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In letzter Zeit bin ich immer wieder gefragt worden: Welche Webinar Software empfiehlst du eigentlich? Ganz ehrlich – ich habe jetzt so ziemlich Alles ausprobiert von kostenlos (Google Hangouts) bis teuer (GotoWebinar), aber welche ich aus vollem Herzen empfehlen soll, weiss ich immer noch nicht! Erstmal denke ich nicht, dass es eine perfekte Webinar Software gibt, die jeden gleichermassen glucklich macht. Daher habe ich einfach mal ein paar kurze Videos gemacht, in denen ich die einzelnen Softwares, die ich bisher benutzt habe, vorstelle, mit Preisen und mit Vor- und Nachteilen. So, ich hoffe, das war interessant fur dich und hat dir bei der Wahl deiner Webinar Software bzw.
Ich habe bisher immer Webinarjam verwendet und hatte personlich noch nie Probleme damit (ausser ein Mal, wenn ich so recht bedenke – aber das war damals mein Fehler!), habe aber von anderen mitbekommen, dass es nicht immer so rund lauft, eben wegen der Hangout Technologie.
Auf Edudip kann man halt seine Webinare auch anbieten…gratis oder fur einen kleinen Betrag. Daher wurde mich interessieren, wie es mit den anderen Plattformen ist – unterstutzen die Tablet Benutzer, besonders iPad.
Wir verwenden Cookies auf unserer Website, um Ihren Besuch effizienter zu machen und Ihnen mehr Benutzerfreundlichkeit bieten zu konnen. My wife is planning a family trip with her sisters and parents, back to Poland where they grew up (her family immigrated to America when she was twelve years old). 4 years ago by Joe Martinico Comments Off on How Can Best Buy Thrive in The New Digital World? I looked forward to reading this book because it was written by Phil Fernandez, who is the President of Marketo. In a recent survey of fathers who own businesses, sixty percent of them stated that they have worked on Father’s Day.
Tyler Garns, former Director of Marketing at Infusionsoft, is in the process of posting a series of videos to introduce his new consulting practice. Lead scoring is crucial step in demand generation and can greatly improve the number and quality of leads that marketing passes on to sales. I’m doing a review of my transition from no real marketing automation to the use of Prophet by Avidian Software. Disclaimers: I recently interviewed the CEO of Avidian and they were kind enough to donate one license to me for my review.
Slate Magazine writer Farhad Manjoo offered one of the best systems I’ve ever seen to create secure passwords for your online accounts.
In the course of running a blog or owning a business, there is probably going to come a time when putting on a webinar is necessary.
To be clear, in case anyone is unfamiliar with the term webinar, they are nothing more than an online conference or meeting–in whatever flavor you may choose. While not your standard premium webinar platform, it comes with a remarkable number of features for collaborative meetings, presentations, workshops, etc. Skype is one of the world’s most popular calling and video conferencing apps already. Most of you are familiar with Adobe’s Creative Suite of products, but through their product Adobe Connect they also empower organizations to put on impressive webinars and events. ReadyTalk has a suite of products for everything from web conferencing, to audio conferencing, video conferencing, mobile conferencing, webinars and events, recordings and archiving. OnStream Media has a number of cloud based solutions for media hosting, webcasting, and webinars.
Brainshark is a web conferencing service aimed at helping companies train their sales staffs more effectively through onboarding training, sales enablement, and marketing & content. And finally, flexibility is an issue for many of these programs because of the nature of the problem they’re trying to solve. You may have noticed that at the top of this post I mentioned a handful of reasons someone might want to put on a webinar–which means many of these programs are designed for specific niches or are trying to be too many things at once.
For those of us who are actively doing webinars right now or have plans to do them in the future, some of us will have to choose a platform based solely on features. This is because when it comes right down to it, we have to make money via our efforts and whether that means charging for attendee spots, selling products during a webinar, or improving the sales of our business through effective training–we may not get the perfect package.

