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Although Dover is the capital city in Delaware, Wilmington is the biggest city in terms of population. New Candlelight Theater – According to many people this is one of Wilmington’s, and possible even all of Delaware’s, best kept secret. Nemours Mansion and Gardens – this is a historic site and a historic mansion that is a great place to tour around on an afternoon. Delaware technologists want to join the national trend of vibrant local tech entrepreneurship hubs. In January 2013, Delaware Governor Jack Markell cuts the ribbon on the Wilmington coworking space from Start It Up Delaware.
In the low light of a single lamp on the dark, unfinished floor of a historical commercial building in Wilmington, Delaware, sit a handful of entrepreneurs trying to sell ugly sweaters. In 2010, the coIN Loft was launched by three Wilmington technologists who wanted the access to community and hub for innovation that they found in bigger cities.
For now, the meetups and collaborations continue to take place on dusty plywood under the high ceilings of an otherwise beautiful building at 605 Market Street in downtown Wilmington. The goal here is to attract and retain the kind of mobile, Millennial, web-savvy creative-class technologist that is helping to fuel Web 2.0 tech booms elsewhere. FingerWorx, built on University of Delaware technology, was part of an already legendary acquisition by Apple for the basis of its iPhone touch screens.
The digital marketing Archer Group and IT management firm SevOne have built prominent businesses that have reached into Center City Philadelphia, each opening satellite offices there for tech talent. Trellist, the digital marketing consulting firm that is hungrily growing by acquisition, anchors the Wilmington Market Street corridor.
The Delaware Tech Park is a Newark, Del.-based business park hub for life sciences and pharma research that comes from UDel or elsewhere.
Engineering firm ILC Dover has designed and manufactured every American space suit since the Apollo space program origins and it continues today.
Those groups represent much of the institutional infrastructure for a tech renaissance to happen there, in addition to Markell’s state government work, which has taken kindly to the nationwide entrepreneurial fervor by way of its Delaware Economic Development Office, among other agencies. There are just 900,000 people in the entire state of Delaware, barely half as many as in the City of Philadelphia — only Vermont has fewer residents among East Coast states. Following the national trend, there is new energy around urbanism here, so many, including the SIUD crew and economic development group Downtown Visions, are working hard to angle Wilmington as the state’s natural gateway to the wider world.

This is both because of its glassy skyline of financial firms brought here by tax leniency and the density of this 70,000-person small city, helped by a train station serviced by both SEPTA and Amtrak. The trouble is that Wilmington has a perception problem around crime and schools that put it in the middling pack of small satellite cities of Philadelphia. The bankers who fill those skyscrapers largely drive from their suburban homes to their offices and leave right after work. From the aforementioned Trellist headquarters to the coIN Loft itself to the Delaware College of Art and Design to the Queen Theater, a handful of bars and restaurants and limited retail space, including the endlessly cool Spaceboy, there are real anchors, but without a performance at the Queen, pedestrian traffic is low and a walk to that nearby train station is called a risk by some. Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. The Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies honored 10 local tech companies and CEOs this Thursday.
Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Delaware, Wilmington is located at the convergence of two rivers. Being at the center of two rivers you will get to witness the lush greenery, which a travel nurse assignment in Wilmington, has to offer. While on the tour you will get to see all the different rooms and gardens that the mansion has to offer. So if you are interested in this position of any travel nursing position then give us a call or apply online on our website. A state-backed group called Start It Up Delaware is working on Wilmington as the gateway to its own success.
No plans have been finalized, and therefore this report is entirely editorially independent. Today, coIN continues to be that hub for early-stage creative class tech in a state that often exports those residents to the larger tech communities of nearby big cities like Philadelphia. This spring, the coworking space is scheduled for a long overdue renovation, said Mona Parikh, the bubbly, 30-something lawyer turned Start It Up Delaware managing director. In proper slow-burning coworking style, the coIN crew has spent the last four years building up a reputation and a community.
The state money is making that possible and is meant to kickoff a sustainable model of classes and desk rentals built around an already established core community. The University of Delaware has a newly launched Horn Program in Entrepreneurship incubation-space headquarters led by Dan Freeman, Wilmington University has a gamification program led by Scott Shaw and Delaware Technical Community College is itself getting into the small business growth mood of the moment, hosting Kauffman Foundation’s 1MillionCups program. Its business community is too small to compete against itself, which means Delaware technology leaders should be, and often are, motivated to develop a statewide identity.

It has more industry than Camden, Chester and Lancaster city and more density than Harrisburg and Atlantic City but less creative class resurgence than Collingswood, West Chester and Media.
Unlike the big skyscrapers, Market Street is built on a walkable human scale, with density, mixed-use storefronts and access to transit, jobs and other amenities. Indie Game Stand is a popular pay-to-play gaming site based in Wilmington, thanks to founder Michael Gnade, and the Barrell of Makers group is agitating to launch its own maker space but already hosts events at the Creative Vision Factory, just off Market Street. In that capacity, he is a co-organizer of Philly Tech Week, Baltimore Innovation Week, Delaware Innovation Week and other events that bring smart people together. There are plenty of fun things to do in the city while you reside in the best housing possible.
Watch how beautifully crafted this mansion is and enjoy all the little nuances that make this place a must visit. Travel nursing is beginning to head into the busy season, so jobs are flying in for the taking.
Further, only one organization in this report is a paid sponsor at time of publishing: Trellist sponsored the 2014 Philly Tech Week. With its build-out the space will have 40 desks and private offices, plus two conference rooms and a proper kitchen, and officially formalize the space’s public launch four years after the idea first came together. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications.
The theater boasts everything from comedy night to high profiled musicals that the whole family can enjoy. So contact Aya as soon as possible and we will do our hardest in order to find you the perfect job in your perfect location. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here.
If you are interested in hearing further about the position give Aya Healthcare a call now at 866-687-7390. The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.

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