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To minimize risk, protect your budget and ensure your custom software application delivers real-world value, we provide a transparent process that involves keeping you informed and engaged at each step of the development process. From requirements gathering, product development, and project management to testing and quality assurance, our qualified engineers and project staff ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of your custom application. Contact us about your software development requirements today.
Increase business flexibility and ingenuity with a new, fully supported custom application that is purpose-built to match your exact business and operational requirements. From our beginning, the Acurax Web Development team has been developed website applications for clients and for our own purposes.
Our web application development includes working on components, modules and plugins for open source software like WordPress. Through the experiences gained working on a diverse range of projects for clients and ourselves, we have expertise developing standards-based websites and web applications using Javascript, XML, PHP, and MYSQL. With our extensive experience in web-based software development and deep understanding of human performance technologies, Acurax is the preferred provider of visually engaging, on-time and cost-effective web application solutions. No software is perfect and your needs will change over time, so we provide excellent support and update services as well. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a corporate business, we have the right team to develop the right solution for your needs.
We undertake to provide a comprehensive range of web services including designing, creating and maintenance of web pages and websites.
In the present market scenario, a company needs to have an effective website that would literally be proclaiming all that it intends to convey to the clients and others. With the popularity of business through smart-phones, mobile website designing has caught the imagination of people worldwide.
An attractive and eye-catching e-brochure is considered to be a perfect solution to e-commerce in the present business scenario. Java is an object oriented programming language developed to produce computer applications. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a virtual way of optimizing your website into the Eyes of Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.
One of our areas of activity is to redesign websites that are not attractive enough or in situations where the contents are outdated.

Take advantage of our expertise in building applications for web, desktop, mobile and enterprise platforms. We serve businesses across Bangladesh and globally helping them excel in their digital efforts through creating valuable online experiences.
Acurax has an extensive background providing self-functioning custom-programmed websites and we are always focused on product-based web development. The focus is to create and maintain quality websites that matches with international standards.
Any compromise on designing of such websites will adversely reflect on the company’s professional image. It has therefore to be comprehensive giving an overview of what the business concern stands for, while at the same time indicating briefly the sphere of activities. Our technicians and site authors have attained adequate expertise in designing websites for quality mobile experience without having to change a line of code.
In fact, this open source web framework has been a source of joy for the programmers for its sheer quality of sustainable productivity, where they can write beautiful code by favouring convention over configuration. A perfectly designed e-brochure disseminates the message of an organization to the targeted group very effectively. Due to its high security over classes and objects, Java is now widely used in developing web application using Apache Tomcat with easy deploying of war files. This is very essential for organic traffic based on specified title, description and keywords.
There may also be instances when the Website owner believes that all the requisite requirements for the Website are not fulfilled. Although, you still have to pay in either USD (For Outside India Customers) or INR (For Indian Customers). This is where custom software development can offer unique functionality that drives business success; provides a competitive edge or delivers organisational-wide cost savings. The project files are all well-documented so any programmer can easily understand and follow our programming structure.
Our web development task does not end with creation and hosting of web-pages and web sites alone, but takes into account our client’s security concern as well by keeping the web-server secured and safe from unauthorized intrusions.

We have the requisite skills to put up your business online in eye-catching graphics and attractive terminology for greater acceptability. We therefore undertake to design Corporate Website keeping in mind the products and services offered by the company as also other related areas of interest, which might be of relevance to those who are associated with the Company. Our endeavors will be to design your Logo as an all-encompassing indicator of your business profile in striking manner.
Our Mobile Website Designing aims at specific needs of the mobile users while browsing through the webpage.
The toolkit, DevKit, facilitates building and using native C or C++ extensions like RDiscount and RedCloth for Ruby on Windows. We at HostChef not only do E-Brochure designing for our clients but also provide requisite supports and offer alternative ideas for putting up the products and services to the online buyers. PHP code can be simply mixed with HTML code and processed by PHP interpreter present at server. In all such cases, we undertake to rebuild or redesign the relevant websites by bringing in appropriate elements and giving a new lease of life to the site. Our expertise in developing E-Commerce Website would not only captivate you but would also give you a surprisingly easy way of selling your products and services online. Our Corporate Website Designing team has the right acumen and skills to highlight all that the company stands for. Our Designers are experts in creating Professional Logo designs that will match your taste in both brevity and depth. The focus is therefore in creating sites that are easy to browse and powerful enough to give uninterrupted access to the contents.

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