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This entry was posted in Marketing and tagged Marketin Essay, Writing a Marketing Essay on March 13, 2014 by admin. I write this blog piece as someone with more than 10 years’ experience in international business and marketing strategies. As the technological revolution continues to grow and gather pace, the online presence of companies of all markets, shapes and sizes takes an ever growing, greater importance.
Doing Online Presence Management in-house can be overwhelming for companies, large and small.
The need to engage limited or non-existent resources in multiple directions at the same time.
The need to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and tools, especially in the Social Media area.
During my work on the SME market, as an online marketing strategist, more and more of my clients have been saying ‘if only we could find a reliable and trustworthy company who could manage our online presence for us’- something to which I could relate on a number of levels- firstly, it’s only logical that if a company selling Motor parts, for example, would not be too tech savvy which can be read in their ROI on their online marketing campaigns, and, secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the SME market is flooded with ‘cowboys’ and ‘sharks’ looking to take advantage of their gap in expertise to make an easy pound or euro. It was on a visit home to see the family that I bumped into an old acquaintance of mine, and we got talking. This is not the entire list and they’re flexible to perform all of, more of, or a subset of these services for their clients. Planning, building, executing and managing the progress of a viable Online Presence Management plan.
Building branded online Web and Mobile assets including sites, pages, social sites, community sites, content, blogs, eCommerce sites, applications, etc.
Building social community membership through social marketing campaigns, community outreach, and social profiling and conversational activities. Engaging with social community members and developing members into brand and product influencers and ambassadors; and, community members into lasting, trusted customer relationships.
Si bien es cierto que existen hoy en dia muchas Oportunidades Multinivel que se desarrollan y promocionan casi al cien por cien en Internet, como pueden ser Companias como GDI o Talk Fusion, por poner un ejemplo, quiero decirte que como norma general, cuando estas desarrollando un negocio multinivel, este se trabaja primero en la calle de manera offline, y mas tarde, cuando ya se domina el tema y se sabe hacer mas o menos bien esta labor, puedes pasar a formarte en lo que es la promocion online, en Internet.
Internet nos ayuda a amplificar lo que somos, lo que hacemos… es decir, podemos llegar a mas publico, a mas audiencia. Cada cual puede marcarse sus propias metas y tener sus propias iniciativas a su ritmo y cuando quiera, aunque yo te aconsejo que lo hagas asi.
Al principio, quiza no sepas desenvolverte muy bien tu solo, al intentar establecer tu presencia y promocion en la Red.

Por ejemplo, si no sabes como crear tu Blog personal o tu Pagina de Fans en Facebook, una mano experta puede serte de gran ayuda. Mi recomendacion, si es que quieres adentrarte en la promocion de tu negocio en Internet, es que hagas uso del Marketing de Atraccion, recomendado tambien encarecidamente por Sebastian. Oscar Sanchez OrdunaMis planes giran en torno a poder compartir con una gran cantidad de personas una Calidad de Vida Excelente en todos los niveles. It is a method used by many businesses to get their product or company name out to the public. I have travelled all around Europe during that time gathering my experience and applying it wherever it has been called for, learning 3 languages and markets outside of my native UK along the way. These areas need to be highly functional and effective both individually and collectively in order to advance a brand in the online realm today.
Yet that’s the whole point of Online Presence Management; engaging in multiple directions and marketing channels at the same time and getting everything right.
Your websites need to provide useful information as well as connect to all other online brand assets. He has set up company that offers everything my clients have been screaming out for and so much more. En mi caso, me ayudo y me sigue ayudando un gran profesional del Marketing de Atraccion y diseno web; se trata de Sebastian Cordoba, el cual me lo recomendo mi hermano Alfredo, que tambien hace uso de sus excelentes servicios online, para el desarrollo de su negocio multinivel. Quiza te cueste un poco al principio, hay mucho que aprender, eso es cierto, pero creo que te valdra la pena. Me encanta disfrutar de la naturaleza, respirar aire puro, la vida en familia y la ecologia. Your social media sites and communities, among other things, need to be frictionless and transparent for consumers to connect, follow, engage, and buy from you. After taking a look around his set up and meeting his passionate, dedicated team of multilingual and multitalented website builders and marketing gurus, I had no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Red Cherry It to my clients. And some of our Web Hosting services are located in a hybrid cloud and on edge networks, worldwide. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before social networking was used to market products. The lack of trust, with online marketing, extends a bit further as there are many virtual promotions that turn out to be fraudulent ones.

Researching on the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing is the best method of deciding how much to market a product using conventional methods and how much to market using online marketing.
When a consumer is doing a search on Google for something that relates to you or your products, they need to find and connect with you quickly; from first page results. Junto a mi hermano Alfredo, nos hemos animado a fundar Concentrados.es para ti, una web donde pensamos que encontraras algo distinto. That could be a press release, or a product at an e-Commerce site, or a blog post of yours or a post that mentions you.
This is the newest method of utilizing the internet to help their businesses grow and expand.
It does so by making information about the product or company easily available to the public.
However, through online marketing, you are assured of extending your reach to almost global capacities. The point is that you want to be heavily engaged in Online Presence Management to be in all the right places, doing all the right things, at all the right times. However, online marketing, although quite advantageous to a business does have its disadvantages too. As the internet is easily available, this too, makes online marketing extremely advantageous. The company is able to reach their target audience using specific keywords and the audience is also able to find the information they need about the products and services using the same method. Therefore, marketing online can be one of the best methods of popularising the company’s reputation.
Online marketing also enables the company to know if their advertising campaign is successful within a short period. The cash-on-delivery option found online also is a disadvantage as this does not guarantee payment.
However, this can be extremely overwhelming as they are varied and it makes it extremely difficult for a company to select the right options of marketing.

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