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And via consumer engagement retailer advertisers improve profits and increase ROI like no other medium has ever delivered because mobile is changing Bricks and mortars for ever! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Social Media Wifi - Social Wifi marketing specialists in Bulgaria, giving businesses increased customer engagement, enhanced customer experience and detailed data analytics. Long Range Proximity Marketing, Bluetooth Broadcast DeviceBTW28 is embedded with Bluetooth marketing and WiFi marketing. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a free, wireless file transfer system which is found in almost all mobile handsets.
Our administration software interface permits marketers and content providers to easily and quickly compose, target, post, and monitor, rich message content into the system for subsequent targeted delivery to the end-users. Because ACtiveMobile is opt-in its free of federal regulation for spam compliance because opt-in has no regulation.

With ActiveMobile merchant advertisers reap high conversion rates which translate into GROID - Greater Return On Investment Dollar. Because nothing elicits consumers engagement like mobile because mobile is the personal billboard. Because mobile elicits response unlike traditional advertising that consumers increasingly block. Social Wifi is an entire marketing package for businesses whilst offering completely safe and secure Wifi for its staff and customers. While almost all other devices use only Bluetooth for proximity marketing purposes, AirMob has incorporated Bluetooth and WiFi along with WAP services. Bluetooth allows for extremely fast and secure downloads, and doesn't rely on mobile carriers, therefore all downloads are free to the consumer.
Mobile empowers consumers with content when and where they want it and ActiveMobile facilitates interactive consumers with engaging, convenient content.

Social Wifi allows businesses to increase their social presence on the major social media networks.
This allows for almost any mobile device to receive free content and vastly increases overall download and opt-in numbers.
Any digital files such as videos, coupons, applications, barcodes, etc., can be delivered to a Bluetooth enabled device in a targeted geographic location. The benefits are immense and unparalleled when compared to other forms of direct response advertising. These customers may not have access to Bluetooth but would certainly want to take advantage of using a free Wi-Fi connection.

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