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What is Location-based marketing and how can it help a business with their mobile marketing in Atlanta?
According to a 2012 study, 58% of consumers who have a smart phone use location-based apps. Location-based marketing is the concept of using GPS technology to market to mobile users based on their preferences and location. Location-based services use the GPS technology of mobile phones to provide mobile users with information regarding businesses near them.
Foursquare is popular, with nearly 30 million people and over 3 billion check-ins based on the company’s 2012 findings.The first step for business owners to take is to claim their business on Foursquare. Once set up on Foursquare, business owners can post updates, offer specials and advertise events to promote the business and entice customers. Foursquare even offers free analytics so businesses can track their customers and see what’s being shared. We’re going to continue to offer insight into Location-based marketing and how it can add a punch to any mobile marketing strategy with our next blog on LBM case studies.
Spinnakr is a service that helps you target yourwebsite's visitors to increase conversions. April 23, 2014 by Tabitha Jean Naylor Share this:The biggest challenge for start-ups today is arguably getting exposure. Mobile Apps – If you have the resources to develop a mobile app for your start-up business, go for it. Mobile Based Discount Codes and Coupons – Attracting new customers is the essence of marketing, yet getting your current customers to spend more can be a good way to keep the revenue streaming in. Mobile Based Contests – Mobile based contests and polls can help you create a good response from your would-be and current customers.
SMS or Text Messaging Campaigns – Text message marketing is a perfect and personalized option that as a start-up you can explore when trying to establish brand recognition.
SMS Alerts and Updates – Building customer loyalty is an absolute necessity and is always the ultimate goal in marketing. Using mobile to market and promote your business is no longer a “nice to have.”  It’s a necessity. Startup TravelsStartuptravels is a social platform that allows you to connect with entrepreneurs all around the world. So, while this mobile device has become such precious value to us, why not use it as a marketing tool?
2014 has been a real breakthrough for this new type of marketing, as earlier was predicted. When offering deals via mobile marketing, it is of utmost importance that the deal can be bought or profit from immediately. Whilst had earlier been determined that small businesses had the best opportunities with mobile marketing.
One of the most famous coffee shops worldwide has launched a vast campaign in mobile card payment. HBO                                                                                                                                                                                     HBO might be one of the first ones ever to implement mobile marketing. Recent research has revealed that more and more advertising and marketing budgets are being directed at mobile. The major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have all begun to accommodate mobile advertising and have even set up special programs. Apps will grow in importance as sites begin moving away from cookies as a viable tracking method. Your SEO marketing strategies have been in place for a while and they are driving traffic to your site. Having a mobile strategy is no longer a nice to have, it is indeed a must have component of your marketing strategy. My general recommendation is that it is not wise to be first with market changes as you should learn a little about how to do things right.
With mobile we are very deep into the revolution and non participants are now considered late to the game.
Aside from the strong recommendation of having a mobile or better yet a responsive website, you need to think specifically about your actual marketing promotions to make sure they are sound.
Dave Kerpen a thought leader in my business and someone I respect very much recently wrote this piece on this topic for Fast Company. Today marks the first earnings call for the Social Media giant, Facebook and the public is very curious to hear what is going on inside. This call should be very telling and I for one am very interested to hear where they stand.
Today’s consumer wants everything available at their fingertips, and they don’t want to wait.
Creating a mobile campaign is one of the many things you can acquire when you market with Agency Fusion in Salt Lake City. Although there are a broad range of marketing tools available towards achieving this goal, small businesses often lack the financial muscle to effectively exploit these options to the best of their advantage. A business mobile app should basically allow users to access your website and order services or products. The idea of offering mobile based discount codes and coupons is simply designed to inspire more spending.

