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I’ve already written dozens of website builders reviews comparing the most powerful platforms on the web, and given many tips on how to select the one that will work best for your particular case. In this post I’m going to discuss the most common mistakes web designers make when resolving their creative tasks. One of the most common problems of poorly designed websites is the lack of cooperation between designers, developers and marketologists. If you can confidently answer the following three questions when you land at a new website, this website is worth your attention.
Get a professional consultation from a SEO assistant and a marketologist in order to create a SEO-friendly web design from the start (rather than redesigning every page from scratch when the design appears to be unfriendly). Educate yourself on the freshest trends in web design: subscribe to the popular online resources, keep in touch with other designers, etc.
Meeting your customers’ expectations (‘About Us’ section must contain information about the company, while ‘Contacts’ must furnish the most accurate contact data, etc.).
Implementing some of the freshest tendencies: huge background pictures, infinite scrolling, fixed header pane and alike. It’s important to realize that web design isn’t a separate stage of creating a website, it’s an integral part of the dynamic process that requires understanding the basics of marketing and optimization. For much of its history, marketing has focused on bombarding customers with advertisements and promotional messages designed to sway them into buying products and services. Furthermore, the emergence of the Internet, mobile communications technologies and social media has given marketers an easy and affordable means of spreading their marketing messages on a much wider and more intrusive basis. However, marketers are finding today’s consumers to be increasingly indifferent, if not outright hostile, to interruption-based marketing and quicker to express their dissatisfaction. Using the very same technologies and channels used by marketers to disseminate their marketing messages, individual consumers can now reach a worldwide audience through blogs, Tweets, videos, e-mail and SMS.
Because of consumers’ aversion to intrusive marketing practices and their penchant for expressing their dissatisfaction via social media, companies are becoming more aware that marketing to customers has become a privilege that requires them to first seek the permission of the customers.
The terms for granting permission, such as the use of customer information, the frequency of communication and the type of content they will receive, must also be made very clear to the customer. Another crucial point to remember is that once a customer grants permission, he must be given the means of withdrawing that permission at any given time. Playing the interruption-marketing game is a crapshoot that involves spending a lot of advertising dollars in an effort to catch even a few seconds of the customer’s attention in a world where he is inundated by thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis. Permission-based marketing involves gaining the customers’ interest first by offering something of value, and then asking their permission to continue delivering that value in a personalized and relevant manner.
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Trade Ideas, LLC specializes in consulting and design services for all your marketing needs. Now, when you’ve decided on the platform (I hope you did if not – go to the Best Website Builders Reviews section) it’s time to speak about the actual process of website building that starts with web design. Unfortunately, these mistakes are common both among the experienced designers, and beginners. As a rule, the situation is as follows: web designers strive to express their uniqueness sacrificing UX and SEO, while web developers lack the gene of creativity to transform the website’s functionality into an attractive web presence. It depends on the current condition of your website and the ultimate goal of your undertaking.
This focus has become even stronger in an increasingly competitive marketing environment where many marketers believe that the key to success finding ever more effective ways of grabbing customers’ attention, even to the point of intruding upon their privacy and personal time. This is particularly true in the burgeoning field of online marketing, where Internet users are constantly bombarded with floating pop-up banners, e-mail and SMS spam, marketing content disguised as legitimate blogs or reviews, and other annoyances. This is because consumers are more sophisticated and discerning than before and more likely to feel insulted and turned off by intrusive, unsolicited, one-way marketing messages. Not only can consumer-generated content spread virally and reach an audience of millions in a matter of a few days, they also tend to carry a lot more weight with fellow consumers than the paid advertisements of companies. This permission is critical if customers are to pay attention to what you, the marketer, have to say. You do not need the customer’s permission when you provide free content in your website, such as articles, blogs, videos, webinars, white papers, infographics and others, since you are hosting that content yourself or having it hosted in a sharing site. This means promising and delivering value to the customer without demanding anything in return. As much as possible, the permission must be explicit in order to avoid any misunderstanding with the customer. Once you have gotten your customers’ permission to market to them, it is important that you do not violate their trust by breaking the terms.
This can be done through opt-out and unsubscribe mechanisms that allow customers to request their de-listing from customer lists and subscription lists.
Today’s customers have become more adept at tuning out unsolicited advertising, so there is no guarantee of success even if you do manage to intrude upon them. It is an acknowledgement that it is the customer’s privilege whether or not to pay attention to your marketing message and that you respect them enough to seek their permission first. We have been successfully marketing websites of  local and online businesses for over 10 years.
I am well versed with Open source CMS and portal frameworks like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress.
He is a leading authority in helping business owners apply simple web strategies that attract more qualified leads, and higher paying clients! We focus on graphic design, website design and development, advertising, corporate branding, online marketing and trade show event planning. I hope that this post will give you some insights on how to make your pieces of work more responsive, user- and SEO- friendly.

They are also more cynical about perceived attempts by marketers to blatantly manipulate their emotions and intellect and quicker to express and share their disgust and dismay with other consumers. Thus, a single negative feedback from a consumer now has the power to inflict massive damage to a company’s reputation and bottom-line.
This can be the hardest thing to do, especially for marketers who are focused on generating the maximum amount of sales in the shortest possible time.
It is common for customers to fail to realize that an action meant giving their implicit permission to receive marketing content from a company, in which case they would consider it as spam. If customers give you their email address to subscribe to your newsletter, you may not use it for any other purpose and you should only send them the newsletter and nothing else.
At worse, your aggressive tactics will earn their ire and hostility enough to be flogged online or in social media. By giving their permission, customers are in effect telling you that they will pay attention to what you have to say, and that is the most valuable thing for any marketer. Our seasoned professionals provide you with the strategic planning and creative ideas you need to stand out among the competition. We really get to know your company and approach each project with expert strategies and fresh ideas. The solution is the cooperation and understanding the basic principles of marketing, search engine optimization and usability. Go to the most powerful websites and check out their layouts – they’re clear, neat and uncluttered. However, when you want to go beyond your website and use email, text messages or social media to send your content to customers, then it is crucial to get their permission first. It is entirely possible for a company to keep creating new and free content without generating the expected sales.
If you want to send them other content aside from the newsletter, then you would need to seek additional permission to do so, such as including a link to your newsletter that they can choose to click on. When a customer opts out or un-subscribes, the company must promptly honor that request or else face legal penalties and earn the ire of the customer.
As the author, you will usually get a byline that includes your name, bio, and a link to your website.
By offering a unique team approach, we bring fresh ideas that are sure to maximize your revenue potential. However, permission-based marketing does make the assumption that when customers derive true value from your offering, then they are more likely to reciprocate your efforts by paying attention to your message. You get instant credibility, exposure, and a little help with your search engine ranking too.

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