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The more you understand the WordPress platform, the easier it is to use WordPress to build the website you desire. Over the last month, I have spoke about where you can find WordPress help when you need it.
In today’s article, I would like to share with you some good WordPress related blogs and websites that publish useful WordPress tutorials.
In addition to offering great courses and books, Tuts Plus has a great WordPress tutorial section that is updated every few days.
I recommend Tuts Plus to anyone who wants to know more about developing WordPress themes and plugins. If you have ever searched for a WordPress related problem, you will have come across an article by WP Beginner. Their tutorials mostly function on practical solutions such as disabling the admin bar, configuring a particular plugin, or making your website more secure. Pippin Williamson is well known for creating top plugins such as Better Recent Posts Pro and Easy Digital Downloads. Each tutorial contains a detailed breakdown of how something works and how you can integrate the code into your website. Intermedia and advanced WordPress tutorials are featured on the website; however tutorials are only published every month or two. I was initially hesitant to include Justin Tadlock’s blog in this list as he has not published a tutorial for several months. I am a print designer who has been trying to learn WordPress for over a year and never could find a tutorial site which really suited me. A worthy mention (IMO) is Tyler Moore, (YouTube channel) although not as dressed up as the above, he is who inspired me to have a go. Thanks Kevin, while these are your best tutorial sites, only few of them ranked Google first 10 when searching for WordPress tweak.
Just a correction – we post to the WPMU DEV Blog everyday, including weekends (when we post Weekend WordPress Projects!). Once again a very useful directory of where to find further information, but what of those that need a simple resource on how to add posts and pages, given that most of us reading your article are developers we are providing services to clients who we do not want to be messing with the templates or plugins we need somewhere for them to learn how to add a page, add a post and add an image, simple stuff?? Hi Kevin Muldoon in my opinion wp beginner is really important website for word press beginners .

Thank you not only for the blog post but thanks to those who recommended other WordPress Tutorial sites in their comments. It is a great time saver to be able to recommend preexisting tutorials to clients and those I mentor. When some of my clients want to learn how to do x in WordPress I point them to sites that you mentioned in this article. But when they really want to learn WordPress from scratch then the advice is to learn basic HTML, CSS and Php at Codeacademy. Nice wp tutorial websites, i love WpMu dev and WP Beginner it one of the best for amount all. The site and its information will be a valuable resource for all bodybuilding novices and seasoned professionals Along with articles on bodybuilding and exercise, the site features a convenient newsletter that allows users to stay abreast on all the latest fitness trends and developments. Tutorial websites will help you tackle common WordPress problems and improve your overall knowledge of the WordPress platform. The quality of articles are very high, with most tutorials being split into several sections due to their length. Tutorials tend to be geared more towards beginner and intermedia users, though they feature advanced tutorials from time to time. The difficulty level of tutorials is usually beginner or intermediate, however technical subjects are covered from time to time.
They have released many great free WordPress themes over the years, such as Spectacular and Frank. A lot of their videos focus on how to customize their own products, however there are also great tutorials on customizing WordPress and styling a website using CSS. However, he has a large archive of tutorials that plugin and theme developers will find useful. He has years of experience with WordPress, and is a professional blogger with a special interest in social media, internet marketing and web design.
WordPress tutorials as well as an extensive collection of almost every other programming paradigm. After all we dont all need to write our own version the web is suposed to be about linking to useful information. As whenever I would google about any wordpress related problems, it is the site that is shown.

With any fitness regimen, however, it does require commitment on all levels to procure timely and lasting results. A new UK based website recently launched promoting valuable insight and tips for bodybuilding beginners. From the shocking effects of taking Whey protein to the Top 10 bodybuilders in the world today, there is loads of information available to help beginners meet their bodybuilding and workout goals. He also continues to update his blog every month, therefore there is a chance he may publish more articles in the future.
I personally like WPMU because the topics covered are just about right for my level of comfort with WordPress. Pedaling as fast as I can to learn WordPress – however tutorials are vital – the more resources the better!
WPBeginner, WPMU, SmashMag, iThemes … all are making internet an easier and better place.
Visitors and members will also enjoy in-depth documentaries on the bodybuilding scene, along with the best recommendations for protein supplements and health related issues. For beginners, learning the right steps to a healthier and leaner body is simply paramount. The site is very user-friendly, and features vital tips and suggestions on muscle building, nutritional guidance, supplement use, and especially workout and fitness regimens.
Whether bodybuilding for health reasons or simply to get back in shape, this uniquely tailored site is guaranteed to truly achieve desired results. With this new and revolutionary online bodybuilding site, beginners have all the tools and resources to help them build lean muscle or gain mass. From eating right to selecting the best workouts for strength and endurance, it's never been easier to tap into the growing and popular trend of bodybuilding.

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