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In particular, this home improvement chain has a policy of giving every customer three choices of water heater: good, better and best. If that doesn’t have your attention, try this: that same manufacturer told me that when their products are sold through contractors, consumers opt for something more than “good” only 7 percent of the time! Why do consumers buy more advanced water heaters (with better profit margins) from big-box stores but not from contractors? If you think “up-selling” is a dirty word, consider this: According to our manufacturer-partner, way more than half of consumers actually want a better water heater (furnace, light fixture – substitute almost anything you sell).

They told me an interesting story about their experiences with one of the nation’s largest big-box stores. They didn’t invent this, obviously, but they do use it consistently, and the results speak for themselves. According to the manufacturer-partner, the bigbox store’s customers purchase a water heater that is above the “good” offering an incredible 62 percent of the time! Now don’t get me wrong – I am not a huge fan of big-box stores, since they often act as our competitors and tend to make life challenging for contractors. I would have guessed that there was a difference (and that major retailers performed better), but never would I have believed that the gap was so huge.

It’s a great way to grow your business, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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