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At the core of Cisco's WAN Optimization efforts is the WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) set of technologies which include both software and hardware solutions. Cisco officially launched new WAAS 5.0 software earlier this year including application visibility technology called AppNav. The WAN Optimization market is growing somewhat slowly overall, according to a recent market report from Infonetics Research. While Cisco is not exiting the WAN Optimization market, the company has changed its operations model for the staff building the technology.
Through our long-standing relationships with prominent government and military technologists, Circadence is truly leading the way in IT innovations a€“ and breaking new barriers of simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Today, we are helping reinvent the possibilities of WAN optimization, security, and business continuity.
Circadence has 18 patents issued in WAN optimization for optimization and acceleration and business critical applications. Tunnel through WAN congestion a€“ nearly 100-times faster than standard TCP in the heaviest traffic.
Enable security to be maintained from end to end a€“ independent of the application being delivered. Solve performance and data integrity problems caused by consolidating servers and storage with our "Branch Office in a Box." Enjoy secure, real-time data access for all remote users anywhere across the WAN. Address performance, manageability and data integrity issues caused by server consolidation or collaboration between remote sites.
Centrally Manage Branch OfficesManage branch offices from a single point—not multiple servers—in the context of your existing Windows infrastructure without breaking Microsoft security. Eliminate Data Integrity RiskEnsure data integrity and availability thanks to iShared's safe and scalable centralized storage cache. PacketShaper is the ultimate scalable platform for optimized WAN application performance—the only all-in-one solution for extending monitoring, shaping, acceleration and compression as well as centralized reporting and management across the distributed enterprise. Consolidating servers from remote sites to centralized data centers makes sense, yet the additional traffic loads require accurate classification, monitoring and shaping before any benefits can be realized. MPLS and IP VPNs are useful for connecting distributed locations, but benefits can’t be realized if applications are oversubscribed, traffic stalls in bottlenecks and critical applications are improperly assigned to best-effort classes.

Internal threats from worm infections, unsanctioned recreational traffic and rogue servers can severely impact network capacity and bring down critical applications.
When TCP protocol design limitations, high latency and lost packets threaten application connection speed, Bandwidth Accelerator ramps flow, fully utilizes links and keeps data moving along. The Accelerator increases the amount of data carried over the link, accelerates Web applications and speeds large file transfer response times. TCP AccelerationEnjoy faster database connectivity, Web and remote-access applications while maintaining full TCP reliability and end-to-end flow control. Data Center Replication AccelerationBandwidth Accelerator technology overcomes latency effect on TCP over high-bandwidth links by using bandwidth much more efficiently and improving replication performance over high capacity data center-to-data center links.
To deliver applications to users with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost, IT must address six key points of presence between applications and users.
Deliver Web Apps with Citrix NetScaler — Optimize all web applications with an integrated networking solution that accelerates performance, improves security, and substantially reduces load on servers. Deliver Windows Apps with Citrix Presentation Server — Save millions in management costs and eliminate data security risks by installing all Windows applications in the datacenter and virtualizing or streaming them to end users over the network.
Deliver Desktops with Citrix Desktop Server — Reduce the cost, management and security risk of desktop computing by delivering desktops virtually from the datacenter in a way that actually improves the end user experience.
Enable Secure Applications Access with Citrix Access Gateway — Provide a secure single point of access to all applications that automatically customizes access policies based on user scenarios. Accelerate Apps to Branch Users with Citrix WANScaler — Instantly improve the performance of applications delivered over the wide area network while reducing bandwidth by up to 75%. Monitor End User Experience with Citrix EdgeSight — Ensure applications are meeting business metrics at all times by monitoring performance from the user’s perspective. The migration toward web-enabled applications is driving the development and adoption of a new class of devices that go far beyond Layer 4 through 7 load balancers, SSL terminators, caches and other data center point products in capability and performance. That's the official word from Cisco, in response to industry speculation that the networking giant was planning on exiting the business. Infonetics reported that WAN Optimization revenues for the market in the second quarter of 2012 were flat year-over-year.
Our full line of products and technologies delivers maximum performance and tremendous ease-of-implementation, enabling a greater level of agility with faster, smarter, and more secure innovation solutions.

Thousands of Circadence customers in global businesses, government agencies, and small to medium-sized companies rely on our optimization technology to get their data quickly and securely from point to point, every day. An additional eight patents are pending, with numerous other patent applications currently being drafted to cover product enhancements.
Leverage native CIFS and TCP acceleration to overcome poor performance caused by latency and distance as well as protocol design issues. Single-instance storage caching locks between saves, avoids data "mirroring" at data center and takes advantage of a file-aware distributed file system to synchronize data without any exposure. Successful deployment hinges on guaranteed bandwidth and QoS, as well as fitting more calls onto a limited WAN resource. PacketShaper makes good on the MPLS promise, assessing performance and identifying and marking application traffic with special handling needs so traffic can move smoothly to the enterprise edge. PacketShaper helps identify infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protect performance of key applications and the network during attack—all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, increased WAN capacity and accelerated application performance. Replication sessions complete up to 100 times faster and are not subject to the stalls and session drops associated with packet loss.
By Infonetics' measure, Riverbed leads the market by revenue with Cisco trailing in the number two spot. Lasser-Raab noted that WAAS software has been integrated with Cisco's ISR (Integrated Services Router) and CSR (Cloud Services Router) for months. In fact, independent tests prove that our proprietary optimization protocol is nearly 100-times faster than standard TCP in the heaviest of traffic.
Get more done in less time, with fewer performance-related complaints and a higher Quality of Service (QoS) for all networked users. PacketShaper effectively manages critical IPT protocols, delivering WAN capacity and true QoS functionality to ensure the highest quality end-to-end communication for each call.
Accelerate all TCP-based applications—including Web access, FTP file transfers, ERP and e-mail.

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