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Since most portable computers have nowadays wireless connectivity capabilities thanks to the built-in dedicated hardware, it is possible to access the Internet and even share the connection more easily. Nonetheless, when it comes to administering the WiFi devices and the connections among them, having a dedicated software at hand is a must.
Thus, after the installation procedure, which may take a couple of minutes, you will get to use all the goodies. This particular app is equipped to help you troubleshoot wireless adapter problems and perform a variety of tests through the Memory Diagnostics Tool.

Through the Adminstrator Tool, also part of the application set you install, it is easy to create installable bundles that include all the settings for specific users and which are manageable only by administrators.
Fortunately, for those owning one of Intel's wireless adapters, there is a software solution tailored just for the above-mentioned purposes. These benchmarks will check several components of both environments, hardware and software, including drivers, radio, signal, authentication or ping. Though a nice looking and well organized interface this utility makes it possible for you to scan for nearby devices, pair to the ones you want and add them to the list of favorites or create a hotspot to make your Internet connection accessible for other wireless devices.

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