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Somewhere between 87% and 98% of companies now have a presence on social media sites, depending on whose statistics you choose to believe.
Far fewer companies have applied the principles of social networking throughout their business; in many cases the Facebook and Twitter presence is just a Social Facade, a marketing layer that aims to disguise that in the rest of the company it’s the same old anti-social business as usual. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using social media as a marketing channel.
To begin to take full advantage of social technologies, it’s important to recognise the three main types of social network, and understand how to engage with the right audience in the right place. Customers of many companies have realised that if they complain loudly and publicly on social media they get a faster response. For most companies, the level of integration between their Facebook page and their CRM system is very poor, so is it any wonder that irritated customers hijack the comments threads of the latest faux-cheerful marketing posts to complain? While you’re establishing a more open, collaborative relationship with your customers, it seems rather unfair if your employees are still stuck with email and old-fashioned intranets as their main communication mechanisms. Employee social networks not only make the workforce more productive, they teach employees how to work in an online social environment.
Perhaps the least explored area of social business is in connecting the company’s network of supplier and partner organizations. Nowadays using social media tools has really become an inveitable part of almost any business.
Our Social Times is a boutique social media agency based in Cambridge, UK, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services.
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You can monitor social media to learn what potential customers are looking for from your business or industry. Becoming active on social media platforms is relatively cheap in terms of bang for your buck. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante.
A good social media consultant serves many different purposes that should work together seamlessly to produce a solid and consistent online persona that effectively communicates your business to your marketplace. Technology has improved many areas of marketing, and customer relationship management is no exception. Amongst all the various digital channels, social media appears to be the platform on which most people spend their time. However, with so many users turning to social media platforms to voice their questions (and more frequently, their unhappiness) are businesses well equipped in handling the change? While social media may be one of the most popular forms of customer service, it isn’t the only one out there. But to see social solely for this purpose means missing out on much wider potential benefits. Used together, social media, company-managed customer communities, and internal-facing employee social networks can form an integrated social business strategy that turns your company into a true “social business”. With 200 million users on Twitter and a billion on Facebook, the reach of these services is immense so you would be crazy not to have a presence here. It provides fast, short answers, but needs to redirect more complex discussions to other channels. Indeed, some companies seem to be proud of their responsiveness on social media compared with traditional CRM, without thinking this through to the logical conclusion.
It’s perhaps a little unfair to single out any particular example of this when so many companies are guilty of it, but Three UK’s Facebook page provides as good an illustration as any you are likely to find. Unfair, and inefficient; the McKinsey report mentioned earlier estimates that use of social technologies inside the company can increase productivity of knowledge workers by 20-25% by reducing the time spent handling emails and searching for information.
The list of social media disasters caused by inappropriate messages from employees grows ever-longer by the day, and while it’s easy to blame employee incompetence for this, the truth is that if you don’t regularly work in a online social environment, it can be easy to misjudge the tone or content of messages you send.