Personally, as a content producer and storytelling consultant, I use Google+ Hangouts for all of my webinar needs. I also hope to optimize my consulting sales process and workflow by using booking plugins on my website to book specific Hangout times throughout my week. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts and experiences with the community in the comments below.
As Charles mentioned, MeetingBurner was my next choice if I had to pay more but there are things about it that I don’t like either. As this article concludes… the choices are plentiful, frustrating and sometimes confusing. You forgot Webinarjam, which has awesome features if you are a marketer and is billed annually an much more affordable than for example gotowebinar. I concur, my research has been long and deep and the best solution all round is WebinajJam hands down + googlehangouts on Air using the Xsplit encoder will allow sharing of desktop & video switching. Join.me does allow you to record, but we have so many issues with people getting on and the audio that we will not be using it any more. I have no experience with using other webinar software, so would be interested to see people’s thoughts on EW. ClickWebinar’s price is right as we do multiple online classes and trainings throughout the year and need a reliable set up as we charge for these classes. Stay away from self hosted solutions: they WILL crash your server if you invite a certain number of people. I just did a review of webinar software on my blog, and was researching another service provider in response to a comment left, when I found this article. In other words, there are companies wanting to use webinars to connect with an existing list of people (whether employees or current clients), and those wanting to use webinars to market to new contacts. Those of us in the marketing stream are better served by options like WebinarJam, Easy Webinar, etc. So main thing, choose your intention, then you can rule out a lot of options and test the final handful. Skype and ooVoo used to be good intermittently but now both seem to be faltering – even if I use video only and dial in separately. Hi, does anyone know of a webinar tool that allows video conferencing along with call-in options, so that while some members are joining the conference via their laptop, someone on the go could call in from their cellphone and listen in or even participate? 2nd best would be GoToWebinar in my opinion but i totally agree that there are no Really great solutions out there at the moment. As a result of your great work, we’ve discovered Webinars OnAir and despite not yet a Google+ user, my client has decided this is the route for her. Da ich keinen Flash Player installiert habe und mit dem iPad unterwegs bin, war es nicht moglich am Webinar teil zu nehmen. I’ve followed their teachings for years and recently attended their consulting accelerator seminar which was held in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. These first movers are usually rewarded with high margins, bigger-spending customers, and low competition… for a while. It is almost certain that with more insight, you could have made a better, more informed decision.
This could be for any number of reasons: teaching a course, training employees, running a workshop, conducting an online panel discussion, hosting distributed events, or any other reason you might be able to think of.
Some are better for certain use cases than others, but the list as a whole is not in any sort of ranking order; such as best to worst or anything like that. About the only thing it doesn’t do (yet) is allow you to charge your audience to hangout or sell within a hangout.
As I mentioned above, you cannot sell a webinar on Google+ Hangouts or products within a hangout. Their specific webinar product is enterprise grade, meaning it’s meant to scale dramatically.
ClickWebinar aims to be a high end (but at a low(er) price) solution for anyone needing to collaborate remotely for events and webinars. They have specific services and resources for K-12, Higher Education, Government, and Business. That way I can spend less time emailing back and forth with prospects and essentially just show up for paid time where we can all be most productive.

I know a lot of people who do something similar, but still more where this sort of small solution just doesn’t meet all of their needs.
It is a good place to start as you can have a webinar with up to 10 participants for free and it is a great way to get some experience in doing webinars. Might not be WebEx but the main concept is that they saw shortcomings and thought they could make a better product. It’s crazy powerful and flexible, and rock solid even if you push 1,000+ people into your webinars. I have used Blackboard Collaborate, it is an application with and easy interface for teachers and students and you can recording sessions,create groups, create private sessions with a key for participant and the application send the automatic notifications about sessions to students, upload your Power Point presentations, share your desktop computer for demostrations to students, etc. We use it with our non-profit and it is our biggest expense.Their lowest tier is designed for multiple meeting managers and is a bit under $5000 per year. Runclick is one of the smartest to using Google Hangle API to carry out webinar using WorPress and it sure compatible with Divi theme-like-framework.
WebEX maybe one of the industry standards, but it wasn’t as user-friendly or as versatile as Adobe Connect which we used for many years.
It looks and works a lot like Adobe Connect with multiple layouts, though lacks the persistent rooms. It has limitations and it does not offer the perect user experience but it worked great for me and my company for the last four years, doing weekly meetings for little teams of less than 15 and bigger ones of 80.
It crashed under just 50 users (more than 500 had registered and I typically get 200-300 live). All those cheap, one-time payment providers that you install on your server are fine if you invite only a firstful of people into your webinar sessions, but there’s no way you can truly grow big with them. I’m going to take a look at WebinarIgnite and Runclick, based on the comments on this article.
One of my clients was getting a headache researching the best webinar software for her requirements and, before landing on this post, I was too. Nachdem ich mir alle Plattformen noch einmal zu Gemute gefuhrt habe, sind meine Favoriten derzeit ClickMeeting und Edudip. Mac McConnell over at BlueBird Strategies came into the Software Advice offices to host a whiteboard session on lead scoring. That said, I have a brief note below that is also worth checking out in light of all the reviews I read while researching this post.
This platform allows you to do that and more while maintaining the ease of use that made Hangouts popular in the first place. His work exists at the intersection of cosmology, anthropology, psychology, comparative mythology, storytelling and WordPress. It is a product 100% for universities, colleges, etc and I think that it is expensive for personal use. If you are looking into a near in the future purchase, wait a bit until they get some resources out there for you to understand what the new version will have in the way of features or to get a head start on training.
When 100 people enteres the webinar at the same time, the memory usage will peeak at 1.6 GB of memory, and even if your server is configured with a high PHP memory it will propably not be enough.
If neither of those work for me, I guess I’m resigned to using either WebinarJam or Webinars on Air, both of which make me reliant on Google free technology (which is certainly a vulnerability, given they have no incentive to keep their tech in synch with that of these add-on vendors), but gets me the marketing features I need.
The pricing when I signed up was actually MUCH less than it is now so its hard to give up when my annual subscription is the same as a one month subscription on the big boy platforms. Be aware that there is a required training fee that runs close to $1000 for the first year of use.
Plus ClickWebinar allows you to brand the layout without an extra fee where Adobe you had to pay through the nose for that feature. Uses Skype, phone in and chat box on your computer so people can participate or listen (and the host decides who and how that works), it records and leaves the replay up for a month.

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