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Swoon Videography is an independent video production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We go the extra distance to ensure your final web video or TVC is of the highest standard and we still won’t be beaten on price! Take advantage of low cost advertising spots offered by broadcasters in the most competitive environment ever.
Video on your web site can dramatically improve search engine rankings, help first time clients better evaluate products and services online resulting in fewer returns, build brand recognition, customer trust, and so much more. Videos are perfect for in house staff training and personalised blanket communication, breaking down hierarchy barriers to increase moral and productivity. What are the benefits a professionally produced video can deliver for your website or online business? It’s Emotional - In an environment where scams are so prevalent honest businesses must be forthright in assuring their clients, video can convey emotion and build credibility in the minds of customers for you business.
It’s Visual - Convey information about you business quickly and with sincerity, text and images cannot compete with the visual nature of video.

It’s Sticky - The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and ad revenues.
Recent studies have shown that 77% of internet users view online video, the average of those watching approximately 6 hours each. Web marketing has become an essential part of any business promotional strategy, regardless of the size or nature of the business. A new customer viewing your site for the first time could get all the information needed to make an informed purchase by merely watching the video on the home page of your web site. Viral videos uploaded to youtube and shared through social media sites offer the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in advertising value for only the cost of the video production itself. We are focused on providing advertising agencies, PR companies and business marketing managers affordable options for both on-air and online video promotions.
We can offer you incredible value for money on TV advert production while retaining the high end look of a TV commercial viewers are accustom to. Trade show stands with well made videos attract more attention and can dramatically increase visitors and enquiries.
With proper SEO, videos can drive traffic that might otherwise be directed elsewhere to your website instead.

This growing awareness, acceptance and perhaps even an expectation of online video content by viewers makes video even more important to a company’s marketing now more than ever.
Bringing together the incredible cinematic quality of large format video camera technology and the latest post production techniques to create stunningly creative video work to showcase your company in the best possible light. The way people view your site is constantly evolving and the importance of keeping up-to-date with its look and usability cannot be underestimated. Web sites are the new “shop window”, even for businesses that traditionally would never have had one.
Video can help build a relationship between you and your client helping break down any concerns a new customer may have about purchasing your product or service.

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