Very few businesses are entirely self-sufficient, so communication with other companies is essential.
We’ll also be joined by John Bird at American Airlines and Philip Sheldrake from Euler Partners. She has worked for the past 8 years in marketing and event management for high profile UK companies. And chances are, your customers are already using a variety of social media as part of their day-to-day life.
According to Google, 80% of consumers use search engines to find information about local businesses.
The marketing experts at HD Marketing and Design know the best ways for engaging with your clients and potential clients using a variety of social media.
A social media consultant is just another example of how you can put yourself on the fast track to better social media engagement and marketplace growth by investing in a consultant’s expertise instead of crashing and burning on your own. You should look for the following markers when considering bringing a social media consultant on board. A good social media consultant should not come in, optimize your profiles, give you back your log ins and take off. Making sure you invest in someone who has the skills to propel you forward, but more importantly, has the drive and passion to fuel your success, is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship that is worth its weight in gold.
Rather than dialing a number and sending an email, users now more than ever, ask for a product information, look for help and search for solutions via the web. Thus, it is not surprising that 67% of consumers have turned to a company’s social media site when they encountered a problem that needs resolving. The answer isn’t a definite yes (only 36% of consumers that make customer service enquiries via social media have their issues resolved).
Since SMPs (Social Media Platforms) are usually viewed by all, attending to your customer’s needs there seem a little like airing your dirty linen in public.
Social media is great for very public brands like Coca Cola, who don’t mind displaying their conversations online.
Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.
But just because you’re using social media for business, that doesn’t make you a “social business”.
That sometimes sounds like rather vague and unattainable goal, so here are five pragmatic reasons why you need an integrated social business strategy. But they’re not great places to have more productive conversations with customers – there’s only some much depth you can go into in 140 characters. Setting up a social media team as a rapid-response CRM team is clearly not sustainable – instead social and CRM need to coherently integrated, giving the same speed and quality of service whichever channel the customers uses. Indeed, McKinsey estimate that potential value of social inside the company is double that of the external value.
Using a social network for communication with your colleagues gives invaluable experience that makes you a better communicator with customers. Yet business-to-business social networking is still in its infancy, with email still used as the lowest common denominator for communication. With a passion for digital marketing and visual social media and, when she isn’t running our international events, makes jewellery and writes a food blog. I work in the area of online marketing and there’s one story that has recently caught my attention about a guy called Lorne Marr whose business became successful thanks to a perfect job done by a little company he hired.
Also, social media is a great way for potential customers to learn about you through word of mouth from their friends and relatives who are already using your products and services!
A search engine optimization (SEO) professional, like those at HD Marketing and Design, are skilled and always up to date on the best way to use social media to make sure your business will be easily found in a Google search. And for those customers who are on social media, that buzz can influence them to learn more about the new products or services you are promoting. They are an easy and versatile way to quickly get information about your business to the people who need it — without a big time or staff commitment.

Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. While a social media consultant is not responsible for your overall marketing strategy, they should proactively take time to explore and define your brand with the intention of consistently engaging in the social media arena with that brand in mind. While broad strokes are great when discussing the overall approach to a successful social media platform, when it comes to the nitty gritty, day in, day out, a clearly defined and detailed action plan is a must-have.
If there are other members on your team, a good social media consultant will take time with your employees to share the big picture with them, equipping them with some simple tips and tricks to help extend the reach even further. Your social media consultant should be able to put some items in motion right at the beginning of your relationship that trigger some immediate, consistent results. Be sure to check out The Hampton Roads Creative and sign up for a free consult to learn more about our heart for building the road to achieving your dreams!
But fret not, because the infographic below will help turn you from a social media customer service newbie into a complete pro. But for some others, like Zopim’s client BaKare Beds, who specializes in the sale of adjustable beds and cots for people with disabilities or mobility problems, clients value discretion in communication. In addition to covering customer service trends, his writing also covers business globalization, virtual technology, and social media marketing. Establishing cross-company, private social networks can apply the productivity benefits noted by McKinsey to the wider supply chain. The popularity of his website grew when the full power of social media was yet to be discovered but as he says it’s the use of social media tools that keep his business competitive even today. It will help customers remember your services, learn about new products or services, and let them easily connect with you to ask questions or offer feedback. Optimizing your profiles so they reflect your brand effectively with a deliberate call to action helps your followers develop a stronger understanding of you as a business owner and service provider. They are there to empower and teach you how to effectively engage and manage your social media profiles on your own after they leave.
A good social media consultant will equip you with the tools and strategy to propel your engagement forward. Your social media impact in your marketplace can be exponentially compounded by team efforts, sharing, liking and comments as the catalyst for a wonderful ripple effect. You should begin to see an increase in followers, engagement and start to see the overall brand presentation coming together across each social media platform.
While the main intention of a social media consultant is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to grow your own social media presence, they should also commit to checking in from time to time to see how everything is coming along. Thus, live chat becomes valuable as it allows for a level of privacy that is not available via phone calls or social media platforms. Integrating it into a Best Buy-managed customer community would enable deeper engagement, and more meaningful customer relationships. Social media gives companies and clients an easier way to interact than we’ve ever had before. We will design an online presence that maximizes customer engagement and develops the brand awareness that your business deserves. You should feel confident at the completion of your partnership, with a clear understanding how to continue the momentum moving forward. They should happily promote your business to their own audience as a valued client, seek feedback and reviews, and leave the door open for future opportunities to work together.

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