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Our Sandy Bridge-based system sees little difference between browsers, but we would expect to see performance variance minimized given this platform's more potent processor.
While its great to have an alternative to flash, without support for the latest browsers (IE9, FF4, and most importantly for me Chrome) its not going to spread very far. And while I am complaining, cause normally I love the site, it's very annoying that comments I leave on the UK site don't appear on the US site, and visa versa.
Yo dawg, we put a plugin in yo plugin so now you can watch Flash videos through DivX, through the Flash Player container. Someone needs to write an open source flash alternaive that simply plays back all flash content, but is portable to any device. Step 1: Download and Install the Latest Android Flash PluginJust because the plugin is gone from the Play Store doesn't mean it's not on Adobe's own website. Step 2: Download and Install FirefoxFlash support was removed from Chrome and the stock browser on Jelly Bean, so they won't work with the plugin. Since Amazon won't release a Prime streaming app for android (except on their own kindle fire tablets), I've felt like my nexus 7 wasn't quite the iPad killer I was hoping for.
I picked Firefox because it's a well-known browser, but yes, that (and any other browser that supports plugins) will work too. Thankyou for this, I can now play games on my Nexus 7 through facebook, just can't play them in full screen mode.

Sorry stpd question :Dso basically if I want to watch video by using Nexus 7 I have to watch it by using Firefox not Google Chrome?!?! Adobe Flash Player est encore l'extension majoritaire pour afficher des vidéos sur Internet.
Avant l'installation, il est toujours proposé d'installer un programme ou une barre d'outils. Flash Player est indispensable pour afficher des animations et vidéos dans le navigateur Internet.
There’s an ActiveX version written specifically for IE8 and another one for every other browser.
In fact, the difference between Internet Explorer and Firefox is much greater than what we've see with Adobe Flash Player. On older systems without hardware-accelerated decoding, like the first-gen Centrino, the difference between two software configurations can even manifest itself in crashes. Can understand when a site is in a completely different language but Brits and Yanks can talk to each other yer know.
Unknown to many, Adobe still keeps the Android Flash plugin updated every once in a while—it's just hidden away on their website.Lucky for you, Adobe has an archive of all past versions. Now with this, I can watch all those free Amazon Prime movies on my Nexus 7, and they run very well at full screen HD!

Unfortunately for me, when I tried this, it did not work with Firefox or other browsers such as xScope or Boat. For example, on our Atom-based netbook, we found it difficult to properly load DivX with Firefox. Even the graph which is supposed to show how much better this software is for playing flash shows that CPU utilisation is the same if not worse than without. IE8 YouTube video plays ok for 5-10 seconds without audio and then locks up while buffering.
The article did also not mention that most have binned this version of divx player and gone back to older versions due to the amount of crashes the software causes in browsers.
NO WAY!Today, I'll show you how to manually install the latest Adobe Flash plugin for Android Jellly Bean on your Google Nexus 7 tablet and get streaming video sites to work again! You'll be able to play video straight from the YouTube desktop site, and any other Flash-based video sties, just like on your computer and enjoy the FULL WEB EXPERIENCE!Let's begin.
If you'd prefer it be disabled across the board (ex: to save battery), do the same, but tap "Disabled".

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