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I’ve only been on the island for a little over a year, but it didn’t take long for me to call this place home. I mean, what would be better than to be united in a tropical hideaway that offers a blissful experience? Bali is not only beautiful and culturally rich, it is also home to the friendliest people I have come to know. More than the breathtaking sceneries and the exotic culture, Bali is filled with the warmest people who will welcome tourists - local and international - with arms wide open.

Now if that doesn’t convince you to name “the last paradise on earth” the perfect spot for a destination wedding, think about this: how wonderful would it be to speak your lifelong vows with your bare feet planted in the white sands and the murmurs of the ocean on the background? Banyan Tree in Ungasan offers a breathtaking view of the ocean from a sheer cliff edge that creates the most perfectly romantic ambiance. I believe that marriages that begin in this tropical paradise will be beautiful and everlasting. Well, actually I believe that for all marriages, but somehow on this island, I somehow believe it even more.

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