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Everybody Edits is a popular game made by Chris Benjaminsen, which was launched in early 2010. Private worlds were added, WASD was added to movement keys, direct linking to rooms, an updated interface and protocol, clicking and holding in locked worlds, coins and much more. On June 10 an in-game appeal for blue coins was added, where at $500 donated blue coins would be added to the game.
Chris also claimed to have fixed a bug that would kick people off the server but it still happens to this very day. This was the last major update in June, but on June 22 somebody by the name of Cris created a client that allowed to easily fly around and walk through walls.
The month closed off with God Mode being added, and Chris once again claiming to fix the lobby boot glitch. Everybody Edits 0.6x on Kongregate was discontinued on 15 September as Chris had discussed with "the great people behind Kongregate and we have agreed that having separate versions of Everybody Edits all over Kongregate is pointless. In this month, EE has been subject to even more controversy, due to the zombie potions that are known for being used to troll minigame worlds, bosses, etc, because once a player set it and if the world continues to be popular, it can be irratable to some users. It started out having 50-200 players online all at once and you can have all those players in just one world, compared to it's peak popularity sometime in 2011-2012, having up to 2000 players online at any time, to now, at only 150-400 players online at a time, all spread out in different worlds. This was the first known version of Everybody Edits, with minimal features and just one huge level.

When he made a level linking to the hack it led to chaos for a week, with bosses unable to be done, along with any level with keys.
The game now uses more than 6TB of traffic every month and there is no way the economy fits together. He added news section and login to the game, fixed bug where the share on Facebook button could be clicked when not visible.
Thus expect to see the newest newest version of the game here in the future." This event only affects Kongregate.
A protection potion was also released and subject to controversy, as it allowed users to cheat for 30 seconds by walking on hazards. Moderators are people who look after the server of the game and create updates weekly to benefit other EE registered users.
It also allowed the very top of a room, about 4 or 5 blocks below the "ceiling" and up, to be drawn in, which was unable to before.
The next day due to complaints the black brick that was removed previously was re-added in a new form, and gravity was removed from the mini-map.
He even claimed to try to get a Super Secret Edit Key bypass but was unable to due to security measures. A few days later $500 was reached and blue coins were added to the game along with a few other things.

He also changed how the lobby shows room names with multiple spaces and updated level load help screen. On November 17, Chris added the ability to get free BETA, by filling out surveys to get EE coins.
This caused much controversy due to a relatively high price, especially the Beta users, who were unhappy that they were less privledged. Benjaminsen convinced a small Danish development studio called Space Time Foam to help Benjaminsen out develop Everybody Edits.
All of this chaos divided people into two sides, those for hacking and those against hacking. Everybody Edits started receiving criticism when all of their major updates went to the beta version, including the long awaited save feature.
Since it costs $10 for new features, technically Everybody Edits is no longer completely free. They were meant to be taken off of the shop on January 1st 2011, but due to complaints that it was very difficult to get both the Christmas decorations and the New Year decorations in time, the deadline was pushed back to around January 6th.

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