Mobile based contests and polls also provide a great opportunity for customers to engage with you and your business, which in turn develops long-term (and stronger) relationships. The main reason you cannot afford to miss out on SMS marketing is because almost every person with a mobile phone reads a text message in less than three minutes.
Offering SMS alerts and updates to your customers regarding discounts, new arrivals or sales makes them feel in touch with your business and quite often, such updates always lead to an action which may include an inquiry – or better yet, a purchase.
The tips highlighted here should give you a perfect start in your mobile marketing campaign – and our hope is that your results will be amazing. Whilst we used to panic if we forgot our keys, our number one priority has become the mobile phone. At this moment 4.55 billion people own a mobile phone which is 63,5 % of the total population. Mobile marketing lets you target your audience efficiently for all of your promotions or offers. This makes it easier for your company to not only target sufficiently but to keep track of your customers. Hence, mobile marketing is an unique way of improving or maintaining customer relationship and satisfaction. The program works flawlessly with credit card or debit card customers who will receive special offers thru this program. Therefore TextUs.Biz grant corporations the opportunity to send and receive text messages towards and from their customers. Inform your customer                                                                                                                                              Mobile marketing is vast in informing your customers about upcoming events, discounts etcetera.  Especially small businesses have much potential here. Develop an application                                                                                                                                        Whilst text message might be of immense help, an application might just do the trick. Make sure that the offer is directly linked to the product or service that the deal supports. Accessing the Web via these mobile devices is poised to overtake browsing on desktops by next year.
Online searches and browsing on mobile devices has already surpassed those being done on desktop computers.
Tracking has begun to become more sophisticated for companies as well as the social media platforms. Coordinate any branding or marketing strategy push you have on all of your social media platforms. Just because it looks great on a desktop or laptop does not mean it will look like that on a tablet or phone.
Make it simple for them to share everything from the app to your content to news about your special sales and discounts. Now, that the traffic has arrived, are you offering a customer centric experience when they get there?
This can be a frustrating reality for business owners as it always seems that just when you finish one project a new one creeps up that is mission critical for your survival.
One of the many benefits to us, but negative to the company are these constant public inspections on their stability. Facebook is without a question the Social Media industry leader and their success and failures impact us all. If you do not have a website that is optimized for mobile users, you could be missing out on a huge target market.
This means becoming an avid user of mobile marketing, since the best way to understand it is to experience it. Claiming your business’s listing allows you to corroborate your business’s information, create mobile discount offers (for when your customers “check-in”), and do several other useful things. Some companies create SMS campaigns that use analytics to determine what customers want, and which messages they are likely to respond to.
Nicole works for Agency Fusion in Salt Lake City, UT where she helps companies build and market websites. If you are starting a small business, however, the good news is that there is some reprieve. In addition to this, mobile based coupons are redeemed ten times more than other web based or printed codes.
In the grand scheme of things, long term customer relationships help to build customer loyalty, which ultimately results in better sales. Informing your customers of an upcoming event by text might just be a boost to their satisfaction.
MailChimp has many mobile features such as an overview of who is tweeting about you, gives you the stats of your email campaign and has all your subscribers listed.
For a nightclub for example, people could sign up to be in the VIP area and receive free entrance, via text messages. Considering examples of small businesses are hard to be found, examples will be given of larger corporations. The famous make-up, fragrance and skin care corporation has developed a special application. The campaign existed of customers downloading a special application, Mobile Card, on their smartphones. The importance of a mobile presence, and a mobile marketing strategy, has never been more critical to the survival of your business.

If you are not already responsive in your web design, you will be missing out on a huge chunk of potential business. Cookies have always been the ideal way to gather your data but mobile apps have taken on such an importance that they are being integrated in marketing programs and campaigns. Promote the app, offer rewards for downloading it, tell them they need the app to access special discounts or information. More importantly they can show us what does and does not work and we can adjust our plan accordingly. In a place like Manhattan you are likely to be walked into at least once per day by a passerby deeply engaged with their little screen. If it is not, the value will be lost AND more importantly that user will likely not come back.
Using mobile marketing can generate more buzz for your company, and will give your sales a boost if you do it correctly. Becoming a power user involves learning to use QR codes, checking-in using Go-Walla or Foursquare, clicking a banner ad, using Google Voice Search so as to locate a shopping mall or restaurant, among a host of other solutions. You should include maps that provide the location of your business, as well as phone numbers that are click-to-call. On sites like Go-Walla, Foursquare, Google+ and Yelp, people can click to call your website directly from their mobile device, but you need to claim your listing to optimize this mobile-friendliness. SMS messages can be sent along with Facebook campaigns, check-in campaigns and other features to gain the attention of your audience. You can create a campaign that will insert the individuals name in the SMS text if you want to make the message personalized. Mobile marketing is not only an effective and results-oriented marketing tool but it is also cost-effective and accessible to small and medium scale enterprises. There aren’t any standard rules when it comes to developing mobile apps for business; the most important thing is to develop an application that works for you and is popular amongst your target customers. The biggest challenge in text message marketing is collecting as many phone numbers as possible legally.
When going to sleep, it will lay beside us on our nightstand, when we travel it accompanies, every day at every hour. This tool helps you to retain more subscribers and offers a free plan of 12.000 emails per month.
It is essential that you have mobile apps designed and deployed in your marketing campaigns. You should make it a daily habit to explore the many mobile marketing solutions that are available; so as to get a good idea of how mobile marketing works.
If you are in the restaurant business, add a feature for people to book a dining table through their phones. Messages that include customers’ names have proven to have twice as high open rates and significantly higher conversion rates. The following are five innovative mobile marketing ideas that you can explore to give your new business more exposure.
One idea on how to build out your list is to run a competition where customers who shop with you get a chance to win something if they offer their contact details. The first 100 text messages are free of costs, hence there are three different packages available.
A restaurant might send out a text message when changing the menu or presenting a special dish. When purchasing a Starbucks product, one could pay by simply letting the barcode in the app scan. Take a look around when you are on a shopping trip, having dinner at a restaurant or just riding public transport. Mobile marketing has several rules, it is important to always stay on a personal level with your customer.
People nowadays are more focussed on their own world of the magnificent smartphone, then they are with the world around them.
Information is easily searched via the smartphone and research has shown that more people access the internet via their phones than they do via their laptops or computers. Applications can play a huge role in mobile marketing, they will reflect your corporate image and voice.
So what kind of effect does it have on marketing and what do applications have to do with it? Whilst keeping your customers up to date about the latest discounts and products, rectifiable deals is a must. There are more and better opportunities for small companies, since they can fully integrate their communications. Though an interesting fact is that 73% of all purchases on a smartphone have been on websites, instead of applications. Sephora, Starbucks and HBO for example, have successfully integrated mobile marketing in their corporations and campaigns.

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