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A PPC (Pay per Click) campaign can drive great benefits for your online business but only if run in an appropriate and legitimate manner.
We shall discuss here some common mistakes that are most often committed by the online marketers during a PPC campaign which can lead to serious business losses. It is important for marketers to remain moderate with their PPC campaign both in terms of target the required audience and allocation of budget for the PPC campaign.
As an award winning digital marketing agency with offices spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Chicago and London, Kipzer helps you stay on top of the competition.
NeT4gains is an offshore web design, web development and search engine marketing company providing valuable outsourcing services to its worldwide clients. NeT4gains is a Web Design Company, Web Development Company, SEO Company in Chandigarh, India servicing clients Australia, UK, Dubai, Canada, USA.
I discovered this SEO Pyramid today at SEOmoz, and wanted to immediately share it with you. SEO, you will remember is short for search engine optimization – creating each page of your website so that it can be found by search engines like Google. You, like those ancient Egyptian pyramid builders will be carving your next layer of stone while you’re still building your foundation – in your case those keywords.
In your SEO Pyramid, those keywords may also be the mortar that holds your quality content, your foundation, together. The true brilliance of this SEO Pyramid is that it will help you plan and design your new, effective website, which many of you know you need. I spent a month in Egypt several years ago, and I saw a few pyramids without a peak, but didn’t see one without a strong and lasting foundation. NOTE:  In the interests of full disclosure, I have an affiliate account with DIY Themes, creators of the Thesis Theme. This is really good seo knowledge pyramid, but as per my knowledge competitors analysis is necessary part of seo. I’m not sure that knowledge of competitors is directly beneficial to SEO, but certainly important for generating ideas and analysis of search engine positioning. Great article to help website owners in the tourism marketplace understand the different areas of increasing exposure with all these types of styles. Flat design vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytics elements. Flat design modern vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytics elements.
Color circles, flat icons in an arrow up shape: technology, SEO, network, digital, analytics, data and market concepts.
Flat design modern vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytic elements. Nope, you don’t need to hire some high priced SEO firm with a bunch of Harvard PhDs to trick Google into ranking your small business website.
When most small businesses come to us to ask us to assess  the SEO of their websites, we usually point to the simple things that can be done nearly immediately to both improve rankings and improve Google search engine optimization.
Most of these optimizers for Google can be done by the small business themselves, usually within minutes  and with a minimum of technical knowledge and minimal expense.
When small businesses are looking to SEO economically, they can do this by giving signs so their site visitor doesn’t get lost. Logically, it’s a smart thing to direct a site visitor so they know where to go on the website.

Nobody likes to click dozens of links to find what they are looking for…and neither do the search engines.
Good website navigation helps search engines understand what content the website feels is most important. Navigation also gives the search engines a sense for the role each page on the website plays within the context of the entire site. Since the search engines are very logical (they are computer software after all), just give them what they want. This logical hierarchy spoon feeds content in a straightforward way to both visitors as well as the search engines. Unfortunately his absolute passion for bottles doesn’t allow him the opportunity for more site visitors.
If you are a small business, perhaps a lawyer, a real estate agent or and architectural firm, read this post and all of a sudden realize that you are more Mr.
To set up the slider, go to Appearance > Customize, and add a tag under Tag Name in the Featured Content section.
This enables you and your company to see what we have done for you lately and provides a way for you to download reports for your executive meetings.
If your web page takes too much time to load fully, it is only natural that the users would lose their patience and jump to the next available site.
A wrongly directed PPC campaign can prove to be costly and lead to potential business loss. These are the ads that appear on the top premium position and along the right side rail of the organic or natural listings on a search engine results page (SERP). What some customers feel at times is that they are being made hostage to specific ads from a specific vendor to whom they got subscribed once. Our experts make sure that you don’t need to micro manage every part of your PPC campaign. PPC campaign can cost serious business losses if the ads do not generate the expected results so it is better to remain on the safe side all the time to generate maximum return of investment.
From setting up a structurally solid and visually appealing website to establishing it in search and social media, we can do all it takes.
We have been in industry for last ten years offering website design, web development, e-commerce solutions, cms websites, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords PPC campaigns and social media (Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn profile) optimization services. Thanks goes to Rand Fishkin for creating something so simple and powerful to help us learn where to devote our precious time.
That means that before you get the jitters about Facebook and the new Google+, first concentrate your limited time on building the foundation of your SEO Pyramid – Content Quality. Start with your Perfect Customer and create content, and the look and design of your website that speaks to him or her….
In addition, you have linked this page to other relevant pages on your own website, and also have sought links from other high quality sites. These can be optimizing title tags, doing extensive long tail keyword research, locally optimize your web pages, on page optimization checklists and even what not to do. Affordable SEO for small business can be achieved easily by leaving breadcrumbs throughout your small business website, so if a site visitor ever gets lost they can simply retrace their steps and get back to where they want to be. In performing affordable SEO for small business, it is easy and cheap to simply structure your website very logically.
Not only will you see the results, you will also see the actions that brought those results.

Most importantly, search engines are now ranking websites based on their loading speed also.
What can happen sometimes is that your online ads on the landing page can lead the online users to the wrong page. These targeted ads can ruin the interest of the people in particular brands that are paying for these target campaigns. The goal of our PPC efforts is just one and that is, you get maximum return on your investment (ROI).
In the same of the targeting of ads should be very uniform, well-directed and coordinated to improve the chances of getting maximum target audience.
And because of those carefully targeted keywords, Google is more likely to serve your site up on search results page one. PPC campaign is entirely target driven techniques of getting maximum audience interested in a specific brand or products. It is important for your ads to be full of the relevant keywords so that your target audience can understand the real meaning of the posted ads. To show Google that other sites trust your point of view, and to have yet one more chance to capture your customer’s attention including….
Worst of all, search engines undoubtedly have a very difficult time indexing his pages and understanding what his website is all about.
We make sure that our links are descriptive enough to give the users a thorough idea of their purpose. We can optimize your website and remove any excessive content that is slowing down your website. This can all be easily possible with a moderate and well measured PPC campaign but on the same time the abuse of anything causes serious consequences. For example if you want to tell your customers about the new discounts you need to clearly mention in your ads about the respective discounts on particular products. Sometimes too much images might be the reason in which case we would minimize their usage and optimize them.
Sometimes, the mistake that the marketers commit while implementing a PPC campaign is that they overdo thing and over target audience to create productive results in a short span of time. With that you also need to make sure that the ads posted on the search engines lead the customers exactly to the discount page. This can cause the brand lose their positive identity and their public reputation can get dented. You must be uniform about your ads posting and purpose of the ads and any mistake in this regard can lead to bad brand reputation among your customers. This can be annoying at times and creates the bad impression of a brand in customer’s mind. Retargeting should be done in a way that it can be made productive and at the same time the interest of the people can be maintained at highest levels. For this purpose particular analysis and through tracking is required to make sure who you are retargeting and what is the appropriate time to retarget for specific promotional ads.

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