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The app purports to cut down on reading time by flashing 13 characters at a time directly in a person’s eyeline instead of requiring the reader to move their eyes from left to right to take in a page of text. Just as Lucy experiences in the film, readers using the app are able to read and access information faster. Universal’s executive vice president of digital marketing, Doug Neil, says the feature has seen extremely high engagement on the site, about 50 times more than normal features like trailers, photos or cast bios.

The app began gaining traction in the media this March, co-founder and CEO Frank Waldman tells TheWrap. However, they’re open to it, and Waldman says they are already working with other entertainment properties to use Spritz not only in marketing, but perhaps onscreen as well. Universal digital marketing executive Cameron Curtis took notice and approached Spritz about visually communicating how a person could use their brain more effectively.

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