port forward your stream to custom domain on internet so that people can watch streaming content on custom domain but it is not preferable if you want to use it personally.
First of all run your VLC media player and press Ctrl+S on your keyboard, a pop up window will open like the image below. In Option setup check box against Stream all elementary streams and click Stream button and here’s you completed the setup of stream on the source, in the next steps you’ll set to play that stream on destination. Now it’s time to enjoy your stream on destination machine but you can test it on your PC with two VLC media player running, one as a source of stream and other as the destination, where you’ll watch stream. You can’t just connect to the stream from a different network such as a friends house like this,this will only work on the local network where the server is connected unless you set up port forwarding. Gradient Effect on VLC Media player could show Video as if its a sketch drawn by an Artist on Canvas. When I say it’s more than a payer then you can expect common Multimedia features in VLC.
Not just Local Files (Saved on Compute) but also online media could be played on VLC directly. Alternatively, we can do it by just using Record Option to capture live streaming of video. VLC  is a one of the most popular media player software, which is downloaded more than 1 billion times for all major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Here in these steps I’ve used two VLC player on same Windows PC, one for streaming and another for playing streaming content.

There’s one VLC player stream the movie and other play that stream on ip-address of stream source. Tegenwoordig heb je zoveel bestandstypen en spelers, VLC Media Player schept orde in deze chaos. This could be even Youtube URL to play Youtube Videos on VLC or even Dailymotion and other popular online Video libraries. Go to Tools > Codec Information and at the bottom, you will find address of file in Location box.
Imagine how many software could be trashed off from your computer which were meant to perform those small operations mentioned above. I have been using VLC since years, but i never knew some of these tricks like Inception Effect and Video Converter. All this shortcuts,tips and tricks make the usage of VLC easy and reduce the waste of the time. Remember the port for new destination, default port is 8080 but you can enter your own random port number. Hit Windows key enter CMD in search and press Enter, now enter ipconfig in command prompt and hit Enter.
Default port is 8080 but if you set your own at the streaming source setup then enter that here and click Play button and there’s your stream starts playing in VLC media player.
You can share your media content with your friends live without uploading to internet, just by giving ip-address and port to your friends.

Als je kijkt naar de concurrenten is VLC Media Player wel in staat om je bestanden af te laten spelen aangezien hij compatibel is met bijna alle mediabestandsformaten. You can stream any of your audio or video files live on internet using VLC media player without any technical skills, all options are embedded into media player user interface. Om van je multimediacollectie te genieten heb je dus niet meer meerdere programma’s voor nodig, alleen VLC Media Player is al genoeg. Ook het afspelen van High Definition (HD) films is geen probleem.Waar de meeste media players externe codecs nodig hebben opent VLC Media Player gemakkelijk alle gangbare mediabestandsformaten, zowel voor audio en video.
Of je nu een film gedownload hebt of een dvd wil laten afspelen, met VLC Media Player kan dat. Geplaatst op 6 april 2014 12:06Geef je eigen beoordeling Naam * Emailadres * ( niet zichtbaar ) Bericht *Geef een cijfer * Geef een cijfer Go to top Zoeken Recente berichten Video converteren 25 november 2013 Hoe kun je een MP4 afspelen? 10 maart 2013 VLC Media Player 9 maart 2013 YouTube video downloaden 7 maart 2013 Hoe een MP4 video 90 graden draaien?

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